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kickbacksteve t1_iy2q95c wrote

It looks like something alright


dropfry t1_iy30i7c wrote

That slightly raw center is how I like it. You gotta roll the dice in life.


Birdinhandandbush t1_iy31ny3 wrote

Oh are these slightly pink extremely moist burgers with a slightly cool centre too good for you?


poppinfresco t1_iy4046n wrote

Oh it’s that what it is? Fun fact, ground beef is meat from a shitload of animals. Unlike a steak. Which is a single cut of meat from a single animal. It’s highly recommended to leave link in the middle of steaks. But unless I personally hand ground that beef, I would never touch that with pink in it. Two decades of working in a restaurant taught me to know better. I wasn’t sure what this was at all. Kinda surprised to learn it’s food


ABigAmount t1_iy4bxvy wrote

It's mostly that ground meat (of any kind) is all surface area and surface area is where the bacteria is. With a steak you can eat it rare/raw in the middle because the surface area is just the outside and it gets the heat which kills bacteria. With ground meat there is a fuck ton more surface area, all the way through the patty.

You're right if you grind your own stuff or eat at a place which does it right before cooking, you're much safer. It's not a guarantee though.


deadly_toxin t1_iy63i8t wrote

I buy my meat a half cow at a time (myself and a friend split one), and you wouldn't believe the amount of ground beef that comes from one animal.

I get what you are getting at - that slaughter houses and butcher shops likely don't separate per animal. But most likely the ground beef you buy is from one maybe two different cows. Which isn't any different than when you buy four filet mignons - there's a chance they may each be from a different animal.

That's not why it's not recommended to eat pink though. When you cook a steak you are cooking the area that has been exposed to bacteria. You can't do that with ground beef because all of it has been exposed to bacteria.


dropfry t1_iy324de wrote

I need to be scared. Pink is great, and I'd be happy, but not scared.


Tired-Swine t1_iy3y4la wrote

You can eat beef raw lol


fenpark15 t1_iy40iqb wrote

While true, it requires proper food safety precautions and still bears e coli risk. With beef, the bacteria stay on the surface of the muscle. A steak that is seared outside and rare in the middle has still been sterilized by the searing. That aspect goes away with ground beef, where the former surfaces get all mixed in together. When eating a raw minced beef dish like carpaccio or tartare, the proper prep is to remove and discard the outer surface of the steak before mincing in a clean work area and serving immediately. So, in short, eating a medium hamburger patty holds a fair amount more e coli risk than a rare steak.


gamaknightgaming t1_iy3rk8v wrote

It’s not raw, it’s like medium rare, this is well within being cooked


shogun308 t1_iy4mzdb wrote

If that centre has been 65C or over for more than 2 minutes, it's considered safe in the UK. It is very unusual for beef mince to stay this colour in that scenario.

Burger meat cannot be "medium rare" because of the contact areas for bacteria, which in mince are ground through the entire patty. Steak can be, because there is no surface area within; only where the heat touches the exterior of the meat. (Which is very quickly made safe by a hot pan/grill).

If I was served a burger this colour in the center I would not eat it.

My head chef went to an upmarket restaurant and had a burger that came like this. Spent a week off work, uncertain which end to hang over the toilet bowl.

Source: spent 10 years in the restaurant/hotel trade, most as a sous chef and undertook a number of different food hygiene and safety courses.


BronchialChunk t1_iy5kv9k wrote

maybe more of an american thing but pretty much any place you go to that's making a burger to order will ask how you want it done. I think it's just more a reference to the fact that a steak would look like this at medium rare as opposed to any adherence to correct culinary terminology.

I used to have a buddy that was a bartender at a place and he knew my penchant for rare steaks and all that. I'd occasionally order burgers from there and they'd cook it to be a bit pink inside than they were supposed to and I never got sick from it.


dedicated-pedestrian t1_iy6as2a wrote

The main way you can keep beef pink through the cooking process is by inhibiting the Maillard reaction, which you can technically do through members of the allium family.

