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Tarmek12 t1_ixd1tht wrote

Recipe please. I have two and I’m always looking to customize them into my own.


drunkhighfives OP t1_ixd2ryx wrote

Here ya go

I followed Isaac Toups' recipe.


bowoodchintz t1_ixfxiyb wrote

His dirty rice recipe is absolutely delicious, I quadruple the batch when I make it and store the gravy portion in the freezer. Can’t wait to try this!


[deleted] t1_ixhda8b wrote



drunkhighfives OP t1_ixhek39 wrote

Yeah I thought that was weird, but I thought that it was just my ignorance since I'm not from there and I don't know the difference between Cajun and Creole.


Comfortable_Relief62 t1_ixd2qyh wrote

Not OP but dissolve roux (or make it) in a few quarts of water/chicken stock. Heat on high. Add boneless thighs/sausage. Add onion. Season to taste (Cajun seasoning or salt, garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne) Let simmer for a good 45-1hr. Add green onion. Add parsley (optional).


SpiceyPorkFriedRice t1_ixdxyoe wrote

Wow now this is a Gumbo. I made one last week and mine didn't look this good haha. I have to learn how to cook the roux right.


drunkhighfives OP t1_ixe05kk wrote

It needs to be dark brown, but not burnt, have a nutty popcorn smell and have a texture similar to wet sand.

Definitely go low and slow. Not so much to avoid burning the roux, but to avoid burning yourself. I always get a small burn every time I make gumbo lol.


ejpierle t1_ixca2u2 wrote

You bettah put dat on a cracka, duuuude!


coffee-jnky t1_ixerq12 wrote

Makes me so homesick! Looks really good.


SameGrocery0 t1_ixfaxm1 wrote

Weird question but can gumbo be spicy at all?


drunkhighfives OP t1_ixfbnfh wrote

I put a couple habaneros into mine.

I meant to throw in some crushed red pepper into the roux with the veggies, but I didn't take it out the cabinet and completely forgot until it was basically finished.


dangar512 t1_ixg8g0c wrote

The color is perfect! I can smell and taste it from here! Nice work chef


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vode123 t1_ixemwo3 wrote

Gumbo is amazing. Got a family recipe been making for years.


heyscotttt t1_ixeprn8 wrote

My mouth is watering.