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kidfromCLE t1_j5jscmo wrote

When I was a kid and money was tight in our house, my mother (a fantastic chef and an even better baker) sometimes served us what she called “soup over rice.” It looked just like this but it was a can of Campbell’s beef vegetable soup on a pile of rice. I loved it. For my birthday dinners, it was what I would request every year. And she’d say, “But I could make this or that…” suggesting meals which were much fancier or nicer, and I’d say, “But that’s my favorite!” So she would make it, and I’d eat two or three plates of it. Years later, I realized that she was trying to do something special for me, and all I wanted was canned soup on white rice. I felt bad and I told her. She told me, “Are you kidding? Dinner prep took like ten minutes and there were almost no dishes on those nights. THANK YOU!”


Northernmonkey12 OP t1_j5jt4bm wrote

It sounds okay.. Its strange the things you miss.. Enjoy your day


CEH246 t1_j5nmpfv wrote

God bless your mother. Soup, any kind of soup, with more rice is heavenly


muppethero80 t1_j5jc7o4 wrote

I’ve never had chili on rice. Now I want to try it


Northernmonkey12 OP t1_j5jc9xa wrote

It's bangin mate.. Give it a try


RabidBogey t1_j5jenud wrote

I was born in England and moved to Canada when I was 10. I was weirded out that chilli came on its own without rice.


Warriorz7 t1_j5jxgfk wrote

What... I thought chilli always came with rice, or atleast nachos.


SOULJAR t1_j5lh083 wrote

Usually it's accompanied with toasted bread of some kind


Northernmonkey12 OP t1_j5jft1l wrote

I hope you told them too fix this.. Its the perfect thing to go with it..


RabidBogey t1_j5jg5vq wrote

I tried. It seems to be missing something without the rice to soak up them juices.


Tdawwg78 t1_j5jgkv5 wrote

My wife always crumbles saltines on it.. I prefer having it with tortilla chips. I have some leftover I’ll try it with rice for lunch!


stucky602 t1_j5lbfc9 wrote

My mom would put it on macaroni or rice depending on her mood. It's banging on macaroni. Highly recommend.

I also moved to texas after my childhood and people here give me some great looks when I tell them about chili mac.


KoloHickory t1_j5ju5gj wrote

This is how I've eaten chili con carne my whole life. I usually add a spoon of sour cream on the side too.


DifficultBoss t1_j5s7h0e wrote

my wife is stuck on tortilla chips and i really wish she would come aboard the rice train


salesmunn t1_j5t2lzd wrote

Also amazing on a hallowed out baked potato.


muppethero80 t1_j5t2nza wrote

I mean to be fair a shoe would be pretty good in a baked potato, they make everything better


BoomBoomLou t1_j5jtn9v wrote

It's pretty good, I always throw some rice in the rice cooker to go with my homemade chili.


itsFelbourne t1_j5jz4bk wrote

Poor man's feast!

I spent a decent chunk of my younger years surviving on rice and canned chili


alpacasarebadsingers t1_j5l3hsr wrote

I’m celiac and on pasta nights I usually get my bolognese sauce over rice instead of pasta. Delicious.


sleeper_54 t1_j5mwc4y wrote

Exactly this.

I know about chili over spaghetti (Cincinnati chili) . . .why not chili over rice..?!? Maybe it simply needs a catchy name and better pr.

Definitely going to make this.


supermom721 t1_j5jmug5 wrote

Now top with shredded cheese and chopped red onion and a dollop of sour cream. It’ll look even better with the extra color.


Calneon t1_j5kbjui wrote

Yeah, chili is all about the extras. Pickled red onions, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, coriander, tortilla chips.


Lord_Despair t1_j5jorbt wrote

I also do chili and rice! I served it once and people were amazed. I thought everyone did this.


Lord_Dupo t1_j5jzlac wrote

They do here In the UK, fellow lord.

I've never had chili without rice


wherethebicenroam t1_j5k5qy0 wrote

Chili without rice feels wrong.


