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TechnicallySpaghetti t1_iy67ic3 wrote

Uh oh here come the bean police


cyclicamp t1_iy6npgj wrote

The bean police! Chili’s always in their head

The bean police! They hate beans black, pinto, red

The bean police! They’re coming to downvote me, oh no!


Notyourdaisy t1_iy6pzn0 wrote

Beat me to it. All of Texas just saw this and in their heads heard “If you know beans about chili, you know chili ain’t got beans.”


goliathfasa t1_iy70c7i wrote

Wait if you don’t put beans in chili, wtf do you put in it? It’s just beans and spice right? And not meat since that’s the “con carne” part.


Notyourdaisy t1_iy7uoy0 wrote

Oh no that’s what Texas says. I’m from New England. Anything hot that I can eat with a spoon I’m for.


TerrorAlpaca t1_iy94fst wrote

"sin carne" would be without meat


goliathfasa t1_iy94qoy wrote

Oh yeah that’s what I meant. That there’s no meat in the chili part since meat is in the carne part. So it’d be weird to have chili with meat, since chili con carne would then be chili with meat with meat.


Sriracha-Enema t1_iy8ikdg wrote

It's not a Texas Chili if has beans. Put what you want in your chili as long as it contains chili's but Texas Chili does not have beans. It's a very specific recipe that has very little wiggle room as far as ingredients go.

I have zero problem with a chili that uses tomatoes and contains beans, but a true Texas Chili does not.


Borghal t1_iy8xm6l wrote

> chili that uses tomatoes [...], but a true Texas Chili does not.

The first two recipes for "true Texas chili" I found use tomatoes. How else do you get sauce if you omit them?


Cousinjemima t1_iy8yobx wrote

I think they mean like tomato chuncks. Of course chili has tomato paste in it, it has to lol.


Sriracha-Enema t1_iy91vfb wrote

Dried chilies, re-hydrate them and blend them with a stock. This is the base/paste.

Saute fresh peppers, onions and garlic. Add spices, paste and more stock. Simmer for hours then thicken with harina masa or corn tortillas.


howmany_squids t1_iy5drrj wrote

“The trick is to undercook the onions. Everybody is going to get to know each other in the pot.”


IDGAFOS13 t1_iy6il6d wrote

get some green peppers and onions in there


Cowclops t1_iy6v0vu wrote

And level up beyond green bell peppers... use poblanos! And ancho chili peppers too! And if you wanna go crazy, see if your supermarket has dried guajillo peppers and throw some of those in too!

It ain't chile con carne without chiles!


Dzov t1_iy8r8pl wrote

I don’t even like onions, but you’ve got to have them in your chili.


thelordofhell34 t1_iy7wga4 wrote

He has onions in. Thank god he doesn’t have peppers in it looks great!


Midnightsun2022 OP t1_iy4kh81 wrote

1 Tbsp oil 2 onions 4 large garlic Cloves 2 1/2 lb ground beef 5 tbsp chili powder (depends how spicy you want) 1 tbsp Paprika 1 tsp oregano 2 19oz tomato juice 2 cans red kidney beans 1 tsp salt

Fry onions and beef in a large pan, drain and transfer to a pot and add the rest of the ingredients. Cook over a low heat for 1 hour.


Booblicle t1_iy4vpeu wrote

My mother always told me that cumin is what gives chili it's aroma and characteristic flavor.

Instead of tomato juice, use diced tomatoes and perhaps tomato paste to thicken it

Optionally, you can add pinto beans along with the kidneys. ( Also helps with thickening )

There are other more personalized ideas.

My mother's chili always seemed like soup and while it tastes great, it wasn't exactly chili in my mind.

Also! Using diced tomatoes ( 2 cans or more ) adds liquid. And let's you cook it longer, and blends those flavors you add. Unfortunately, my mother used to add even more water. Understandable when using a crockpot for 5 hours, but that added water is a no in my book.


ShaolinDude t1_iy5dlkx wrote

Cumin is a must. It really makes it all come together.


ImFromYorkshire t1_iy7w1mr wrote

I use Cumin normally but if I am going whole hog and ordering dried poblanos, guajillos (sp?) , anchos etc I sometimes leave it out as it can dominate more subtle flavours, I get the savouriness in there with other spices in that case


viverator t1_iy6668d wrote

I Always use whole peeled San Marzano tomatoes, gives it a much more rustic look and flavour.

I always use fatty mince as it tastes way nicer. And don’t over fry it.

I always use Cumin, paprika, cayenne and hot chilli powder.

and I always use more than one type of bean, Kidney Bean, cannellini beans and black beans. ( hint: I love beans ) Goya Organic taste the best.

