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hanky2 t1_j256fo1 wrote

Jesus that bread is triggering some major trypophobia lol.


Suprxeme t1_j25dn53 wrote

For real. Shit is unsettling


slashfromgunsnroses t1_j25mran wrote

So is the taste. Im not picky and I love weird tastes but this is just "not particularly interesting and somewhat weird".


trusttherabbit t1_j27pi6h wrote

I love trying new food and it’s rare I find a bread type I don’t enjoy eating.

Then I met Ethiopian fermented bread. I respect it but we don’t get along.


slashfromgunsnroses t1_j281k6x wrote

Same lol

I was excited to try it but the whole thing was just meh. It doesnt taste too bad, but iys just not interesting enough to put up with


evenmytongueisfat t1_j25wl0q wrote

I bet you eat tater tots every night.


Cognitive-Shadow t1_j268z7t wrote

I mean there are plenty of levels between eating tater tot’s and eating Ethiopian fermented bread. Also seems like that person has actually tried this before..which is way more than I would do


JUYED-AWK-YACC t1_j26bjyo wrote

It's just normal food, millions of people eat it.


NukeWarz t1_j26tryy wrote

yeah I mean every food is just food, some people aren't going to like it?


JUYED-AWK-YACC t1_j29n4hl wrote

Didn't say they didn't like it. They said they wouldn't try it, which is childish.


GillianOMalley t1_j25236i wrote

Did you make the injera yourself?

I used to feel bad that I didn't have the talent until I saw the "Mama Fresh Injera" truck making its deliveries around Addis Ababa. Ain't nobody got time for that.


Ensyfair OP t1_j256m6u wrote

No that's the only store bought thing I'm sorry!


flyover_liberal t1_j25rwbf wrote

No mesir wot?


Ensyfair OP t1_j27xjfz wrote

No it wouldn't have fit on the stove haha


WhatD0thLife t1_j25xws6 wrote

They named every dish they made in the title. No one is beholden to what you think they should be making.


[deleted] t1_j260ns8 wrote



[deleted] t1_j26571n wrote



ChangsWife t1_j24z8ec wrote

The sourest of doughs


herberstank t1_j24zztz wrote

Nothin but love for fresh Injera


ChangsWife t1_j256j6i wrote

Never had it! Does it taste like sourdough???


dimsum2121 t1_j25a77i wrote

It does, only more sour. It's actually really addictive as it has a glutenous sponge-cake texture with this mouthwatering, yeasty, acidity.


ChangsWife t1_j25itnw wrote

Well shoot! Im going to have to figure out where to get some!


CaptainPajamaShark t1_j25no1e wrote

The sourness of injira goes well with the savory stews. I'm not vegetarian but misir wot (red lentil stew) is delicious.


evenmytongueisfat t1_j25wpua wrote

Why do you even need to say you’re not vegetarian? It’s not weird for meat eaters to like vegetarian dishes


CaptainPajamaShark t1_j25y5qp wrote

Might be useful for vegetarians who want a vegetarian option.

I guess I phrased it poorly. No hate to vegetarians


evenmytongueisfat t1_j25yjxp wrote

I didn’t think of it that way, I was just wondering why you felt the need to express that you’re not vegetarian. Not being vegetarian doesn’t mean you can like vegetarian dishes


vityallegro t1_j25xd8u wrote

I love every one of those properties that you just described. Need to get some fr


dimsum2121 t1_j260qtf wrote

I don't know where you're located but any Ethiopian restaurant near you will have it in abundance. Or you can ask op for their recipe.

I've never made it, but will try now!


Hefty-Throat-1562 t1_j272d84 wrote

It’s almost an acquired taste but with savory beefy stews it’s incredible.


Chelbaz t1_j25axon wrote


For anyone wondering, it's delicious and made even better accompanied by other Ethiopian dishes.

My first experience with injera was in a sort of food chemistry course that focused on bread. We took a little field trip to an Ethiopian joint and my hungover ass was baffled by the injera bread. I was honestly wondering if it was something we could eat because it had the texture and springiness of computer packing foam. But, in reality, that makes it the perfect sauce absorber.


GrinAndBeerIt t1_j25ch3h wrote

I know it tastes good, but Ethiopian food is the least appetizing cuisine I've ever seen.


turdpimpin t1_j26b408 wrote

I love Ethiopian food!! Injera that’s soaked up the juices from the meat….🤤


PI_Dude t1_j2575kx wrote

Never eaten african food, but I'd like to try this. Looks good, although I have no idea how fermented bread may taste like.


Bunsky t1_j25acp6 wrote

It's like a sourdough pancake, with a bubbly texture a bit like a crumpet. Delicious.

Usually Ethiopian food is pretty saucy and looks more flavourful - this isn't a very representative sample in general.


PI_Dude t1_j25gygw wrote

Sounds pretty good to me. Kinda like I'm imagining rn a sourdough crepe. Have to look if there is an ethiopian restaurant in my city.


GillianOMalley t1_j26ifm4 wrote

Sourdough crepe is exactly how I describe it to people who haven't had it. It isn't at all bread-like.


