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whereismymind86 t1_iugtp8i wrote

Lies, those are clearly meat lemons


ChallengeAcceptedBro OP t1_iuguai2 wrote

Caught me, came off the lemon tree I grafted into my cow. Poor Betsy has a resting puckered face now.


yurilnw123 t1_iuh9a6j wrote

Legit thought they were mangoes when I scrolled pass lmao


90sRnBMakesMeHappy t1_iug9h3l wrote


The crust looks yummy.


ChallengeAcceptedBro OP t1_iugc0qz wrote


First time making it, so I got to reading a couple different recipes to compare the similarities and differences. There’s also a fantastic YouTube video with a Jamaican Chef here although he doesn’t give recipes, unfortunately they are behind a paywall. However I found this blog and then incorporated the ingredients from the chefs recipe into this one, most notably a spoonful of tomato paste. Hope this helps!


glemnar t1_iuho3i1 wrote

The blog using garam masala is hilarious - they really misinterpreted what curry means for Jamaica. I’m sure it’s tasty but if you’re going for Jamaican beef Patties would recommend using a more Jamaican spice blend. (Plenty of recipes for that around)


ChallengeAcceptedBro OP t1_iuid060 wrote

Absolutely agree! I did not use Garam Masala, I found (after going to three places) a Jamaican Curry on the international aisle. Good call!


xifdp t1_iuh84s4 wrote

Tbf these look like empanadas. Yum.


Multitronic t1_iui0wgu wrote

Cornish pasties predate Spanish empanadas by a few hundred years. So it might be fair to say that empanadas and patties are Spanish and Jamaican versions of a cornish pasty. The patty is more likely to be a Jamaican take on the patty though tbf. The empanadas could have developed independently. They are all just meat and veg wrapped in pastry at the end of the day.


jacobp100 t1_iuhbxqw wrote

For those in London, there’s a shop that does these down New Row between Leicester Square and Covent Garden


Multitronic t1_iui0alt wrote

There is a shop that sells pattys all over london. Quite common tbh.


mishlufc t1_iuj80zb wrote

For those in London, there's a shop that does these down every street


ColoursRock t1_iuhab2j wrote

Nice, those things look like they have about as much meat as 10 of the store-bought Frozen beef patties.


RiskAutomatic3644 t1_iuho0an wrote

These look quite tasty! At first glance, I thought it was one of those hyper realistic cakes that was a lemon.


Soggy-plunger-love t1_iuhtmx8 wrote

They look awesome. What sort of dough is it made of?


ChallengeAcceptedBro OP t1_iuiecyf wrote

The dough is essentially a southern biscuit dough without baking powders. Only five ingredients, so super simple but you have to be very fast at it because it becomes basically impossible to work with once it gets warm. Here’s the list for you:

Flour, salt, butter, ice water, curry powder, and turmeric. I also posted the recipes I used as a guideline above if you’d like to make it!


Slatedtoprone t1_iui7tob wrote

Ooo I could go for a beef pattie. I’m over the frozen store bought ones but a homemade one is class.


munchmandan87 t1_iuime79 wrote

I have never, In my 30 years of eating patties. Bought one as full as that.


ChallengeAcceptedBro OP t1_iuip490 wrote

I’m not complaining about them being overstuffed lmao. They are a tad bigger than store bought to be fair, but now that I’ve made them from scratch I don’t feel comfortable having store bought as a test control lol.


munchmandan87 t1_iuipmvr wrote

Sorry I should of stated that was a complement! This is what they should be. But living in Brixton they are only 1/4 full as that. I'd pay more if they would stuff them better with more meat.


ChallengeAcceptedBro OP t1_iuj5l6d wrote

I didn’t take it as a negative my friend, overstuffed is always better in my opinion!


MFDork t1_iuiq7aq wrote

Spicy Jamaican beef Patties are some of the best hand foods ever. So fucking tasty.


Jacerom t1_iuj86qu wrote

I miss these. Used to have a stall near my hospital but it closed a few months after when nobody's buying. I ate 4 or more of these everyday.


ChallengeAcceptedBro OP t1_iuj8pfy wrote

I only ever see them in Florida at gas stations, the frozen ones. So many people are saying they have stands around them and I’m jealous


Jacerom t1_iuj8ya1 wrote

I'm more jealous of you as you can make them 😭


Initial_E t1_iuhtney wrote

It looks like a curry puff?


Humble_Cook212 t1_iugnvdr wrote

Ja'makin' me hungry mon, those look dope


MSeanF t1_iufq9x2 wrote

Pasties? I think autocorrect messed with your title


ChallengeAcceptedBro OP t1_iufqj28 wrote

It says Patties on my side, the name of them.


MSeanF t1_iufss1p wrote

Sorry, I thought they were a take on Welsh pasties. I made the assumption because in the US "patties" is usually used to refer to just the meat, as in "We need buns for those hamburger patties".

They look tasty.


ChallengeAcceptedBro OP t1_iuftrmr wrote

No apologies needed friend. Cool, I learned something new today, because I’ve never known a food as pasties. Also looked up Welsh Pasties and they look fantastic as well. Added to my list, so maybe you’ll see them floating around on here from me some day!


shackles_of_capital t1_iuh24lt wrote

Pasties are English, patties are what happened when they were taken over to Jamaica


Timbo_007 t1_iufsg21 wrote

Nope, It's Patties. There was a whole thing regarding the name in Canada


making_sammiches t1_iugpxe2 wrote

Thank you! I have never heard of the Patty Wars despite living in Toronto and frequenting this location in Kensington Market.