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PresentTip5665 t1_j21tlk5 wrote

I'm sure the shell made it nice and crunchy


Yuki_500 t1_j21jb31 wrote

now youre the king. 👑


Dogsanddogs OP t1_j21kit1 wrote

That thought never crossed my mind but you’re 100% right


FunDip2 t1_j22g5po wrote

Last time I went to eat one of those, it was so expensive I just couldn’t do it lol. And I can spend some money on food lol.!


Dogsanddogs OP t1_j24fmrg wrote

Came out to $55. I was in Ushuaia, Argentina right near where they are caught! Agree though… typically Whole Foods or something is like $35-40 a pound so I don’t even buy any.


Devreckas t1_j25h7vf wrote

Probabaly the price spiked because the Alaskan Crab population crashed. They didn’t even have a crab fishing season this year.


tripp_hs123 t1_j225bj8 wrote

How much was it? In the US I think this would be at least $200.


John_Timberly_Crisp t1_j21ih48 wrote

How was it?


Dogsanddogs OP t1_j21kc7n wrote

Best crab I ever had for sure. I’ve only had frozen crab from the grocery but this was cooked on the spot.


Vegetablepeaanut t1_j2371sj wrote

even with difficulty to open, king crab is simply delicious, worth the effort.


Dogsanddogs OP t1_j24gmn5 wrote

They gave everyone chef scissors. Never even thought of the idea but it was sooo easy to cut open.


SweetCosmicPope t1_j24dbhw wrote

Nice! I've only ever seen one whole live king crab in my life (at a local H Mart or Uwajimaya; can't remember which). I wanted to buy it so bad, but $$$$.

I usually buy the clusters and king crab is my absolute favorite food.


Dogsanddogs OP t1_j24g6ho wrote

Was in Ushuaia, Argentina. So many restaurants have them in the window or when you walk in… like lobsters back in the US. I love crab so I had to get it. They all seemed to sell out in the mornnng before siesta then they refilled the tanks. came out to $55


SweetCosmicPope t1_j24i9kf wrote

Wow! That's a great price! I've paid for than that to have a few legs cooked for me in a fancy restaurant.

Time to visit Argentina, methinks!


Dogsanddogs OP t1_j25sjmw wrote

For sure. Just checked my credit card statement and I was wrong! It cost a total of $60 for 2 of these and a liter of beer!!!


AKCooking t1_j25i528 wrote

That is the smallest king crab I've ever seen.


Dogsanddogs OP t1_j25snju wrote

Really? Never seen a whole one. They had small medium large to buy


AKCooking t1_j25stao wrote

Yeah granted maybe in Alaska we have different rules on what we be brought up, but those legs seem small.


IncelSuicideRateLOL t1_j21xx1b wrote

Did all the news about them dying out get you hungry


faern t1_j22lrrb wrote

i thought king crab is not endangered and invasive species to boot. Source of your news?


Juswavs t1_j22yuiw wrote

Poor thing didn't stand a chance