But kneading onion pieces into a burger produces a meatloaf, so... Yes, cook the burger.


Excludos t1_iy2scmf wrote

Looks good, but that burger is slightly under cooked. As much as I like rare meat myself, you can't do that with mince (Unless you freshly minced it yourself. In which case, go ahead and eat that shit tartare if you want). Save the pink for your steaks


MyFace_UrAss_LetsGo t1_iy3jmbl wrote

You’d be surprised how many people don’t care. We sell medium and medium rare burgers where I work daily. Our beef Pattie’s aren’t freshly minced.


JennieFairplay t1_iy3pxun wrote

My work friend didn’t care until it landed her in the hospital with a very serious case of E Coli infection 😬

NO pink whatsoever in meat for me. Ever


MyFace_UrAss_LetsGo t1_iy3q1v8 wrote

Not even steak?


Drunkpanada t1_iy3r471 wrote

Steak is different from ground. Ground mixes the (possible) bacteria from the outside to the inside where it can proliferative. Steak keeps the bacteria on the outside, where it would be burned off/cooked keeping the raw inside uncontaminated


MyFace_UrAss_LetsGo t1_iy3rsdn wrote

Yep, I know, I was gonna say that to the person I replied to if they were worried about getting sick from a mid rare steak.


[deleted] t1_iy3p6mr wrote



Mk1Racer25 t1_iy3q9r1 wrote

Yeah, gotta throw the bullshit flag on this one


[deleted] t1_iy3ql26 wrote



Mk1Racer25 t1_iy3r9m1 wrote

Did you read the search results? Talked about medium rare burgers being illegal in Canada.


aSharkNamedHummus t1_iy3s0r8 wrote

Is Canada in the US?


Mk1Racer25 t1_iy40f0j wrote

The deleted post claimed that med. Rare burgers were illegal everywhere but the US. Then he tried to cute with a 'let me googlethat' , which blew up in his face


aSharkNamedHummus t1_iy468ss wrote

So they’re illegal in Canada, and they’re legal in the US, which supports their claim. I mean, I don’t see any results referencing illegality in other countries, but I have absolutely no clue how you’re inferring that it blew up in anyone’s face.


Mk1Racer25 t1_iy47bt7 wrote

Rexkat deleted all his posts, so it's a moot point


MyFace_UrAss_LetsGo t1_iy3s6dg wrote

He deleted like six comments in this thread. Like, are people that afraid to admit they’re wrong? It’s not a big deal.


Mk1Racer25 t1_iy40jwj wrote

Apparently so. I wonder if it's a Canadian thing?


MyFace_UrAss_LetsGo t1_iy3phwr wrote

Is that an actual fact that the US is the only country legally allowed to sell medium rare burgers? Sounds pretty far fetched.


TogaPower t1_iy44faq wrote

No, you absolutely can do that with mince if you want to and the risk is pretty minimal all things considered. Countless people do it everyday without ever having an issue. Also, color isn’t a 1 to 1 relationship with safe temperature. People will often cook pork to shit just because they think it needs to look ghost white to be safe to eat.


Excludos t1_iy44m7j wrote

Countless people also get sick every day. In the US alone, 265000 people get infected with E.coli every year, and roughly 100 of them dies from it. Yes, you will be fine 99/100 times, but it's not a risk that is in any way shape or form worth it


TogaPower t1_iy46bdn wrote

Have you bothered checking the math on your odds of dying if 100 people die against the number of burgers consumed a year? Better yet, check the math on how many of those 265,000 infections were caused by burgers, how many of those were definitely because the burger wasn’t cooked enough, and then take that number against the number of burgers consumed a year. You’re worrying over nothing dude. Not only are the odds of dying extremely low (and by that point we can get into other countless more dangerous things), but simply the odds of infection are ridiculously low


Excludos t1_iy4ccmr wrote

>Have you bothered checking the math on your odds of dying if 100 people die against the number of burgers consumed a year?