Add more chilli than you think you need and simmer for longer to mellow out the flavour. Once you think it’s done, simmer it for 15 more minutes.

It always tastes best when it’s frozen and reheated. Don’t know why.

Man, I want some chilli now.


baronvonhawkeye t1_iy6zipt wrote

Simmer for 15 more minutes, then put it in the fridge. Simmer it the next day for another 90 minutes. Then, maybe, it might be ready to eat.


Booblicle t1_iy7cpz2 wrote

Instead of cayenne, I use jalapeno. though I've done habanero also. Usually, I use pintos that already has jalapeno ( can't think of the name offhand ). Cayenne had a different taste and appeal to me. Might work in a chicken chili


TaterMA t1_iy6hcrl wrote

I always use tomato paste. Love the consistency. Chili shouldn't be soupy( bless your mom)


valkyrie0921 t1_iy6rg2d wrote

This. I remember when I started making my own chili I realized that the smell and taste I usually associate with chili is actually cumin, not chili powder. Then I realized how little people actually use cumin in their chili.


Manovsteele t1_iy7pnz5 wrote

To add to your list of personalised ideas, I was always told to stir in a few squares of dark chocolate near the end. Adds a bit of extra richness.


hoonosewot t1_iy5oz0d wrote

The lack of Cumin in this recipe is deeply disturbing


Ethandrul t1_iy62q4s wrote

Cumin might be a regional thing. I use it, but people around me tend not to.


FerretZealousideal38 t1_iy74tvf wrote

If there ain't cumin in it, it ain't chili. That's like leaving out the chilis. So many bland ass chili recipes in this post.


Quality__control t1_iy5acfo wrote

Tomato juice??


Takenabe t1_iy5r6ju wrote

Yup. My own family chili recipe includes quite a bit of tomato, and once that's been cooking for a while if it starts to get too thick we add some tomato juice instead of water to get it back to where it should be. The taste of tomato juice actually isn't anywhere near as strong once it's been cooking for a while, so it basically just acts as an umami boost as long as you don't overdo it.


WasabiZone13 t1_iy6n7xs wrote

Looks delicious, I'd make it but it would most likely turn into far too much chili con queso(with velveeta as the queso). Sucks getting old haha


BlackIronSaturn t1_iy6xkwg wrote

canned beans right?

Never tried with canned ones before, I usually just soak and cook em.


diakrys t1_iy6z5z0 wrote

Can I use this in my slow cooker?


Midnightsun2022 OP t1_iy8pevy wrote

I've never tried it in the slow cooker, I'm sure it will be just as good though


0sprinkl t1_iy91i2t wrote

Minus the beans this is pretty much a spaghetti sauce recipe to me.

Chili con carne to me is spaghetti sauce + beans, corn, cumin and cinnamon, I was going to use a more "authentic" recipe next time but looks like this ain't gonna be it either.


RazzleberryHaze t1_iy6y7x7 wrote

I hear the gatekeeping bean police on their way... "It'S NOt cHili iF IT hAs BeANs" Modern chili is derived from chile con carne which literally means chilies WITH MEAT. If you want to gatekeep, why stop at the beans?


Most_Basil_3899 t1_iy5d411 wrote

How has no one mentioned dark chocolate yet??? It is the game changer for chilli.


Ct-5736-Bladez t1_iy6b8m8 wrote

Come again ?


Most_Basil_3899 t1_iy7cg1g wrote

Next time you're making it, stir in a couple of squares of 70% dark chocolate at the very end and await the magic.


Booblicle t1_iy5vhyh wrote

I've tried it. It was a meh to me. Clove adds though


riddlegobragh t1_iy6mvpk wrote

a small spoonful of creamy peanut butter is a nice lil addition


Most_Basil_3899 t1_iy7cj24 wrote

Whoah! never tried this but it makes sense as lots of Mexican Molé recipes have peanut butter in them too! I will do this with my next chilli. Thank you for the tip!


riddlegobragh t1_iyb0wl6 wrote

Just be careful not to add too much, that peanut flavor is powerful!


joeb117 t1_iy5kghu wrote

Was going to mention this! 1/2 squares depending on volume of chilli.


Most_Basil_3899 t1_iy7bog2 wrote

Yeah I often get carried away and add more than this, but I kinda like it. Only ever using 70% + dark chocolate though! Makes it so silky and creamy 🤤


DrMrRaisinBran t1_iy6dfad wrote

For those who insist chili can't have beans, how would you possibly make vegetarian chili?? There'd be nothing to it


drewbeardcore t1_iy6gh0k wrote

Also, if chili can’t have beans, then what the fuck are chili beans? Cause I buy cans upon cans of them every time I make my delicious chili. And if I’m lazy, I’ll snag a can of Hormel chili WITH BEANS


footjam t1_iy81mz3 wrote

Literally just another name for pinto beans.


