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Mont-ka t1_j2ecse8 wrote

Has that bay leaf been in the stew?


Xtruuh156 OP t1_j2ef3ai wrote

Cooked with another bay leaf, added the one at the top for aesthetic lol


ambiguity_moaner t1_j2fol2j wrote

You are also part of the conspiracy that bay leaves really add anything to a dish?! 😱


rct1 t1_j2fw49y wrote

Put a bay leaf in your rice or pasta water and then make that comment


xtt-space t1_j2fdf3g wrote

This and the chicken version, Coq au Vin, are both god-tier JC recipes.


cote112 t1_j2eglh5 wrote

Been thinking about that idea of using those type of onions.

Were they jarred or fresh?


itsshoved t1_j2f4g0c wrote

I've had luck with frozen pearl onions when making this


Syrioxx55 t1_j2fkxz4 wrote

Pearl onions rock


schwab002 t1_j2fxawm wrote

When cooked right they're incredible but they're so often cooked poorly and are too raw in the middle. So I'm always skeptical of pearl onions even though I love onions more than the average person.


Xtruuh156 OP t1_j2ejbhk wrote

Found some fresh ones in the produce aisle, wasn’t expecting find them to be honest. They are were good though, love onions!


cote112 t1_j2enjnx wrote

I just love the idea of skipping another chopping step since they're already spoon sized.


Paper_Samurai t1_j2eoi7p wrote

It's way more work to peel 30 of those than it is to run a knife through an onion. If you're buying fresh, that is.


Xtruuh156 OP t1_j2epspq wrote

Peeling all of them was definitely the most tedious step of the entire cook haha


greenline_chi t1_j2fjb23 wrote

I think they sell them frozen. I’m braising lamb shanks currently but almost had to pivot to beef bourgieon. My plan was to look for frozen Pearl onions


Maltese_Vulcan t1_j2f50ji wrote

How are you peeling them? If you dunk them quickly into boiling water they’ll pop right out of their skins


secretdrug t1_j2fwibg wrote

I use fresh ones when im trying to impress. If im just making a stew for my week I use the frozen ones. The fresh ones just have a much better texture and taste.


cote112 t1_j2eu8sc wrote

Oh that's cool how your regular sized onions have that "easy peel" skin.


Paper_Samurai t1_j2f9v3p wrote

I mean, I was just trying to give you context on dealing with these as a fresh product. I've used cipollini onions a few times, and I could peel and chop a couple of full sized onions in the time it would take just to boil the water to get these peeled. If you can find them in your freezer section, I would go for those instead.


MetalliTooL t1_j2ev1fo wrote

How did it come out?

Every time I try making beef bourguignon (or just beef stew), it's not as tender as I expect it to be. People say to keep cooking it if it's not tender enough, but then it just becomes drier and stringier.

I tried cooking anywhere from 2 to 5 hours at 300F, and I use the typical chuck cut.


Xtruuh156 OP t1_j2evl9s wrote

It fell apart for me, total of 5 hours cooking, mostly at 325. I used chuck roast and cut them into about 2 inch pieces


Xtruuh156 OP t1_j2evvj0 wrote

Maybe using too lean of a cut?


MetalliTooL t1_j2f0zl4 wrote

Maybe. But they always say that the basic chuck cut will do, and I assumed they’re all about the same leanness.


[deleted] t1_j2fl1x2 wrote

The marbling can vary drastically so it's worth it to take your time when you're looking in the meat section. I made BB on Christmas and got really lucky that the only roast big enough had very nice marbling.


MetalliTooL t1_j2fllbf wrote

Yeah I think that was my problem. I assumed all chuck is the same and it would all get tender given enough time, regardless of marbling.


Snufflepuffster t1_j2fjv3x wrote

This works for me everytime:

Chop up pork belly, fry it in a dutch oven and render the fat. Start with frozen beef cubes and brown them in the pork fat. Make sure the heat is high so the beef browns quickly. Drain most or the fat, leave two tablespoons, add butter, chopped garlic, carrots, onions and get all the brown bits off the bottom of the dutch oven. Sprinkle 3 tbs flour in there and mix until everything is coated. Add 500 ml red wine, reduce for 5-10 min, add 800 ml beef stock, crisped pork belly, and beef, bay leaves, spices. bring to a SIMMER, not a boil. Simmer means it looks like a pool of primordial ooze as it’s cooking. Every once and a while a bubble will make its way to the surface. That’s it. Simmer for at least 3 hours, preferably 6. Should fall apart. If you want to add mushrooms brown them in a separate pan and add them when simmering. salt to taste. Kosher salt is best imo.


