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CanIHazSumCheeseCake t1_j5eviig wrote

I'll have to start seriously considering getting an air fryer


Gunter5 t1_j5f057p wrote

i always thought air fryers were just a dumb gimmick, started roasting veggies, bought one, use it all the time


djamp42 t1_j5f0k53 wrote

Pretty much anything frozen is better in the air fryer. Wings are the best.


AnonymousAccusations t1_j5fdqrq wrote

For proper flavor you still have to add a fat though. But I agree, anything that's frozen and pre-cooked cooks so much faster in the air fryer than preheating and baking in your oven. It makes meals so much faster whether it's being used for an entree or or a side.

I got the Ninja Air Fryer that has the drawer that pops out but I believe those front loaders that have two shelves for baking sheets with racks in them would be a lot more useful.


dewaine01 t1_j5fqck8 wrote

The BEST thing for an air fryer is the sprayable avocado oil. Perfect for getting a light coating on the top before you cook


AnonymousAccusations t1_j5g1ssj wrote

They have fill it yourself manual pump sprayers that work fantastic. That way you know what the oil is and it isn't using an aerosol.


S4FFYR t1_j5hty3e wrote

This. Aerosols will screw with the nonstick coating of your air fryer. I tend to just baste mine in oil to eliminate any aerosol issue


mikehayz t1_j5fefbi wrote

Can confirm, front load much better. I have a basket air fryer. Been using my room mates front load style with shelves and I’ll be replacing my basket style once I move out.


AnonymousAccusations t1_j5fevy0 wrote

My wife and I will probably upgrade to the dual door dual shelf style also but it does take up a lot of real estate on your countertops so I see why the basket type would be very popular. Just make sure you get one that doesn't vent the heat downwards I hear they can melt your countertops. I saw some of the newer designs blow out of the side instead.


wbruce098 t1_j5ibf2x wrote

The front loader/toaster oven combo is a real game changer.


kirsion t1_j5fem0u wrote

Get a bottle of oil sprayer


AnonymousAccusations t1_j5g1eku wrote

Yep. I got one of those pump sprayers full of Chosen avocado oil from Costco.


eeeeeefefect t1_j5ia205 wrote

Which oil pump sprayer? Ive never had a good one before. They all seem to suck


breddy t1_j5fc3xz wrote

They're mini convection ovens. Lots of great use cases.


Krynja t1_j5fw1ir wrote

Actually they're not convection ovens. They're Impingement ovens. Convection oven move the heated air 'around' the oven. Impingement ovens blast heated air directly down at the food.

So they're not a scaled down convection oven. They're a scaled down version of the pizza ovens restaurants have.


breddy t1_j5g95s2 wrote

Interesting, TIL


Krynja t1_j5ga7qy wrote

I watched a video where this lady did the math and went over the BTU and efficiency of various ovens along with the air fryer.


simmonsatl t1_j5fldz6 wrote

they often have a stronger fan than convection ovens


BradMarchandsNose t1_j5fqp1y wrote

And the smaller space makes the convection more effective. The “old air” is able to be replaced more quickly.


Generalissimo_II t1_j5fr9ww wrote

My gas range has an air-fry setting where it turns up the fan and keeps it on full time, works great


JustaRandomOldGuy t1_j5fr9lg wrote

Also great for reheating fried leftovers. And for frozen onion rings.


SelfDidact t1_j5g0px3 wrote

Of all the things I've put in my impingement oven, have never thought of onion rings (facepalm).

Thanks! Will be getting a packet the next time I'm at the store.


wbruce098 t1_j5iblnm wrote

This! I often find myself with leftovers from appetizers or sides that I don’t want to eat all the way since, you know, I’m full, and an air fryer is the best way to reheat them back to original condition. Maybe add a little water or pan spray to steam or crisp them back up, or don’t.


Cosmonaut_Cockswing t1_j5fenni wrote

I've owned one for years now and I still think they're a dumb gimmick. Until I make fries, or wings or potatoes in it!


SlowDevil77 t1_j5f3ywp wrote

I was skeptical, too. Was gifted one, and now it’s my go-to. It’s the best for frozen stuff and leftovers. One of my favorite things to make is a hot sandwich - just assemble your sandwich, pop in the air fryer for a few minutes, and you’re good to go. You avoid having to heat up a skillet and skip on the butter/oil/extra calories.