Jakel020 t1_iy8gn40 wrote

Chili beans are beans which have been seasoned with a chili seasoning and then canned. I'm with you though.


drewbeardcore t1_iy8gu5z wrote

I know what chili beans are literally lol. My point is why do they exist if chili doesn’t have beans


BigPoppaJay t1_iy6ijrb wrote

Muhhamara recipe with a chunkier consistency makes vegan chili, with an adjustment of the spices towards more body, minus the beans to make us Texans happy.


Jobra819 t1_iyawc0b wrote

Its not chili though cause it ain't got no beans.


Bearman71 t1_iy7m8d4 wrote

You don't make a vegetarian version of it.

Enjoy a meat based dish.

Problem solved.


BrewDawgs t1_iy53qmh wrote

Looks delicious but you’re gonna trigger those bean hating Texans! 😂. I have room for both in my life!


Jobra819 t1_iy6fq05 wrote

Fuck em. Chili without beans ain't chili


tecrecag t1_iy5xali wrote

Came here just to find triggered Texans.

Signed, -A triggered Texan


motociclista t1_iy649sp wrote

I just opened the comments to see if there would be Texans complaining about beans. You never disappoint, Reddit.


kimvely_anna t1_iy5mo45 wrote

This reminds the chili contest with my friends a long time ago. Look spicy and delicious!


einre t1_iy5z6bt wrote



-SideshowBob- t1_iy663h7 wrote

I knew that if I clicked into the comments I'd find an office comment lol.


Stormschance t1_iy4lt4l wrote

Yes please


[deleted] t1_iy8dd9h wrote



Borghal t1_iy8xzi6 wrote

> ok then why did you put them in there?!?

For starters, more food for less money? More warm food per portion and less rice or bread needed?


Kdj87 t1_iy7vx7y wrote

I've never understood the hatred for beans in chili. It's possible to have too many beans yeah, but it's not like you have to take meat out to put the beans in. They can coexist


traun t1_iy4xi9a wrote

i use a copycat wendys chili recipe.
2lbs ground beef
29oz tomato sauce
29oz pinto beans
29oz kidney beans
chopped tomatoes(tend to leave this out)
green pepper
3 tbsp chili powder
2 tsp cumin
2 tsp salt
1 tsp black pepper
2 cup water(depends how you thick or thin you want it, 2 cups usually cooks out to make pretty thick)


new-aged t1_iy6rl4o wrote

I’m going to be downvoted to hell for this but Wendys chili is actually fire. I will drive 1000 miles for a large cup of chili and fries


pistolbob t1_iy5jkbg wrote

The trick is to undercook the onions, everyone is going to get know each other in the pot


24andmovingon t1_iy838l8 wrote

This is honestly the first time I’ve heard that some people don’t put beans in their chili. I learn something new everyday


Sir_Fluffernutting t1_iy4mfih wrote

That's one serious chili power to other spice ratio


Midnightsun2022 OP t1_iy51gve wrote

This recipe tastes pretty close to the Tim Hortons chili. I've yet to learn the "eat the bowl" recipe where the chili goes in the bun and we eat the bowl lol


Desperate-Ad-6463 t1_iy5wlfk wrote

That looks Hearty and Rib-Stickin'.

I'm gonna have to do that sometime on a chilly day.


CNCHack t1_iy6i5ng wrote

We added a handful of Hatch Chiles last time we made chili. It was amazing


Shoddy-Indication798 t1_iy6jl1d wrote

Hey it looks wonderful. I made a batch last week it was so good I love to add a bunch of nuances like different sauces and really prepped over chopping and ingredients etc. I never make soup stews or Chili's without throwing a lot of mojo into them basically is what I'm saying.


FictionalDudeWanted t1_iy6ny9b wrote

Peppers, Onions and Garlic exist for a reason; also black beans.


Boomsta22 t1_iy6x0m7 wrote

I would love to swap pots of chili with you and then have a friendly argument with you for six years about whose was better.


__Domino__ t1_iy7i5ri wrote

Looks hearty af, enjoy!


DawgPound919 t1_iy8ad8l wrote

With corn chips, shreddedd cheese and dollop of Daisy, you got yourself a meal there!


Dannnyaa t1_iy5877r wrote

Add some fried veggies, paprika, and mixed herbs :)


itsmerowe t1_iy6e0ms wrote

Add a little peanut butter and that's a delicious meal.