Nickthedick55 t1_j2597im wrote

Sourdough contains fermentation, so Injera is probably delicious.


PI_Dude t1_j259rzo wrote

Ah, so it is comparable to the sourdough bread germans have?


Nickthedick55 t1_j259xp7 wrote

I can't really say, since I have never tasted Injera. I just love foods with fermentation.


PI_Dude t1_j25b2xc wrote

> I just love foods with fermentation.

That's cool. I love fermented food too. It's rare to meet someone whom does. In may family and my friends circle, no one does. Even though all know fermented food is very healthy.


literallyamutant t1_j25gabx wrote

It’s like an earthier sourdough; it’s generally made with teff flour, not wheat, but barley and millet can be used if teff isn’t available. It’s chewy and sour/tangy, but the sponge texture really absorbs up the sauces of the stews that it’s served on top of/with. It’s very tasty, and (imho) easier to digest than if you were eating wheat bread in the same quantities.


Nickthedick55 t1_j25u5o3 wrote

Sounds amazing. There are a ton of Ethiopian places in Houston, so it is time to do some exploring now.


literallyamutant t1_j26af6m wrote

Definitely recommend! Ethiopian food is very vegetarian/vegan-friendly, but you’ll see lots of chicken, beef, and lamb on the menu, as well. If you’re new to the cuisine, find a place that offers combo plates (usually 3-4 smaller portions of the veg dishes, and 2-3 smaller portions of the meat dishes) and order one veg and one meat, if you eat meat, combo to split with a pal and have enough leftover to take home. You’ll get a good idea of the flavor palette, and definitely make sure you try a dish that’s flavored with berbere.


cerberus00 t1_j26aqq9 wrote

Not sure, personally it's way too sour for me.


phantalien t1_j25j1lo wrote

I notice that the tag says gluten free. Just an FYI not all injera is gluten free only the ones made out of pure teff. Please check the label of your injera just in case you have adverse effects from gluten.


Ensyfair OP t1_j25lqd3 wrote

Ah okay. My friend said this one was gluten free so I assumed I'm sorry.


TheMeanGirl t1_j25bflt wrote

I want to eat more Ethiopian food, but the bread triggers my trypophobia so badly.


fsster t1_j25sq9f wrote

Gluten free too gotta love Teff


Kyte22 t1_j2631t8 wrote

I had this dish at a restaurant in Amsterdam once! They also served beer made from fermented coconut water. It was litterally one of the best meals I ever had in my entire life. I believe this dish is traditionally served with an orange spiced stew made from chickpea flour. The name escapes me, but I think it starts with a J and sounds more like a japanese word than what I would associate with etheipian, but Who am I to say, I speak neither of those languages 😋.


GillianOMalley t1_j26iu2f wrote

Shiro is the dish made with chickpea flour but it isn't orange spiced. Maybe you were tasting the ginger?


Kyte22 t1_j26iz12 wrote

Yeah that's the one. I was thinking Orange the colour, not the fruit 😋 it has an orange colour and a spicy taste.

How that name could escape me, I have no clue. I litterally have a pack of white snuff also called Shiro laying on the table right beside me 😂


Ensyfair OP t1_j27xq6v wrote

We actually made Shiro, but it was sooooooo spicy i (as a Dutch person) didn't dare to use it and my friend (Ethiopian) even atmitted that it was incredibly spicy.


Segorath t1_j25lxku wrote



Minimum_Piglet_1457 t1_j277z69 wrote

Sour bread = Def an acquired taste


Ensyfair OP t1_j27xton wrote

Haha true. My husband thought it was soo sour. He just eated the toppings after a while.


yamaha2000us t1_j25iela wrote

Love Ethiopean food! Except for the flatbread.


piberryboy t1_j26314q wrote

Dang. That looks good.


voodoohotdog t1_j26tq5o wrote

Just had a big feed of Ethiopian food two days ago. Love injara.


Fjordenc t1_j26v292 wrote

Yum, my favorite


spideytrey t1_j26vtr4 wrote

When you eat that sponge bread after it's done soaking up all of the other flavors on the plate?



AlwaysForgetsPazverd t1_j2723r1 wrote

OMG! I forgot about Ethiopian flatbread. I gotta find some of that-- so dang good. looks great.


phungkangyummy t1_j27fw0x wrote

Looking delicious 🤤🤤 👍👍👍👍


False-Honey3151 t1_j25pyk1 wrote

I follow microbiology sub and I thought that it is a petri dish with the most interesting stuff growing on it. :D


GeebusNZ t1_j2871ea wrote

I've eaten Etheopean cuisine only one time, and I want SO MUCH to have another go at it!


DarthGrit t1_j258lvm wrote

Looks so dry, I’m getting dehydrated just by looking at it


Ho_Lee_Fuk_20 t1_j2517gv wrote

Everything looks good but - Trouble is the injera has the consistency and (imagined) taste of a used burn bandage - am not a fan!


jzgr87 t1_j25549l wrote

You want a medal for being a picky eater?