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Basketspank t1_ix9t20p wrote

So glad Claire is living her life and baking things on her own terms.


notmyrealname19 t1_ix8v07m wrote

How do you know which recipes you can slow proof overnight in the fridge vs bake in one day?


listless_in_seattle t1_ix9wzgs wrote

For anyone asking questions here, make sure to click "Tune In" above to join the live audio chat happening now.

Once there, you can raise your hand to get into the queue to ask questions. The host will then call your name once it's your turn to speak!

ETA: The live audio chat has now concluded.


fuck-my-drag-right t1_ix8isq0 wrote

When I’m blind baking my pie crust, every time my pie weights don’t stop my crust from sinking back down the pie plate. How do I stop this from happening?


Bakergirl26 t1_ixj66zw wrote

Obviously not Claire, but a CIA baking and pastry grad instead.

"Sinking" crusts are usually shrinking during the bake - some gluten develops during the mixing and rolling process, causing the crust to contract when heated. After placing the crust in the pie *pan and fluting it, I recommend letting it rest in the fridge for at least half an hour to combat shrinkage.

Edit: forgot a word


fuck-my-drag-right t1_ixjdnv7 wrote

Damn you must be psychic because I just roller out pie dough and I put it in the fridge. Spooky CIA pastry grad


Bakergirl26 t1_ixk29x9 wrote

Even spookier: doing the same thing at the same time.


underwateroxygen t1_ix9gbrr wrote

Claire! I’m so excited you’re here! I have both your books!

I’m baking carrot cake and almond thumbprints this Thanksgiving. What are some recipes that are not traditionally associated with thanksgiving that you love to bake for this holiday?

Also, do you think I can substitute some mascarpone in for cream cheese in the brown butter cream cheese frosting? I have some left from tiramisu and I’m not sure how I’ll use it up.


ladyleesh t1_ix9q211 wrote

Claire! (Huuge fan over here!) I love to cook and bake but I get SO stressed on how to plan ahead without sacrificing the quality and taste. I've taken way more on this year for thanksgiving than I should have and want to know what are some ways to prep and get things going earlier in the week. Particularly for desserts!


SpaceFace11 t1_ix9ya2w wrote

Claire was always my favorite on BonAppetit


Grace_omaha t1_ixa2c8i wrote

Claire fueled my love for baking. Dessert Person is my favorite cookbook!


laurens2491 t1_ix8l69d wrote

When using your all-butter flaky pie crust, what's the best way to roll it into a round from the initial square shape?


ubernoodle96 t1_ix8y34h wrote

I’ve noticed there are fewer steps in the “What’s for Dessert” pie crust recipe than the one in “Dessert Person”. Did you find the additional steps in your last book unnecessary to get the same result? Or is it more of a trade off to end up with a less “fussy” recipe?


Sea-Metal-5507 t1_ix9t373 wrote

Lattice or no lattice for an apple pie? 👀

Also hi huge fan!! You’ve helped make me a much more confident home baker ♥️


twowaysplit t1_ix9wikx wrote

single udder butter? like single malt whiskey? lol


podappetitpodcast OP t1_iwuws2x wrote

Our guest is Claire Saffitz!

Claire Saffitz is a recipe developer, cookbook author, and video host. Previously, Claire was Senior Food Editor at Bon Appétit magazine and the BA Test Kitchen. She hosted the series Gourmet Makes on Bon Appétit's YouTube channel, using her classical pastry knowledge to reverse engineer popular snack foods and candy.

Her first cookbook, the New York Times Bestseller Dessert Person, is a celebration of baking, pastry, and all things sweet. According to Claire, anyone can be a dessert person—even people who think they're not!

Claire’s all-new cookbook What’s for Dessert just hit bookshelves, and you can get a copy wherever books are sold.

For this LIVE Talk, Claire will be answering YOUR questions about all things sweet! She’s especially looking for questions about THANKSGIVING desserts, from pies to pastries and everything in between.


This Talk is hosted by Pod Appétit: Gourmet Takes.

Pod Appétit: Gourmet Takes is a podcast with hot takes on food media. We review and recap all kinds of food shows in bite-sized seasons, plus virtual potlucks, cooking adventures, and food memes!