Voulus t1_iy7hslc wrote

Can you taste it when you put it in there?


itsmerowe t1_iy7nslc wrote

A little bit yes. When the chili is really hot and it melts the peanut butter and distributes it all over, It's fucking delicious.


diakrys t1_iy6z36f wrote

Mmm with cheddar cheese and sour cream with bread lol


Shrekowski t1_iy7plxk wrote

Don’t drop it like Kevin


phonlyone t1_iy8f966 wrote

Cumin Cumin Cumin, then 2 pieces of dark chocolate and a hint of cinnamon


bigatomicjellyfish t1_iy8y0lc wrote

Why's it only meat and one type of bean.

Put two more beans in there, Tomato, Peppers, Onion, Then we talk


Matthocleus t1_iy8c8bx wrote

Homemade ground meat and beans.


Eon_PNW t1_iy6w2vx wrote

Why is it all one color?


ThickAsianAccent t1_iy865uo wrote

I upvote everyone who pointed out this yankee stew has beans, which is perfectly acceptable. I also enjoy beans in my yankee stew.

Anyone who knows beans about chili knows chili ain’t got no beans.

  • Abraham Lincoln

LeCifra t1_iy5ca8y wrote

Why does chili always have beans Please don't roast me for asking this


NekoNicoNiko t1_iy5u3m7 wrote

Chili, like most great foods, started off as poor people food. Poor people thicken and stretch out food with beans


greengodess88 t1_iy6qg2s wrote

o.O you eat chili that DOESN'T have beans? This is a genuine question, ive never seen chili that has no beans in it.


LeCifra t1_iy74jmi wrote

I have never even ate chili


greengodess88 t1_iy7vrqb wrote

Oh OK. Well chili I've seen always has beans in it and it's usually pretty good. It's an easy dish to make.


Bearman71 t1_iy7me29 wrote

Beans are just a cheap filler protein to cut costs for those who can't afford more meats.


Diggitydave76 t1_iy5j6ig wrote

Chili never has beans, stew does.


LeCifra t1_iy5jpw8 wrote

I don't get it


Diggitydave76 t1_iy5ohnp wrote

If it has beans it's a stew, it's not chilli.


LeCifra t1_iy5olit wrote



lookinforbobo t1_iy5tc54 wrote

Don't listen to this guy, all chilis are stews, with beans or without. Chili doesn't always have beans either, lots of restaurants serve it with and without.


MeatBeater19 t1_iy6gtel wrote

Curious, why do you guys call a dish made with ground beef and beans, chili?


ParaponeraBread t1_iy6mxrm wrote

Because the world is bigger than texas


MeatBeater19 t1_iy795bf wrote

Not from america sorry, only ever heard of it once and i got really confused, cuz chili on its own sounds painful to eat


polloretardo t1_iy78tvi wrote

It's starting to get colder outside, please go double check your power grid instead of gatekeeping chili


MeatBeater19 t1_iy79dkv wrote

Huh? I live in Bangalore, it’s barely even 16 celsius at night.


Diggitydave76 t1_iy5j3gg wrote

Looks like a nice stew to me.


ScrewAttackThis t1_iy6yo5t wrote

All chili is stew ffs. A stew is just something simmered in liquid and served in it's gravy.


Borghal t1_iy8ygxc wrote

Right? Chili is among the best kinds of stew, don't get the downvotes.


datx_goh t1_iy5t8a0 wrote

My man!

Tolbert/Fowler is very clear on this matter. Please see rule I.B.3 for more info.


Ok-Ihatetiktoc t1_iy69rf8 wrote

Nah thats meat with a side of beans


jceurvorst t1_iy6cp4i wrote

Oops, you accidentally put beans in it.


alanbastard t1_iy5i72q wrote

Oregano and cumin and chilli powder. NO GARLIC.


ParaponeraBread t1_iy6mwbp wrote

Hilarious take - garlic goes in whatever the fuck I want it to go in. Turns out, that’s most things.


jls75076 t1_iy6aws1 wrote

Chili doesn’t have beans. Bean soup, on the other hand, does.


DaisyCutter312 t1_iy6ddtk wrote

If you look at the picture, you can see the chili clearly DOES have beans. They're right there. Are you even paying attention?


jls75076 t1_iy6l9xx wrote

I do see the beans……in the bean soup. Maybe your aren’t paying attention?


Jobra819 t1_iy6fuur wrote

Chili isn't chili if it doesn't have beans.


timelydogood t1_iy63i0g wrote

Chili doesn't have beans


Jobra819 t1_iy6fte6 wrote

Chili isn't chili if it doesn't have beans.


OwlOfFortune t1_iy4qdte wrote

Chili with beans


Booblicle t1_iy4wrc3 wrote

The only real chili. If you're not farting, are you even healthy?


ScrewAttackThis t1_iy6yqtd wrote

Actually it's chili with meat and beans. Which is fine, since it's chili.