Dunno about you, but I'd worry about the odds of getting sick as well. 265000 a year is not an insignificant amount of number. Equally important, the reason the numbers are so low to begin with is precisely because of strict restaurant rules and population education. People know not to make a pink burger. If everyone made pink burgers and the numbers were still this low, you'd have a legit argument


>Better yet, check the math on how many of those 265,000 infections were caused by burgers, how many of those were definitely because the burger wasn’t cooked enough

100% of them, because e.coli dies with temperature. So all of those burgers were inadequately cooked. The only argument I'll give you is that some of the cases have been because of cross contamination with vegetables, which aren't all necessarily suppose to be cooked. But I'd still point you to my previous argument. Just because no people have died from a nuke in 2022 doesn't mean setting off nukes are fine. The numbers are low precisely because people don't generally eat pink-burgers


thereisgummies t1_iy6mg4n wrote

Dude you do know you're more likely to get e.coli from improperly washed veg, contact with a sick person, and contaminated water than beef right?

Like those 265,000 cases don't come exclusively from under cooked burgers, you know that right?


Excludos t1_iy7bjls wrote

I already addressed this in my previous comment in which you replied to, you know that right?


thereisgummies t1_iy7rkz0 wrote

Mmm no you didn't.

"Some from cross contaminated vegetables" vastly understate that the vast majority of that 265k isn't caused by under cooked burgers.

a. The veg isn't "cross contaminated" b. You're most likely to catch it from exposure to run off water or exposure to someone with e.coli as it is incredibly highly transmissable

>how many were caused by burgers

And I quote

>100% of them


Mk1Racer25 t1_iy2zcen wrote

This makes no sense. The ground meat that the butcher makes isn't safe to eat rare, but the steaks he cuts are?


Excludos t1_iy30r6d wrote

Correct! The inside of a steak isn't where the bacteria lives, it's on the surface. Hence why a medium rare steak is fine, because the surface is cooked. When you mince it, the "surface" becomes mixed in everywhere. So it becomes unsafe to undercook it like a steak would be

The only way to serve rare/raw mince safely, is by removing the surface of a steak, and mincing it yourself. This is how tartare is made


bronet t1_iy3473h wrote

In reality this is still pretty safe, but it's a dumb gamble yeah.


Excludos t1_iy34hmt wrote

You'll be ok 99/100 times indeed. But over the scale of an entire population, that's still a lot of unnecessary illnesses, some of which could be deadly. E. coli is still a thing that affects 265000 people in the US alone yearly, and kills 100


Mk1Racer25 t1_iy37fcq wrote

Pretty safe bet that if you eat contaminated meat, you're going to get sick, unless it's cooked to the point where it's unrecognizable / inedible, and even then it's still dicey.

Where are you from that you refer to ground meat as 'minced? They are two different prep techniques


Excludos t1_iy37ov6 wrote

Not at all. Contaminations like e.coli are on the surface, as explained earlier. You can cook regular steaks rare, because the surface gets the temperature treatment required to make it safe

For the purposes of bacteria, ground and minced is the same; you mix the potentially contaminated surface of the meat in with the rest


Mk1Racer25 t1_iy3joww wrote

But that's not what I asked you. Ground and minced are two different techniques, that result in different textures of the finished product.


Ryangel0 t1_iy3m7i2 wrote

>For the purposes of bacteria, ground and minced is the same; you mix the potentially contaminated surface of the meat in with the rest

Missed that part of their response hey?


Mk1Racer25 t1_iy3qkkc wrote

You're reading comprehension is just as bad as his, as I asked where he was from


dedicated-pedestrian t1_iy6cs4x wrote

After looking it up, beef/other meat mince can refer to meat that has been passed through a grinder.

This product is distinguished from ground meat in the same jurisdictions by the fact that mince cannot be comprised of anything other than the cut of meat that was put into the grinder. Ground meat, on the other hand, can have additional fat or ice/water added to adjust the texture.

(Naturally mince can still refer to very finely chopped meat as well, but in many places it refers to the unadulterated ground cuts.)


