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SoftlySpokenPromises t1_iu5zejm wrote


AeAeR t1_iu69v20 wrote

Yup that’s exactly my experience

Edit: seems like lean might be painkillers instead of DXM, but ultimately it’s cough syrup drugs and soda.


AHind_D t1_iu6dndh wrote

Yea real lean is codeine with promethazine cough syrup mixed with a soft drink, ice and occasionally jolly ranchers hard candy thrown in.


AeAeR t1_iu6dw8i wrote

Ah so one is prescription drugs and the other is OTC, and ultimately different drug types.

I’m glad I had sizzurp and not lean in that case, nothing good comes from painkillers.


AHind_D t1_iu6fwi9 wrote

Lol sizzurp and lean are the same thing. At least in Texas where all of this originates. Whatever you had wasn't sizzurp, purp, lean, drank etc. It was some other shit.


AeAeR t1_iu6g9wc wrote

Man in New Jersey it was the same shit too but now I’m old and kids love their fucking opioids. The difference was we were going for DXM and not Oxy. It’s a completely different goal, we were trying to trip, not nod out.


AHind_D t1_iu6h8l0 wrote

DXM isn't lean though. People have been drinking codeine with promethazine since at least the 90s. The song "Sippin on Sizzurp" came out in the 90s and it's about opiate cough syrup. It's nothing new.


AeAeR t1_iu6hkkv wrote

Sizzurp was Robotripping with sprite to like, all of New Jersey and New York, I was in college in north jersey for that to come out and it’s what people were doing. I understand that it’s different now but it was largely the same shit back then.


Spunkywhiteboy87 t1_iu89xs0 wrote

Jersey here also and sizzurp was always lean to us. Codeine syrup and promethazine. Robotripping was just called robotripping.


CrumpledShinSplints t1_iu7sjn0 wrote

There's not much codeine in it though, not anywhere near enough to get you to 'nod out' or anything. The promethazine and alcohol combination do a lot of the heavy lifting.


Satrina_petrova t1_iu6zmjw wrote

When I was a crappy teenager I just stole out of the freezer/cabinet whatever wouldn't get noticed but I realize now how lucky I apparently was.

On a side note Kahlua does not sit well with red wine and hot wings.


roybringus t1_iu70qao wrote

Drinking a bottle of robitussin is so much worse for your liver than the codeine


BoogityBoos t1_iu71kpm wrote

Not if you get the kind without acetaminophen. It’s harder to find but it’s out there. You can also extract dxm pretty easily from syrup