Find Pod Appétit at or subscribe on your favorite podcatcher.


Glitchyyyy t1_ix8ozba wrote

I was thinking about making your Sour cream and chive pull-apart rolls for thanksgiving with my family. We have a pretty standard selection of dishes we bring to the table but one thing that never seems to be a hit are the dinner rolls. Would you recommend these for the occasion? Or do you have another receipt that you like better for such an occasion?



chilaquilessss t1_ix9mbn7 wrote

Whats the best way to freeze different types of baked goods?


Quaysan t1_ix9mdwt wrote

Is there a reason you wouldn't use a tangzhong or water/milk roux in more desserts like cakes?

Coconut cake is a pretty common dessert in my family for holidays/special occassions, but more often than not it's a bit dry and stiff, I'm hoping that this thanksgiving I can make one that requires a bit less work to swallow.

Edit: I know it's more common in breads like dinner rolls, but I haven't seen it in many other use cases


SaadPotatoh t1_ix9sjkl wrote

What should I use if I can only find *sweetened* greek yogurt in the grocery store? Do I use that, or plain unsweetened whole milk regular yogurt?


Tricksle t1_ix9t5cl wrote

What percent protein is generally advisable for bread dough? 12%?


shauntiamodel t1_ix9t5og wrote

What's a good dessert that can travel for 35 people?


HandSewnHome t1_ix9tlo7 wrote

Any tips for keeping a graham cracker crust together without baking it? I currently don’t have access to an oven.


hylianheroics t1_ix9ts2j wrote

For the apple pie recipe in What's For Dessert, can I substitute the top pie lid with the crumble recipe from Dessert Person and do I need to adjust anything else?


Sea-Metal-5507 t1_ix9urs7 wrote

Any recommendations for thanksgiving desserts I can make Tuesday night that will still be good Thursday?


trumanthepug t1_ix9w021 wrote

When to use fresh, vs canned, vs frozen for recipes, specifically baking!


oldgreenblankey t1_ix9w6eg wrote

If powdered citric acid is used to make the lemon tart more tart, when can I add it? I’ve dissolved it in the lemon juice, but that version had less soufflé action, so I didn’t know if it was from the citric acid or something else. PS Claire you are the best!


madrid1979 t1_ix9wj7z wrote

Yay Claire! 🙌 what’s a good sugar substitute for diabetics? Also if you wrote a dessert cookbook for diabetics, I will buy all the copies 😄


hendrix81 t1_ix9yi92 wrote

I found coconut sugar to be great! It tends to be metabolized slower than other sugars :)


shirosenju t1_ix9xk4i wrote

what is this? i’ve never seen this before


werksquan t1_ix9xyzr wrote

This is a Reddit Talk with Claire Saffitz, welcome!


mcgeemj t1_ix9z9cn wrote

Dessert person


Buh_Ree_Toe t1_ix9zuny wrote

Hey Claire I’m from France and watch your videos religiously!!! I love you and your recipes and have even gotten some of my friends to follow you :) I had a question: what’s your best tips for making a delicious carrot cake? The French tend to make it too dry or crumbly and they never put enough frosting on.


JackAndEzra t1_ixa08dv wrote

Love your YouTube channel and books Claire! ❤️❤️

Was wondering if you have any appetizer ideas for the leftover pie dough on Thanksgiving. Thanks!! 😁


clairedylan t1_ixa09gy wrote

I got your new book yesterday for my birthday! I am very excited to try out new recipes. I am going to make a tart for Thanksgiving and can't decide between the banana sesame cream tart and roasted lemon tart, which would you say is ideal for a first time tart maker?


mcgeemj t1_ixa2go4 wrote

So I'm not gonna be able to talk, got in too late. Claire you're the best!! I've learned so much from you, just wanted pointers on selling a Cookbook.


flightylady t1_ixa2q13 wrote

So excited to see you were doing this chat! It was wonderful listening to you and your thoughtful responses. ❤️

Happy Holidays!


Due-Object9460 t1_ixa2qd8 wrote

Most of my favorite recipes stem from Claire 😍