If your budget allows, and you cook a decent bit (or rely on a microwave often), it’s 100% worth it.


AnonymousAccusations t1_j5fe0kh wrote

Just a heads up if you put a splash of water in the pan with a sandwich (or anything) and put a lid on it the steam will melt the sandwich and heat it up. That's what you do on a griddle at a restaurant.


b33flu t1_j5fh19c wrote

I like to toast hoagie buns in mine. One of my favorites is to make shrimp in a skillet like shrimp scampi, take the shrimp out, and cook the sauce down more to thicken it while dicing up a bit of celery. Cut the shrimp if needed depending on how big they are, add the celery, bleu cheese dressing, old bay, bit of hot sauce, and the reduced sauce. Then cut a hoagie bun in half, scoop out some of the bread to make extra room, toast it in the air fryer for a few minutes to crisp it, load it up with the shrimp mix and yum!


tonification t1_j5f7t4e wrote

Ignore the people who say it is just a mini fan oven. These people have never used one even though superficially this seems true.

They're great for things like samosas, spring rolls, croissants, chicken strips, onion bhajis, fries etc.

The other thing I like is how you don't need to wait for them to heat up particularly.


lupuscapabilis t1_j5fd4v1 wrote

You can put the soggiest, most pathetic looking leftover fries in there for 3 minutes and they’ll come out perfect and like they were just made.


AnonymousAccusations t1_j5feax3 wrote

They cook a lot quicker if you do the 3 minute warm-up like they recommend on recipes and the manual, but I'd rather do a 3 minute preheat than a 20 minute preheat on my oven that takes forever. In the time it takes to preheat my air fryer and cook the food I would just be putting it in my oven. It seriously cuts down cooking times on anything that's frozen.


b33flu t1_j5fhps3 wrote

Yeah the time savings is huge especially on weeknights. One of my favorite things to make is split chicken breasts. They still come out super juicy and with the crispy skin but in less than half the time it takes the oven to preheat and then cook.


AnonymousAccusations t1_j5g153g wrote

My mom sent me a picture of the other day of some bacon wrapped chicken breasts she cooked. They looked really good.


dosta1322 t1_j5fqibz wrote

I've got the Instant Pot Vortex. It has the preheat built into the programming.


BradMarchandsNose t1_j5fr3on wrote

I mean, it is just a mini fan oven, but people miss the fact that the much smaller space makes the fan much more effective in terms of making things crispy. The smaller area means they can circulate air at a much faster rate.


tookmyname t1_j5hennn wrote

I used one I bought and returned it after a few months. I found it to be only good for convenience foods I almost never eat like frozen fries, frozen chicken fingers etc. And find that everything else is better cooked with a grill, a stove, or an oven. Also, they take up a lot of space and hood very little food.


Diabotek t1_j5gtzcc wrote

There is no difference between an air fryer and a toaster oven besides the cook time.


pillar_assault t1_j5ffhv1 wrote

Yes you do. These are naked.


Best way to cook a pork loin


b33flu t1_j5fi7j3 wrote

I prefer my wings to be unbreaded. Started ordering them that way at restaurants to avoid all the extra fat soaked up when they’re fried in oil, and continued it at home even with an oilless fryer just to save the extra steps and mess of breading. They still are plenty crispy.


pillar_assault t1_j5flbvk wrote

Yep just a lil lowry’s is all you need. Love some healthy wings


ccdfa t1_j5g1ca7 wrote

I have never had breaded wings before. Where do they make them like that?


donnenb t1_j5g26gq wrote

Boneless will always be breaded, but I’ve seen a lot of breaded bone-in from Korean and Chinese places!


b33flu t1_j5g86vs wrote

BW3’s and Frickers are two chains in the Midwest United States that have breaded wings and need to specify naked.


ccdfa t1_j5gas22 wrote

Just the boneless though right?? Bdubs defo doesn't have breaded traditional wings


clenom t1_j5kx895 wrote

Many (in my experience most) sports bars and restaurants in the Midwest (both great lakes and great plains) serve breaded wings as the standard. Stand alone wing places and chains tend to still do naked wings.


