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Suprxeme t1_j25dn53 wrote


slashfromgunsnroses t1_j25mran wrote

So is the taste. Im not picky and I love weird tastes but this is just "not particularly interesting and somewhat weird".


trusttherabbit t1_j27pi6h wrote

I love trying new food and it’s rare I find a bread type I don’t enjoy eating.

Then I met Ethiopian fermented bread. I respect it but we don’t get along.


slashfromgunsnroses t1_j281k6x wrote

Same lol

I was excited to try it but the whole thing was just meh. It doesnt taste too bad, but iys just not interesting enough to put up with


evenmytongueisfat t1_j25wl0q wrote

I bet you eat tater tots every night.


Cognitive-Shadow t1_j268z7t wrote

I mean there are plenty of levels between eating tater tot’s and eating Ethiopian fermented bread. Also seems like that person has actually tried this before..which is way more than I would do


JUYED-AWK-YACC t1_j26bjyo wrote

It's just normal food, millions of people eat it.


NukeWarz t1_j26tryy wrote

yeah I mean every food is just food, some people aren't going to like it?


JUYED-AWK-YACC t1_j29n4hl wrote

Didn't say they didn't like it. They said they wouldn't try it, which is childish.