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delicatearchcouple t1_iwzc2k0 wrote

What makes it deluxe american cheese?


aminorman OP t1_iwzefq9 wrote

As I understand it: Milk rather than daily dairy byproducts and oil.


delicatearchcouple t1_iwzxicj wrote

So it's just the premium version of Kraft singles. Don't buy Kraft, too many good cheeses out there to support.


IknewUrMom t1_ix0pqtl wrote

But Kraft deli deluxe is amazing. It is nothing like the typical American cheese slices.


Exploding_dude t1_ix2kphq wrote

American cheese stays stocked in the fridge for grilled cheese, breakfast sandwiches, cheeseburgers. You don't buy American cheese instead of a camembert or a pecorino just like I wouldn't put ricotta on a cheeseburger.


newbies13 t1_ix0s536 wrote

Very little, it's mostly an FDA regulation nuance that you would never care about other than it allows them to use a slightly different official name, which they market as 'deluxe' because it obviously catches your attention.

Interestingly I see OP has already posted about milk rather than byproducts and oils. As far as I can tell, milk is always used in all their cheese. I am not even sure you can call anything a cheese without milk. Though the internet certainly is full of 'American cheese is evil' gut feelings.

American cheese is basically cheese + sodium citrate. Not the devils chemistry. And yes you then add all the normal stabilizers and shelf-life increasers to create a 'cheese product' rather than a regular wheel of cheese.

Or more simply, think of deli meat/cheese vs pre-packaged on the shelf. The deli is usually better quality and more expensive because it will go bad faster than packaged (not always, you can certainly find deli meat pre-packed too). Deluxe in this case would be buying from the deli, original would be whatever is on the shelf. And if you're thinking, that's not a huge difference, you are correct.

Super bonus info: Since American cheese is just cheese + sodium citrate, you may be wondering would this work with other cheeses? And yes, it does. You can make melty delicious cheese in any flavor you want. Imagine American cheeses goo factor + blue cheese on your burger? Sploosh.


delicatearchcouple t1_ix13nxc wrote

Appreciate the wealth of info here.

To the super bonus info, do you have any input on the best way to experiment with sodium citrate and other cheeses?


str8tripin t1_ix1aaib wrote

Sodium citrate plus "insert your choice of cheese or cheeses here" equals amazing home made mac and cheese


Misty1988 t1_iwzi05p wrote

Love Bays English Muffins! They are my splurge breakfast item.


jumpsuitjam t1_iwz5aen wrote

Looks delicious! How do you cook your eggs?


RealMudflapper t1_iwz6xmc wrote

Cheese on the bottom layer is key!


Cheesebongles t1_iwz7iqv wrote

I know right? It’s critical. No idea why it works so much better like that.


RealMudflapper t1_iwzcdfg wrote

I would think it’s because the cheese hits your tongue more easily. Less distance to travel than when it’s on top.


Sethmeisterg t1_iwzna1v wrote

There is no other American cheese. Deli Deluxe is simply the best there is.


smoak_purpp t1_iwz9jfi wrote

Am I crazy or is it sandwiched between two whole English muffins instead of one torn in half?


aminorman OP t1_iwzbl4c wrote

Say again? I'm not sure what you're asking.


smoak_purpp t1_iwzcmor wrote

Instead of tearing or cutting the English muffin in half and using those halves to sandwich the eggs and sausage, it looks like you used whole English muffins lol.


aminorman OP t1_iwzcytz wrote

Ah! These are halves.


jessejamesvan111 t1_iwzl0qp wrote

Very nice. My stomach growled looking at this.


CJRedbeard t1_iwzv1fn wrote

I'd eat those.

How do ypu get your eggs to cook like that?


avgguy33 t1_ix09w1r wrote

Love Bays , thomases suck


895501 t1_ix16mtd wrote

This is like the Mondo Burger of egg mcmuffins. Looks unnatural


aragonii t1_ix1ea09 wrote

Bay's Brioche English Muffins are positively amazing


aminorman OP t1_ix1jmrb wrote

I haven't seen them but will be on the lookout. Thanks


Molang3 t1_ix1j47v wrote

These look so amazing. I just had dinner but I’m hungry 🤤 again!


DX1274 t1_ix1ntt8 wrote

That looks great!


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vilaysomb t1_ix1qfzv wrote

It was fate that brought me here. McDs never again.


Boomsta22 t1_ix2y7mq wrote

Jimmy Dean Hot?
This man has an exquisite layman's taste.


epi_glowworm t1_ix0f2ec wrote

The only deluxe American cheese is our bestest Kraft slices. Best for simple foods.