AnyLeave3611 t1_iy30jk4 wrote

Yup. Because the process of grinding can introduce potentially harmful bacteria on the meat surface into the ground meat.


dropfry t1_iy3135u wrote

It's because of surface area. Sliced steaks are cooked on both sides. Sterilizing the exposed sides. Grinding beef exposes it all the way through, but is only cooked on it's outsides. Leaving the insides vulnerable. So a pink steak is safer than a pink burger.


twodegreesfarenheit t1_iy3c4nx wrote

I can’t help but notice all the pink in the middle comments. So why when I go to a restaurant (Red Robin 2 weeks ago)do they ask me how I’d like my burger cooked???


thedastardlydave t1_iy3k7c6 wrote

The problematic bacteria that sometimes exist in beef products is typically only on the surface of the meat. This is why you can eat a steak rare (you kill the bacteria on the surfaces when you brown the steak).

If you buy ground meat, chances are that some of the bacteria from the surface of the meat is now mixed throughout the ground meat. This means that you have to cook it all the way through.

At a restaurant that is serving burgers that aren't cooked all the way through, they will (hopefully) have removed the outer surface of the meat before mincing the meat, which is why it is considered to be safe.


OukewlDave t1_iy3xso9 wrote

When I get a burger at a place like that and they ask me, I chuckle first, then say medium. I know it's coming well done no matter what I say...


No_Dance1739 t1_iy61623 wrote

Restaurants that ask should be making their own ground beef, that’s the difference. So unless minced their own beef then its something I would politely decline.


Smaptey t1_iy1wf0a wrote

Not a big fan of the pink, but everything else looks pro


SweetChoadOfMine t1_iy3tf95 wrote

What else do you see that looks ‘pro’ exactly ?


Smaptey t1_iy3y4nl wrote

I don't understand your question


----iwishamfwould t1_iy448un wrote

Like I think they mean what exactly looks pro to you


Smaptey t1_iy48qqw wrote

The entire thing looks professionally made. I'm not particularly a pink ground beef kind of guy. I didn't understand their question because I wasn't certain what confused them about what I said. I also assumed it was a loaded question so I wanted them to make it clear.


Electrical_Skirt21 t1_iy5a6gn wrote

To each their own, but this is amateur from top to bottom


dedicated-pedestrian t1_iy6dbs2 wrote

I'd say intermediate. They've clearly chosen a stout sort of bread that can support this much... Uh, juicy patty.


Mk1Racer25 t1_iy2yvi6 wrote

You prefer the stink? To each their own


One-Pride-4360 t1_iy2kvqe wrote

Is that minced beef? Bro you can’t leave that pink wtf


TogaPower t1_iy45e8o wrote

Yeah you can. How likely do you exactly think you are to get sick from this? People severely overestimate the likelihood of illness from some medium rare/medium ground beef. Absolutely every restaurant will ask you how you want your burger cooked and this would quickly die out as a practice if it was making a substantial impact.


One-Pride-4360 t1_iy48na3 wrote

It’s a law in my country that all beef burgers must be cooked well done, they wouldn’t have that for no reason


TogaPower t1_iy49wfz wrote

Ohhhh I forgot that if something is a law it must always be for a rational and perfectly good reason! Anyway, the risk is so ridiculously low of getting a serious illness from a non well done burger that I’ll gladly decide for myself lol


One-Pride-4360 t1_iy4ry0h wrote

Do whatever you want idgaf don’t come crying to Reddit when u get salmonella and shit yourself


TogaPower t1_iy4sfiv wrote

Never gotten it all my life despite medium rare burgers and even if it did, Reddit is the last place I’d come to complain 😂


dedicated-pedestrian t1_iy6dyvr wrote

OK but seriously you don't get salmonella from beef burgers, that's e. Coli.

If you're gonna throw shade at least be accurate to food safety standards


MyFace_UrAss_LetsGo t1_iy3jzdi wrote

The restaurant I work at sells burgers medium by default. The patties aren’t freshly minced, either. Not saying it’s right or wrong but I’d expect someone to have gotten sick and complained in the three years I’ve worked there.


