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only_because_I_can t1_j245350 wrote

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Thank you. It's still so unreal.

I guess, in the back of our minds, we expected a phone call one day that would report she overdosed. We didn't expect she'd be hit by a car and killed instantly.

Holidays come and go, and I know they'll never be as complete as they should, could have been.


gwaydms t1_j25igri wrote

I'm sending big hugs. My mother-in-law went through that exact tragedy, except my sister-in-law was in a one-vehicle wreck that she caused. Everyone else in the car survived.

Holidays were always different after that. We missed her, but we knew she was in a better place, and that brought us some comfort.


only_because_I_can t1_j2955az wrote

Thanks for the hugs.

Things like this should make us appreciate each day we have.