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frenix5 t1_j22e3xd wrote

I am jealous of your fridge space

And your cheeeeese


5ittingduck OP t1_j22e8jo wrote

This is the state of my cheese aging fridges as at 29/12/2022.

It’s a bit low as I have not made as many this season (so far) due to a lower level of milk supply.

We have also been making an effort to use up some of the oldest cheeses, as they are getting past their best after more than 6 years ageing.

In glass, we have feta style in oil, full cream and skim yoghurt.

I am making mostly washed curd styles now (based on a Gouda type recipe) but I also have Romano, Halloumi, Parmesan, Alpine style and a few other types. Almost all the cheeses are made with cow’s milk (Thanks Roxy!).

The fridges are conventional "fridge only" frost free units run by thermostatic controllers (WillHi in this case, but Inkbird make a popular version). They run at about 11 Celcius.

The recipes I use can be found mainly in Ricki Carroll’s book “Home Cheese Making”.

Edit: Thank you for all the awards and your interest!


Demikmj t1_j22hu28 wrote

Would you recommend home cheese making as a hobby? Is it expensive if you don’t have your own cow? Is the cheese better than you can find, or is it mostly for the fun of making your own? I love cheese! Just wondering if I should look into this!


5ittingduck OP t1_j22kxk8 wrote

Gear isn't really expensive, but the milk really adds up.
10 litres of milk makes 1kg of cheese so you can see where it's going.
If you can get milk reasonably it's an excellent hobby, and the results when you get some skill are really awesome.
R/cheesemaking if you want to dabble.


agorafilia t1_j22w6ru wrote

I will definitely buy this book! I got very interested in cheese making as I love cheese. Thanks for the post and the tips!!


emfrank t1_j2407vl wrote

I tried to post a link to a great site on home cheesemaking, which has been around for over 20 years. The automod deleted it (guess no links are allowed) but google David Fankhauser cheese and you will find it.


embarrassedstoppage t1_j242y68 wrote

Just keep track of the aging process and to use up the older cheeses before they become too old and potentially develop off-flavors or become unsafe to eat. It's also a good idea to follow established recipes and guidelines for making and aging cheese to ensure that the final product is of high quality and safe to consume.


SplitDemonIdentity t1_j22ib79 wrote

“You may fascinate a woman by giving her a piece of cheese.”


Unicorn_puke t1_j247dmy wrote

I'm not a woman but I'm super fascinated by all of that cheese


froynlavin t1_j22jzky wrote

As a dad, I implore you, please please close the fridge doors. You're letting all the cold air out! Do I look like I'm made out of money? You're going to break the fridge.


Madwoman-of-Chaillot t1_j22v1fx wrote

I’m sorry - you have not one, but TWO CHEESE FRIDGES?!??!

Are you single? I mean, I’m not, but if I show my SO this picture, he’ll understand.


only_because_I_can t1_j22vc2l wrote

I remember my daughter visiting my house and going into my fridge, exclaiming, "You have a cheese drawer!"

I love cheese and although I don't make my own, I do keep a variety on hand in a drawer in my fridge.

My daughter was killed earlier this year, and I think about her comment every time I open my fridge. 😭


gwaydms t1_j23tfjc wrote

I am so sorry. No parent should have to mourn the loss of a child.


only_because_I_can t1_j245350 wrote

Thank you. It's still so unreal.

I guess, in the back of our minds, we expected a phone call one day that would report she overdosed. We didn't expect she'd be hit by a car and killed instantly.

Holidays come and go, and I know they'll never be as complete as they should, could have been.


gwaydms t1_j25igri wrote

I'm sending big hugs. My mother-in-law went through that exact tragedy, except my sister-in-law was in a one-vehicle wreck that she caused. Everyone else in the car survived.

Holidays were always different after that. We missed her, but we knew she was in a better place, and that brought us some comfort.


only_because_I_can t1_j2955az wrote

Thanks for the hugs.

Things like this should make us appreciate each day we have.