Lrkrmstr t1_j2fint3 wrote

I’m sorry to hear that, but cooking can have unexpected outcomes sometimes even if you’re a seasoned chef. That being said maybe consider the following and try it again:

I’ve found that if you don’t use enough braising liquid your meat can come out a bit tough. I usually use just enough to cover the ingredients with maybe a few spots sticking out above the liquid.

Also, if you’re putting the stew in the oven with the lid on your meat will cook faster since there is no cooling from evaporation. You could try leaving the lid 90% of the way on so some steam can escape and your sauce can reduce.

Lastly, make sure the meat is cut into about 2 inch chunks. All meat shrinks up when it cooks and larger chunks cook slower and retain their structure/texture better. They are also more resistant to overcooking so you can have some leeway if you accidentally leave it in too long. Once you can cut a beef chunk in half with a fork it’s done!

Sorry for the novel, but I sincerely hope this helps you out in the future!


practicating t1_j2ezmiv wrote

What cut are you using?

If you get the chance get cheek. It was made for this dish, but can be hard to find in many places.


[deleted] t1_j2fkfn2 wrote

One time, at a nice restaurant, my waitress came over and first thing out of her mouth was that the "beef cheek special is sold out". I didn't even know there was a beef cheek special and it totally felt like a gut punch.


theK1LLB0T t1_j2fewvu wrote

I've done it in the slower cooker. About 6 hours on low, including searing the beef before adding to the slow cooker. Always comes out awesome


gremolata t1_j2ffigb wrote

Try a different cut of meat. It takes some time to converge on the right one given your local choices.


phathiker t1_j2fgtv6 wrote

I made beef bourguignon recently as well (for Xmas) and loved it. I used the recipe of YouTuber Brian Langstrom and it came out awesome. And it only got better over the days. Still eating the leftovers.


Snufflepuffster t1_j2fkj8n wrote

Sometimes when I make it I simmer it all day, leave it covered in the dutch oven overnight, then simmer again the next day. As you say, the flavours come out if it is allowed to sit. I think that might be due to the alcohol in the wine.


bobdole145 t1_j2fltkm wrote

Less lean of a cut and use a bit more acid.


Goddamn_Batman t1_j2fcwxd wrote


I can’t not say it like Julia. And good idea I’ll make some for this rainy season.


mt_beer t1_j2f19kw wrote

Mashed potato or rice?


KeyonnaInWanderland t1_j2eofbc wrote

I recently watched it too and now want to attempt to make some of her most famous recipes! Great job!


ForzaFenix t1_j2f3vn1 wrote

How long does it actually take to make?


theK1LLB0T t1_j2ffabz wrote

I made a different recipe a few days ago. But it's about 30-40 minutes of prep and then 6 hours in the slow cooker. I also do a ciabatta loaf brushed with garlic butter. It's so good


mikeyros484 t1_j2fcvtl wrote

Looks amazing! Mind posting a recipe? This is one I'd absolutely do, put some major TLC into it.

Add: Whoops sorry just saw you said Julia Child! Thanks!


Aeldergoth t1_j2ferf8 wrote

I made on her Birthday one year, after watching the movie. The Julie character was incredibly annoying, but Meryl Streep’s and Stanley Tucci’s performances made it all worthwhile.


Dreamteammeme t1_j2fc8ei wrote

Wow I'd love the recipe I love foods like this


Mythe0ry t1_j2fcw01 wrote

I watched that episode and ALSO made the dish because I was inspired! Yours looks dank!


daver456 t1_j2fqi7u wrote

Looks delish!

The version I usually make doesn’t have mushrooms and uses quarters of red onions instead of red onions. I made some to eat over Xmas since we were going to be so busy and it’s still one of my favorite dishes ever.


Lnalla t1_j2frtu1 wrote

How does it taste? I tried to make it earlier this month for the first time (have never tasted one before as well). However, I couldn't get rid of the sour taste....Maybe it was the cheap wine that I was using??


ChartOk1868 t1_j2fwes5 wrote

I would lick my screen but then my boyfriend who have reason to believe I'd finally lost the plot.