Uncle_Burney t1_j5k7mvq wrote

Most chili recipes do well with some kind of added starch. I have done rice, and pasta (chili mac), but my favorite is cornbread. Each is worth trying, if you haven’t already. Cheers!


wherethebicenroam t1_j5k8rdf wrote

Yes! Tried them all and cornbread is a sleeper! Pasta is pretty good too, but rice will always be my go-to.

Cheers, stranger!


No_Associate_2532 t1_j5kznpp wrote

I am Brit in US. You have no idea how wrong chili WITH rice is here...


wherethebicenroam t1_j5l0eqo wrote

Am American in US and get weird looks when I mention chili over rice all the time. We’re a weird bunch, but some of us are trying!


VoidWalker4Lyfe t1_j5m4l3s wrote

Unless you're in Texas. That's how they serve it there.


No_Associate_2532 t1_j5mguev wrote

Really! I've been there alot and never seen that. To be fair though I am always eating BBQ...


big_sugi t1_j5lgub6 wrote

Hawai’i too.

Of course, everything in Hawai’i comes with rice. Curry, stew, chicken cutlet, hamburger . . . gonna come with rice


wearenotthemillers t1_j5mkt9w wrote

People are surprised to learn that we eat rice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Hawaii. I live in the mainland now, and I told a friend that I wanted spam and rice for breakfast, and she said that rice shouldn't be eaten for breakfast


Harbinger955 t1_j5k2xg6 wrote

We do it like that here in the states too.


Northernmonkey12 OP t1_j5jmi6t wrote

Beef mince fried with large chopped onion.. Drain off the oil.. Crumble an oxo cube on the mince and dry fry for few minutes.. And tinned chop tomatoes and red kidney beans and 3/4 of a bell pepper and a sachet of colmans chili mix.. I bring it up to heat on the hob then into the oven for a hour gas mark 6.. Add a chopped chili if you want more heat..


Moongazer09 t1_j5n3exv wrote

Moreorless how I make mine, though I prefer the Schwarz mild chilli mix myself and I like to add a bit extra mild chilli powder. I skip the tomatoes (they give me terrible reflux!) but add extra kidney beans and sometines pop in some extra veg if I wanted to bulk it up a bit more (cauliflower, broccoli etc). Love to make a big batch of it and freeze lots of it - I go right to the frying the mince stage then stick it all in my slow cooker (due to its capacity) for about 6 hours. Serve on rice with lots of grated cheese ontop, goes nicely in tortilla wraps too! 😋


BoomBoomLou t1_j5jti0t wrote

Rice with a dab of chili, lol.


Northernmonkey12 OP t1_j5jtm7o wrote

Each to their own.. Its how I like it


BoomBoomLou t1_j5jtxf7 wrote

No doubt.


Northernmonkey12 OP t1_j5jud4e wrote

The rice is not under the mince.. Its in a ring.. Then the chili in the middle


BoomBoomLou t1_j5ked7v wrote

Oh nice, that's actually a good idea. I usually just put some rice in a bowl, add the chili and mash it together lol.


diddilydingdongcrap t1_j5jwxu9 wrote

How they do it in Hawaii- delish. If you are in Cincinnati you get pasta.


dsizzz t1_j5mmhuh wrote

It’s not the pasta that bugs me, it’s the allspice. Who the fuck wants pumpkin spiced spaghetti?


MoonleySpoon t1_j5k26l3 wrote

ahh, I see you're a person of culture. Rice and Chilli is what I was raised on in Texas. Top some shredded cheddar, some tortilla chips and ill eat it till I physically hurt


ultimate_obtainable t1_j5l0en4 wrote

Chili and rice is something I never really considered before. Can't wait to try it myself after being inspired by your post


adoredtyrant90 t1_j5jled1 wrote

I really love rice. I always eat rice. Might want to try it with chili. What's the recipe please?


onthenerdyside t1_j5ly1or wrote

>What's the recipe please?

