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lemmy4x4 t1_ixbai7r wrote

Soup with a side of chili with some gazpacho for dessert.


btribble t1_ixbdjo4 wrote

Wash it down with a nice green juice drink.


lawndutyjudgejudy13 t1_ixc3o9y wrote

I love how all your food posts have your dog in the background very envious looking.


Capsup t1_ixcn5v2 wrote

May I recommend /r/animalslookingatfood for anyone wanting more great content like this?

There's nothing better than scrolling through my feed and seeing a picture with a cute animal looking at delicious food. It's a bit of a highlight actually.


Panzis t1_ixcwz8k wrote

I didn't realize until a few posts ago, but the dog always has a piece of meat from the dish balanced on his nose. He's concentrating!


Sometimes_Stutters t1_ixcig2a wrote

Soup with a side of chili?!! You sir are totally unhinged.


EVVOflux t1_ixbhr5a wrote

can i pet that dog


mipijemo t1_ixajmzr wrote

Just looks soothing on a cold winter day/ night...props!


Busy-Ad1088 t1_ixbmqa2 wrote

If you like this you should try a Filipino recipe called Arroz Caldo. It’s a gingery, lemony, yummy chicken soup.


a4techkeyboard t1_ixbycps wrote

Mm, spritz of calamansi/lemon, pepper, bit crispy fried garlic, maybe extra fish sauce or soy sauce, maybe some chili oil. A hardboiled egg, some chicken. Nice.


Level1Roshan t1_ixcxxig wrote

At this point I feel like I personally know this dog.


unsmashedpotatoes t1_ixd4t91 wrote

Not sure chili is a side dish but both of those look so good I'm just going to have to trust you on this.


ezhammer t1_ixdn57w wrote

Chicken soup AND chili for the same meal? Bold strategy, we approve.


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dragnflied t1_ixat43m wrote

Must smell good your dog looks like it's going to take jt if you turn around


beachboundbetty t1_ixb2j3c wrote

I love your little photobomber in the background.


dangelem t1_ixb2vdx wrote

I am currently that dog


M00nter t1_ixc8k3l wrote

Rosół zkurwielu


bbyhaych t1_ixccuca wrote

Dog so cute hehe


Metallicsin t1_ixcow42 wrote

Damn, that broth looks so good.


TheC47 t1_ixd1kaj wrote

And a hot dog :P


Hammertime6689 t1_ixdrm8m wrote

Is there something on your dogs snout? Or am I️ just seeing things


AthenaZN t1_ixg5jek wrote

Something on doggo’s snoot!