ccdfa t1_j5l2z89 wrote

Hm. Maybe I haven't been going to the right places! I grew up in ND and have spent much of my time around the cities, Chicago, and Duluth area. Of course boneless wings are always breaded, but I don't recall ever eating breaded traditional wings


clenom t1_j5l77s7 wrote

Really? I live in Chicago and it's about 50/50 here. In Wichita almost all the local places breaded their wings.


ccdfa t1_j5l8ezo wrote

Yeah I really can't recall a time where I've had them breaded. I'll definitely be keeping an eye out for it when I'm back home


Gimme_your_username t1_j5eyszb wrote

I got one as a gift and thought I’d never use it but it is now one of my favorite kitchen gadgets.


The_Fjordster t1_j5fo300 wrote

I’m not an Air Fryer stan. I actually think it takes up too much space for the small portions that it cook. That being said, it makes the best wings. If you have spare kitchen space and money, it may be worth it. Just remember, portions are small. I can do about 10 big wings at once. About 25minute cook time. So if you’re cooking for a lot of people, it’s not worth it.


InuMiroLover t1_j5fd5dk wrote

An airfryer will change your life.

I never thought much about having an airfryer until my MIL gifted us one for christmas a few years ago. Since then, its a regular staple in my cooking.


not-a_fed t1_j5fnlb1 wrote

Ninja is the best way to go. I have the dual zone and it's awesome.


_Bay_Harbor_Butcher_ t1_j5fskd6 wrote

I talked so much shit on air fryers. Then I had to house sit for my dad and stepmom for a week and they have one so I was like fuck it I'll give this thing a shot. I went out and bought one immediately after. A smaller one for like 40 bucks. I use it all the time. If it broke I would immediately go buy another.


Narezza t1_j5g5r0g wrote

Air fryers are worth it just for left over fries and chicken tenders. Anything else is just a bonus.


TehMephs t1_j5i0plp wrote

Yeah I never thought fries could be properly resuscitated easily until we got an air fryer from our wedding registry. Anything fried really, comes out good as new


JJROKCZ t1_j5gc3t0 wrote

Never made wings in it but I’ve used my air fryer for many things. Don’t spend $500 on one because it’s not a daily thing like a stove but it’s an appliance well worth $150.


ChicVintage t1_j5fv6fa wrote

We have an instant pot and just bought a lid that air fries for it. One less gadget on my counter top.


OMGitisCrabMan t1_j5g3u2b wrote

Have you tried it yet? I'd be interested if it works


ChicVintage t1_j5g7mwj wrote

Yes, we use it semi regularly and it works pretty well, I don't notice a difference between it and a regular air fryer. Easier to clean the the air fryer we had too.


briareosdx t1_j5g87b6 wrote

I was gifted one. It was good enough that it made me want a to use it more, but incinvenient enough that i eventually just got a full air fryer.


jelque t1_j5hmb7q wrote

I got one this weekend! My tater tot game has gone through the roof!


wbruce098 t1_j5ib97e wrote

I got one of the toaster oven combo versions (Gourmia, about $100 at target). Absolutely the best appliance I’ve ever bought. I almost never use my oven anymore, and my kids can make lots of food more easily, and it’s healthier than frying. (My son almost exclusively uses the air fryer when cooking) Super versatile, too! It can proof bread, dehydrate for like jerky or fruit, and bc it’s a convection oven, it cooks faster and more evenly than a traditional oven. Oh and it also makes toast, go figure.

It’s bigger than a regular air fryer, so it takes up more space. But using the “basket” tray, you don’t have to stop and flip your foods unlike a regular air fryer.

It’s best for frozen foods, (smaller) pizzas, toast, and anything you’d normally bake that will fit in it. When I’m making big meals, it easily acts as a second oven: roast the chicken in the real oven while roasting veggies, potatoes, etc in this bad boi.


[deleted] t1_j5irbej wrote

Heck out the shark ninja smoker. Smoke those wings then air fry them to crispy perfection! I was only able to use mine once before the apt. Manager said I couldn’t have it.


Diabotek t1_j5gssak wrote

They are snake oil. Only get one if you don't already have an oven.