Make chili, make rice, serve chili on rice.


Minsc_NBoo t1_j5l42j8 wrote

This looks really good.

Try chili with garlic rice... Once you try it you won't go back

I like to use Basmati, gently fry some garlic in a big knob of butter.

Throw in the rice just as the garlic starts to get some colour. I use chicken stock cube, lid on, 10 minutes, take off the heat and let it sit for 5+ minutes


fellowsquare t1_j5k6e0n wrote

If you enjoy this type of meal.. I would challenge you to try to make a Cuban Picadillo. It will blow your socks off and would absolutely love it!

However, i would add a splash of dry white cooking wine and also, i would do with out the raisins.


sushiboba32 t1_j5ksf0t wrote

When you’re poor like me the rice allows for twice the meals with nearly no added cost!


littlefoot1904 t1_j5k9pzf wrote

Mild or hot chilli? 😋

I’ve been craving a bowl of chillli & rice since last week. It’s on my plan for tomorrow but I saw this & almost sacked off tonight’s dinner of homemade cottage pie with roasties & yorkies to make the chilli instead 😅 Just going to try it with chopped red onion on top too, which I saw recommended here a few times!


Northernmonkey12 OP t1_j5k9yjx wrote

Not too hot for me.. Kills flavour.. Enjoy 👌


littlefoot1904 t1_j5kgcxo wrote

No judgement here, I can handle a bit of warmth but I like to be able to taste my food so prefer milder. Never understood the appeal of eating a meal with sweat and snot pouring out ya cos it’s so spicy 😂


sleeper_54 t1_j5mwyux wrote

>Never understood the appeal of eating a meal with sweat and snot pouring out ya cos it’s so spicy 😂

Me neither.


Seawench41 t1_j5jvqlb wrote

This absolutely needs some shredded cheese, sour cream and diced onion. Hit it with a hot sauce for extra flair.


Northernmonkey12 OP t1_j5jwj3k wrote

For you maybe.. This is how I like it


Seawench41 t1_j5l6p57 wrote

For the literal meaning of the word.

Edit: oh my God, your comment lined up perfectly with someone else that responded to a completely unrelated post and comment. I responded to you thinking this was a different thread. My apologies, you have your chili and rice however you want, my guy. I salute you.


SIaaP t1_j5k0o1a wrote

I would make this in college and call it “American Curry” and loved every bite


eleridragon t1_j5k3eiw wrote

Looks awesome. Would definitely come over to your house for tea.

If you ever want a change from rice, use couscous (I put a sprinkle of celery salt in) instead, it's pretty damn good.


Northernmonkey12 OP t1_j5k5esj wrote

Next time your in Sheffield England give me a shout


eleridragon t1_j5k695f wrote

I live in SW Sheffield, lol. Also housebound at the moment though, so no worries. :D


sleeper_54 t1_j5mxpnf wrote

>Next time your in Sheffield England give me a shout.

>I live in SW Sheffield, lol.

We are on an international website/forums . . .and peeps are setting up a neighborhood gathering.

This internet thing is really working out.


Northernmonkey12 OP t1_j5k9ljx wrote

Me too.. Lol 😂. Sciatica from a slipped disc.. Which bit are you in.?


eleridragon t1_j5ke48u wrote

Technically Dore, but not the posh bit, lol. Near Twentywell. :) Nice having lots of trees around, bit of a pain not being near anything, especially with not being able to get out! Used to live opposite the old picture house, miss being closer to town.

Ouch about the sciatica :( Hope you feel better soon.


wherethebicenroam t1_j5k5zyu wrote

Love chili over rice!