GiveMeMoreDuckPics t1_j22xyod wrote

…. can I come over?


shamalama8686 t1_j22qfal wrote

I have about 8 different kinds of cheese in my fridge and I was thinking I was a cheese king…


reluctantmimulus t1_j22vqzg wrote

Reminds me of Chuck and her aunts from Pushing Daisies.


Laurelinarien t1_j22eokf wrote

Heaven in containers of all sizes.


cmgr33n3 t1_j22mqe7 wrote

Have you ever watched Pushing Daisies?


JackAndEzra t1_j22v07z wrote

Woah! Now that is a talent I wish I had 😋🧀


5ittingduck OP t1_j22vtzd wrote

Worth learning.
Basics are easy, details are a rabbit hole.
Try Gavin Webber's youtube channel and r/cheesemaking.


FinePC t1_j22kxlo wrote

This guy cheeses


aquielisunari_ t1_j23pbvo wrote

May I please have a cheese pizza? Here is our selection. What are those in the jars? Homemade Persian and Iranian feta comes to mind. So does mozzarella and buffalo mozzarella. God I could get lost in that cheese cave.


Cuddlyuwu t1_j27qvux wrote

that’s impressive! is there mozzarella by any chance?


5ittingduck OP t1_j27uf7r wrote

Surprisingly, no.
I find it has little flavour and would rather put my efforts into much tastier varieties.


Openblindz t1_j241dl6 wrote

God I hope it smells as bad as it looks 😋🤤


moonx_child t1_j24nukc wrote

I absolutely Love cheese. Am jealous


WinterSldier t1_j24wtjc wrote

OH MY GODdddddddddd I found haven !


Merckilling47 t1_j24ysi3 wrote

Reminds me of that kitchen nightmares episode where he finds pasta everywhere lol


oppairate t1_j2506wn wrote

if i opened this in the middle of the night for a snack, i would gorge myself stupid and then hate myself in the morning.


Quackcook t1_j25v5xu wrote

Plenty of space, get busy!


_summer_breeze t1_j2698ha wrote

First, this is absolutely amazing!!!! 😋 Second, I'm sure the subreddit cheese would love to see this creation as well!


vKing55 t1_j269vrg wrote

Typical packer fan


pati0 t1_j26aqic wrote



ryanleebmw t1_j26lfhg wrote

Looks amazing. Are these all freezers or refrigerators? Curious about thawing cheese and how that is


5ittingduck OP t1_j26mxq4 wrote

fridges, jiggered to run at 12C
Freezing cheese is not advised it can wreck the structure if it's a moist variety.


nukeagent t1_j22vaj5 wrote

Cheese! For Everyone!


ThePassengerGG4 t1_j23dg7f wrote

You have serious issues and I'd like to take them off your hands.


asclepiannoble t1_j23e2ge wrote

Wow, I'm jealous. Which one would you say is your best product among these?


Bodorocea t1_j23j0se wrote

Cheesus Christ man, that's a lot of cheese. Good job!


Man_CRNA t1_j23qhfy wrote

Sweet Cheesus that’s a lotta chedda


DetKimble69 t1_j23u5h8 wrote

Charlie Kelly is that you?


Claxonic t1_j23vcer wrote

Wallace and Grommet would like to know your location…


gerd50501 t1_j23z1ix wrote

do you have a website where you sell all this cheese? This looks like a business. also looks really good. lol.


5ittingduck OP t1_j25belg wrote

It's illegal to sell raw milk products here and I don't have a commercial kitchen.
This is all for home consumption and gifts, I have never sold a scrap.


Breaad_PiTT t1_j24a0yl wrote

I would love to see you use this on different dishes


Hirnmey t1_j24dqla wrote

This guy can get it...


bilowski t1_j24iywl wrote

Jummy!! That’s almost good for a one person’s week supply of cheese.


AKCooking t1_j24w0e4 wrote

How do we become friends?


gillzj00 t1_j255sus wrote

That’s like a million dollars worth of cheese. Are you a dairy farmer?


spawin t1_j24hnoq wrote

My hemroids bleed just looking at it


CaptainPeachfuzz t1_j24lqf5 wrote

My bowels both seized and exploded just at the sight of this.