Skottie1 t1_j5fedqz wrote

Air fryers are pretty much more expensive versions of countertop convection ovens (oven temps + fans to circulate air). I'd definitely get a convection oven since it's half the price for the same cooking capacity


SadBBTumblrPizza t1_j5fju8d wrote

I have both and I disagree. The air fryer gets food crispier faster at the same setting.


zook388 t1_j5fkrez wrote

Also have both and it’s just not the same. The fan is much more powerful on an air fryer which circulates more air and results in crispier and faster cooking.


StromboliOctopus t1_j5focho wrote

While they work on the same principles, the dedicated air fryer does it much more successfully, and therefore should be it's own device if at all possible. I have a cheap air fryer and an expensive convection toaster oven. The convection setting on the toaster oven is serviceable, but the air fryer is leagues better. If you didn't know, now you know. Just the way it is.


Gimme_your_username t1_j5fs4z3 wrote

Convection ovens are way more expensive than air fryers just searching on Amazon though.


PM_me_ur_goth_tiddys t1_j5fauek wrote

It's a mini convection toaster oven which is a mini oven. Takes up a lot of space without much of a payoff imo.


TheSmJ t1_j5g8jsk wrote

I have a convection toaster oven and an air fryer. They're not even remotely comparable.

The air speed in the convection oven is a gentle breeze. The air fryer is a hurricane.

The time it takes to bake something in the convection oven is a tad faster than the time it takes in our standard oven (ignoring pre-heat times because the standard oven is much larger). The air fryer takes half the amount of time than the convection oven, while also giving the food a very even "crispyness" that you can't get from either of the ovens.


thesecondfire t1_j5f3oy6 wrote

These look great. Do you have a recipe or ingredients?


elcelt OP t1_j5f44np wrote


SheldonvilleRoasters t1_j5fnp4s wrote

That's fairly easy -- I suppose you could just substitute 5 teaspoons of Frank's dry Buffalo Seasoning blend instead of the dry spices. It has corn starch in it so it makes the skin very crispy -- like if you were making karaage chicken.


Day_Bow_Bow t1_j5fxjtx wrote

I haven't tried the buffalo version, but their regular seasoning powder works well. I have some Nashville Hot Chicken powder that I tend to add too, as it has more kick.

Wings are great, but I'm more likely to do the same with chicken thighs. Pat them dry, pull the skin back and can season the meat directly, wrap the skin back around for protection, and air fry. I love wings, but thighs have more meat and are less expensive. The skin comes out nice and crispy as well.


GadisRKO t1_j5fxyfp wrote

We use the red hot seasoning powder for our chicken recipes all the time and GOD DAMN is that shit good.


Bleepblorp5000 t1_j5glhs0 wrote

Everyone needs some slap yo mama seasoning on deck! It’s the best! I use my air fryer all the time and it’s dope for chicken! I don’t even add the oil in the original recipe. And def just put em in a bowl and stir them in franks!


No_Dance1739 t1_j5g5ji3 wrote

You said corn starch helps get the skin crispy? I’ll have to try that. I’ve got my seasonings down, but getting all the way crisp is sometimes a challenge.

Does corn starch also help with browning your meat or veg, giving it a more crispy char?


antibendystraw t1_j5gh6bk wrote

Can’t comment on the char specifically but it should. I’ve added it to cut up pork and beef for stir fry with good results. The biggest factor for that imo is getting a high enough temp and working fast. But dusting the meat/skin with corn starch after patting drying does so much for chicken crisp. It’s the key ingredient to Korean fried chicken if you’ve ever had it.


No_Dance1739 t1_j5gzvvq wrote

I’ve mostly done Korean bbq, I try to stay away from fried foods. And I have heard a lot of recipes and social media posts say to use corn starch. If they ever said why, I missed it.

I’ve been making my own oven baked buffalo style wings, with good results baking completely then broiling to crisp up the skin. I eventually got an air-fryer to aid in the process, but both yield almost identical results. Double broiling or double air-frying helps get it crispier. So I think corn starch is what’s been missing to get that extra crisp and not have to cook it as long.


antibendystraw t1_j5h0rrj wrote

I used to have an air fryer and don’t anymore. I do my chicken in the oven, these days I skip the corn starch just out of laziness. I just coat the chicken in olive oil, season and cook basically like you say. Always simple and good for quick meals.