Martin8412 t1_iy3cx88 wrote

And yet every non-chain restaurant here in Spain will ask you how you want your burger cooked. I've had tons of medium cooked burgers. It's delicious. Never once had a problem.


fourth_box t1_iy2q293 wrote

And this is where you learn that not everyone has the same taste preferences. There are a lot of people who don't like well done.


zelkrab t1_iy2r1zr wrote

Uh no, this is where you learn the difference between fresh ground and not.

Preference has nothing to do with it if it isn’t fresh.


Mk1Racer25 t1_iy2z4oq wrote

If you're buying ground meat from places that you have to cook it to death to make it safe to eat, you're buying it from the wrong places.


AnyLeave3611 t1_iy30pz6 wrote

No. Meat, like beef, has dangerous bacteria on its surface. Thats why eating raw beef is dangerous but eating rare beef is not.

When you grind meat, like when making a patty like in OP's pic, you essentially push those bacterias into the meat. At this point, just cooking the surface of the beef is no longer sufficient to safely consume it.


dedicated-pedestrian t1_iy6ef21 wrote

Well, fresh ground/minced beef at least hasn't had time for that bacteria to multiply within the portion. The danger isn't from the bacteria itself, but from the byproducts of its continued presence and propagation.

There is, I suppose, the option of shaving off the edges of the cut of meat and grinding the interior for absolute maximum safety.


Excludos t1_iy2s9p6 wrote

Nothing to do with taste preference. Pink pre-prepared minced meat can make you really sick


laughingmeeses t1_iy34elf wrote

OP never said it was prepackaged.


Excludos t1_iy34u4j wrote

Ain't nobody have time to mince their own meat, especially as it's more expensive too

Unless stated otherwise, I'm going to take the leap to presume it's prepackaged


Mk1Racer25 t1_iy3ttkz wrote

You seem to make a lot of assumptions, many of which are incorrect


laughingmeeses t1_iy34y4s wrote

I do it all the time. It's actually really cheap because you can use the odd cuts that butchers sell really cheap.


dutchdaddy69 t1_iy3ayly wrote

God it is so wet and under cooked. No way this didn't make you sick.


TikaPants t1_iy3fe0s wrote

There’s nothing wrong with your patty temp. Maybe post on r/burgers where less Rule Book Larry’s live?


fugly_neighbour t1_iy3nmr6 wrote

Why are people hating on the pink centre? Since when is that a no-no?


squishybloo t1_iy3oqav wrote

It's funny to me that so many people are like GUARANTEED E COLI BRO!!! NO WAY YOU DIDN'T GET SICK FROM THIS!!

Like, yeah it's riskier to eat. But 'riskier' doesn't mean 'guaranteed getting sick'. Some people are willing to roll the dice.

I'm 40 years old and I've yet to get sick from an undercooked burger.


fugly_neighbour t1_iy3pnlj wrote

Yeah for real, i was really surprised how many people were saying it’s undercooked. You can eat beef raw so why wouldn’t you keep a burger on the pink side for a juicier and better tasting patty 🤦🏻‍♂️

i mean here in Slovenia a good burger place will always serve a burger with a pink centre


boots311 t1_iy45kkx wrote

I'm allergic to dairy but that looks great even to me!


dukester99 t1_iy25xa0 wrote

Looks amazing, grats.


camlaw63 t1_iy2bneu wrote

Are those peppers?


kungfuchelsea t1_iy4aw6d wrote

They look like green beans to me


camlaw63 t1_iy4emns wrote

Patty melts usually have grilled onions, so I was a little put off by the green whatever it is


Spartanias117 t1_iy3c1jd wrote

What is this seemingly recent trend of not fully cooking your ground meat? It's not a steak, people.


TogaPower t1_iy45ofh wrote

Most people are okay with the ridiculously small risk of food borne illness in exchange for a better tasting burger. People like you exaggerate


DanteRex t1_iy3pgub wrote

It’s not a recent trend. Burgers are best at medium rare. This has been well known for ages.