When I was a kid, my grandma had to put ice cubes in it to help cool it off quicker. Mainly because I refused to wait and would burn my mouth. 😅


Ok_Dragonfruit_59 t1_j5k6hyk wrote

Add a dollop of sour cream, scallions, and a side of cornbread 😋


Greattidings10 t1_j5kmmar wrote

Looks nice


Yikert13 t1_j5lopmy wrote

Stick a ring of nachos around the side a a bit of grated cheddar on top. Mmmm


Rinbox t1_j5lt92e wrote

Chilli and rice. That is definitely a new combo for me. What’s the point of the rice exactly? Chilli is quite filling by itself. Is the rice just to stretch the chilli out longer or something or does it just go well together?


bodhiseppuku t1_j5ltsrg wrote

We used to make chili with rice when I was in college. We'd make chili so spicy that you would have a hard time eating it if there was no rice. ... and we were poor college students.


probablynotalone t1_j5m2i9g wrote

This looks so delicious!

Mind sharing the recipe/steps?


sleeper_54 t1_j5my0q2 wrote

Rice, prepared as you choose.

Chili, prepared as you choose.




citytiger t1_j5m3igu wrote

Simply but beautiful looking, Looks delicious too.


circlekyle90 t1_j5m7sm9 wrote

It’s no beans on toast but looks proper.


Northernmonkey12 OP t1_j5m7wvv wrote

Lol 😂.. Nothing wrong with beans on toast


circlekyle90 t1_j5mdi3v wrote

I’ve been doing some things with beans on toast. Tell ya what, focaccia with loaded bbq beans is pretty amazing. We smoke sausages, bacon, brisket, etc and put it in our beans…sorry, couldn’t help but share. Your chili and rice looks awesome though. :)


bill_gannon t1_j5mg7jp wrote

Try it over spaghetti. It's also good on toast. Both with parm.


janagood t1_j5mgst6 wrote

Looks great but I’d top with cheese and fritos to make it perfect.


ladybug68 t1_j5my7x5 wrote

I thought my family was the only ones who ate chili on rice! Yum!


nayhem_jr t1_j5n7h6p wrote

Tried making something closer to Texas Red Chili, but I stuck with beans and canned tomato. Those dried chiles really hint at something special.


DannyDee73 t1_j5nijn4 wrote

You can get plenty of this in jail.


joshuavhz t1_j5o9fh9 wrote

at first i thought this was an apple fritter on top 😂 but i love chili with rice!


Petdogdavid1 t1_j5p4ayh wrote

That chili needs more spaghetti.


No-Transition9064 t1_j5q25hr wrote

Mmm all it needs now is sharp shredded cheddar cheese and some Frito chips!!


AmphibianOrdinary500 t1_j5umpyg wrote

I would put some Tabasco or other Hot sauce on it for a little kick.


BanditsTransAm t1_j5jo8j0 wrote

Kick your chili up to the next level and grill your mince in a grilling basket over charcoal and let that smoke infuse with your mince.


PoppyseedsCorner t1_j5k5r4i wrote

Never seen chili and rice before but it looks really good


abemon t1_j5kc61j wrote

That looks delicious. Bet it'll be more amazing with running egg yolk on top!


Saewelo1 t1_j5l4nxk wrote

Why the rice? We eat chili as a side but not on rice? Curious where this came from.


the_Fat_SLakR t1_j5lii7v wrote

Yo add a fat dollop of best foods on top! Game changer 🔥


sourdoughbreadlover t1_j5mysmg wrote

I find it odd to have chili without beans. At almost 30 I had never encountered it. My ex-mil made chili cheese dogs and I was so weirded out.

Of course everyone else thought I was the weird one.


shengy90 t1_j5lliwh wrote

Mmm you could improve it with:

  1. add red beans to green chilli
  2. top it with sour cream, cheddar cream, chopped parsley and coriander

[deleted] t1_j5jt7a6 wrote



Ty3point141 t1_j5k0vob wrote

That's okay... Hawai'i agrees. They serve it at Zippy's. Had no idea any place outside of Hawai'i served it.




Luckytxn_1959 t1_j5jwxi6 wrote

It does not. Chili has always been served over or with rice. Even at the chili cookoffs rice is always available.