No_Dance1739 t1_j5h3pif wrote

Yeah, it’s been real good, I’ve just about perfected my lemon pepper blend and if adding some corn starch takes it over the top then I’ve got to at least try it.


antibendystraw t1_j5h4b6k wrote

Curious about your lemon pepper blend! I often squeeze a lemon and do salt and black pepper trying to go for that taste. But do you dry out lemon zest or do something special? It never feels like I get that zing that I’m after


No_Dance1739 t1_j5h4y0k wrote

I start with Kinder’s lemon pepper, I believe they use lemon zest and oil. I add granulated garlic, ground ginger, dash of turmeric, dash of old bay, sometimes cumin, sea salt, and some fresh cracked pepper. I add enough of the other spices to not take over but to give it some depth of flavor. I can’t stand stuff that tastes flat.


notdrewcarrey t1_j5gy56k wrote

Flour can also work. If you don't want to deep fry, you can do corn starch or flour and then bake or air fry. You can also combine them of course too. Helps get them crispy.


No_Dance1739 t1_j5h1rur wrote

Thanks for the tip. I’m supposed to avoid gluten, so whenever I can I try to omit wheat. I have heard before that the secret to fried chicken is adding corn starch to the flour, so I’ll start there, if it’s still not crispy enough I’ll try adding flour, and perhaps I can find a GF kind that works well.


SheldonvilleRoasters t1_j5h37w6 wrote

It doesn't do much for browning unless you fry it in fat. You would season your meat and then coat it with either corn or potato starch and then let it sit until you don't see any white powder. Then you can fry (or air fry) and then the starch will for a very crispy crust.

Chinese restaurants use this techniques when they make that cubed twice cooked pork.

Here is a recipe for karaage if you want to see the technique. It's also called Hawaiian fried chicken as well.


No_Dance1739 t1_j5h58u9 wrote

Got it, thanks for the advice. I’ve been playing around with dry rubs and seasoning with oils, so I’ll make sure to try it with oil.


TioSammy t1_j5k5h9h wrote

1/2 tsp of baking powder(per #of meat) applied to chicken skin will really help crispyness


thesecondfire t1_j5fbw02 wrote

Nice. I'd tried air fryer wings before but they turned out really funky. This looks simple enough for me.


breddy t1_j5fcb1y wrote

If you used the baking powder method it's possible you got too much baking powder on there or maybe used baking soda. That will give you crips wings but it will funk up the flavor.


elcelt OP t1_j5fcl0a wrote

I used neither. They’re not necessary


breddy t1_j5fcrqu wrote

No reason to downvote. Glad yours worked out. I couldn't get mine crisp in the air fryer, just sharing knowledge.

Enjoy the wings!

edit: I realized the response was to OP who wasn't the comment .. sorry for the confusion


ChurchOfJamesCameron t1_j5fiklb wrote

I always use baking powder when air frying my wings. Regardless that OP got a nice and crispy skin on theirs, baking powder brings it to a whole new level. I've done it all kinds of ways and it just doesn't compare, so it's now my standard approach.


simmonsatl t1_j5flyg2 wrote

do you use oil and baking powder? or just baking powder and spray with oil?


ChurchOfJamesCameron t1_j5fqltx wrote

I don't use oil on the chicken. The method that I like is to completely dry the outside of the chicken, then I toss them in my dry seasonings. What I do is add a 1:3 ratio of baking powder with the dry seasonings, since /u/breddy is correct that baking powder can leave the chicken tasting differently. I haven't tried going down to a 1:4 ratio in case it still yields great results, but that's because I stopped having a direct taste or aftertaste of the baking powder at this ratio.

The first recipe I saw this technique on was this one. It explains the concept decently. I feel their 1:1 ratio with the salt is excessive, but definitely feel free to try out whatever might work for you.