420fmx t1_iy44we4 wrote

It’s not a recent trend, Americans love the shit . Germans eat raw mince but they either do it themselves or get good quality from a butcher .

Would never do it with super market mince


skitty166 t1_iy3wdjc wrote

I'm guessing most of the commenters saying it's undercooked aren't in the US because that thing looks PERFECT to me. *chef kiss*


tysnaps t1_iy407q0 wrote



bingobango415 t1_iy4b81t wrote

I’m surprised about all the pink nay sayers. I betcha that was delicious, albeit heavy in the tummy. I like my burgers medium/medium well. Never once got sick from a medium burger.


accidentalquitter t1_iy4gt2k wrote

I understand why people are getting upset about over the pink, but if you couldn’t eat medium / pink center burgers, why would restaurants ask you what temperature you want it cooked?


dedicated-pedestrian t1_iy6dho6 wrote

It's not that you can't eat them, statistically you're not ultra likely to get sick - but the chance is there, and no one can guess how sick you'd get.

They have small disclaimers at the bottom of their menus making it so you can't hold them responsible for your ordering undercooked meat or eggs.

The customer is always right in matters of taste, so restauranteurs just make sure the customer can't sue for any potential food poisoning they get.


Fortyouncestofreedom t1_iy4h29x wrote

Dude this looks awesome! I love patty melts. I think I gained 10 of my freshman 15 in college from party melts alone! My dorm had chefs that would cook them fresh everyday in our cafeteria. So delicious!


MuddiPutty t1_iy4h33e wrote

I’d like to place an order w/ fries.


gatorbeetle t1_iy4nelr wrote

DAMN, That looks NASTY...but in Such a GOOD Way!!!


pixeldudeaz t1_iy4r3d7 wrote

Da,n, that looks amazing!


itdobutitdont t1_iy1xnwb wrote

Cooked to ooey gooey perfection. Well done!


crazyebb1313 t1_iy2fy0n wrote

I like the pink!!., pinker is better


Lonestar-Boogie t1_iy3el2n wrote

If the green things are pickles, this is a 10/10.


jamesdfiek t1_iy4cl2s wrote

Looks good, everyone saying its too undercooked orders their steak well done.


nosdoogp t1_iy4ng6u wrote

When I worked at a restaurant (southern US) we weren’t allowed to sell burgers or hamburger steaks cooked less than Medium. So no medium rare even, but we would do blue rare steaks (sirloin, ribeye) at request.


Massey89 t1_iy4t6ya wrote

mmm raw ground beef


TonydaTrippyHippy t1_iy3onr0 wrote

Pickles? Should be onions... that is a cheeseburger with bread. Peace.


johyongil t1_iy3tqx9 wrote

I think this is technically a chopped cheese sandwich.


kyle9003 t1_iy3w4li wrote

pink burgers look sketchy


chipcity90 t1_iy3zb20 wrote

yikes not all food needs a cross section


SweetChoadOfMine t1_iy3tagd wrote

If only there was another food-related sub where this travesty might belong … sfp or something.. ?


420fmx t1_iy44a4r wrote

Doesn’t look super appealing lol


pattyG80 t1_iy3w4nk wrote

One thing I noticed travelling to the US is restaurants ask you how you want your burger and my answer is always "fucking cooked". I don't get people that eat risky meat like this.


fenian_ghirl t1_iy2yxha wrote

You can't have minced beef pink unless you want to be really ill


hwparson t1_iy3tdju wrote

I’ve had ground beef with pink in it plenty of times. It has never made me sick.


TogaPower t1_iy45zyd wrote

Untrue. You absolutely can and the odds are overwhelmingly in your favor that you don’t get sick. “Riskier” =/= sure change of getting sick. You really should look up a thing called statistics


mileswilliams t1_iy324s5 wrote

So cheeseburger but you didn't have any buns?


nincesator124 t1_iy3qjp6 wrote

Since it's pink and is mashed up hamburger that is going to make you sick