YahSureBud t1_j5i40d2 wrote

How exactly are we fitting two lbs of wings in the air fryer without them touching each other?!


elcelt OP t1_j5j2cqz wrote

I did them in batches and added the first batch back to the second for the last couple of minutes of the second batch


YahSureBud t1_j5kwrss wrote

Makes sense. I don’t have that kind of self control. I always throw them all in together and flip multiple times. Probably takes longer lol.


helixflush t1_j5il9lx wrote

Try tossing them in a little bit of rice flour after seasoning.


InternetSlave t1_j5fdpwf wrote

I have a very simple recipe I use that makes very great wings in my air fryer.

Patted dry wings 360° for 12 min Flip 360° for 12 min Remove from air fryer

Mix and toss wings in 1:2 ratio of butter to Texas Pete (or preferred). (I used 2 tbl spoons of butter and 4 tbl spoons of hot sauce)

Then I lay when sauced wings on aluminum foil in a cookie sheet and dump the remaining sauce on the laid out wings. Broiler (oven) on high and broil wings for only 1-2 min until desired crispiness is achieved (due to the ease of burning them I check every 15 seconds)


Aidob23 t1_j5gce54 wrote

What's the point of using an air fryer in this case? Also most air fryers have a max crisp setting which would suit your oven part.


InternetSlave t1_j5ha3qt wrote

I'm not saying it's the best nor am I a chef. I'm just telling others what works for me. Do whatever you want


NapsterKnowHow t1_j5h4bww wrote

I highly recommend marinating your wings prior to cooking them! Extra crispy on the outside and super juicy and tender on the inside!


breddy t1_j5fcl2d wrote

I use the Kenji method that involves baking powder and overnight rest in the fridge and I get amazing results. I would put them really close to on par with deep fat fried wings. If I didn't know they weren't fried I probably would not question it.


NapsterKnowHow t1_j5h4n6c wrote

Marinating them also is great! Extra crispy on the outside and super moist and tender on the inside!


Jkpttr t1_j5fkrjp wrote

go bills


PDGAreject t1_j5g0rao wrote

I'm about to cook up a nice batch of FREEDOM wings, no Buffalos in this house! WHO-DEY! (and either way, fuck the Chiefs in the next round)


leroyp33 t1_j5et45f wrote

Wow those look good


kingganjaguru t1_j5fl5by wrote

Don't even get me started, I guarantee I have the best air fryer/oven wings you've ever had

Spread frozen wings on dripable tray

12 to 15 min on convection bake @425

Should be thawed but not cooked, and a bit wet

Toss in a bowl with baking powder (enough to cover the top layer) and your seasoning. I use steak seasoning, cilantro, dill, and sometimes old bay

Cook for 20 minutes on convection bake @425

They're usually cooked before that 25 mark but that extra time gets them super crispy

Pull and toss in your bowl with Frank's/red devil. Not too much, just to evenly coat. This cools them down too, so they're ready to eat sooner.

Serve with carrots and Celery and blue cheese and ranch.


Semi-Hemi-Demigod t1_j5fo7v7 wrote

How was the smoke level when you air fried these? Usually I steam wings before crisping them in the oven because a lot of the fat renders out in the steamer and makes my smoke detectors happier.


stipo42 t1_j5fnmvn wrote

Not to nitpick but that doesn't look like Buffalo sauce.

Source: I live in Buffalo.

That said they still look tasty


elcelt OP t1_j5fnue5 wrote

Albany here. Yeah it’s Frank’s Original recipe but there’s a dry rub on them too


Jcod47 t1_j5etins wrote

They looking insanely good. The golden color on them is so appealing 🤤


Geene_Creemers t1_j5fmue1 wrote

It is literally unreal how well wings come out in the air fryer..shit anything for that matter..wasn’t a believer until someone gifted me one. Barely touch my microwave or toaster oven anymore.


bryan_pieces t1_j5gqxru wrote

Here’s what I do and I promise you they are every bit as crispy as deep fried:

Buy fresh good quality lean wings. Not big fatty gelatinous wings

Let them come to room temp

Pat absolutely dry.

Lightly sprinkle with season salt

Air fry in a single layer on 360 for 8 minutes, flipping halfway through.

Back in the air fryer for 6-8 minutes at 400, also flipping or tossing halfway through.

They should be visibly crispy and even sound crispy when rolling around in there.

Melt Knob of butter with Frank’s red hot and dip them in and straight to the plate to serve.


xaanthar t1_j5f9fy6 wrote

> Buffalo-style

If it's not from the Buffalo region of New York, it's just Sparkling Bison.


not-a_fed t1_j5fnsgr wrote

I've had the original buffalo wings, and they were nothing special.


MookieFlav t1_j5fcnx5 wrote

If you have the time, put a little salt and baking soda on the wings, spread them on a rack and put on a flat pan in the fridge overnight to dry out. The next day follow the standard recipe and air fry em. The skin comes out super crispy.


theghostmedic t1_j5frj24 wrote

Air Fryer wings:

10 pack of mini drumettes and flats. Fresh not frozen

Combine 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp onion powder 1/2 tsp paprika 1/2 tsp salt

Rub into wings.

Combine 1/3 cup flour 1 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper

Coat wings in flour but shake off excess. Just a light coat.

13 minutes in air fryer at 390 Turn 12 minutes at 380

You will never buy wings from a restaurant again.


AnxiousMarkus t1_j5fzmwi wrote

wow, what a golden crust, this is perfect! I eat with my eyes


NYCmob79 t1_j5hf9uw wrote

That looks fucking good!


OmarDreams t1_j5l70bw wrote

Hhhmmm, chicken meat is my favorite. It sure looks crispy, I bet its gonna be tasty too. Really got salivating... 🤤🤤🤤


bootsk8ter t1_j5fifxn wrote

These look great, my only complaint on air fryers is capacity, doing (1) serving at a time just doesn't cut it.


elcelt OP t1_j5fj4pv wrote

Thanks! Yeah we made two batches and added the first batch to the second for the last two minutes of cooking.


Cypher91 t1_j5fjsu4 wrote

Nice bit of browning on that. Whenever I make chicken in the air fryer, it seems to dry out before it browns.


elcelt OP t1_j5fk5k2 wrote

I’m new to using an air fryer, but I’ve made these four times now and they’ve turned out crispy and juicy each time.


Cypher91 t1_j5fkamt wrote

Could be that I use breast and these are wings. Maybe I need to switch it up!


not-a_fed t1_j5fo00l wrote

Add oil to breast. Pat dry the breast with a paper towel, then coat with a light layer of oil.


Metsican t1_j5ghmue wrote

Bone-in stuff and fattier meat will stay juicier when hit by the same heat. Breasts are lean and no bone, so they're easier to dry out.


WillingCommittee t1_j5fo86y wrote

This post is literally going to make me buy an air fryer


Independence_1991 t1_j5fyazu wrote

I have to say, I’m really impressed how crispy and tenders come out in the air fryer


peanutmanak47 t1_j5g483k wrote

Man we use a much simpler way to make air fryer wings than most of you. 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Flip 15 more minutes and then flip 1 more time for 5. Take out and toss in sauce.

Always come out crispy and juicy.


keithnh72 t1_j5g62jg wrote

Air fryer wings are the f'ing best. No oil needed.


RecklessWreck87 t1_j5g7qgz wrote

Now I'm hungry for wings (just finished a cheesesteak and realize Imma fatty)


CarefreeTempo t1_j5gt5i0 wrote

Oh man. Thank you for sharing these. Just made them to watch the game and WOW. I had no idea it would be so easy to make wings in the air fryer. No more take out wings for us!


elcelt OP t1_j5gxc5n wrote

I’m so glad this recipe worked for you, too. My wife and I said the same thing about no more take out wings!


S4FFYR t1_j5hszrm wrote

Air fryers make the BEST wings! I toss mine in oil then a combination of baking powder and corn starch and they’re SO CRISPY!

ETA; I have 3 air fryers. 😂 I have a ninja dual XL, and a ninja tendercrisp cooker. Some people think I’m excessive but I love the fact I can pressure cook and then air fry with the tendercrisp and the dual allows me to do 2 different things at different temps & settings but finish at the same time. Or I can use both baskets at the same time, & same temp.


ColdStainlessNail t1_j5feug9 wrote

I just got an oven with a built-in air fryer. Does anyone else have one like this? I’m concerned I won’t get the same results as the stand-alone types.


Another-random-acct t1_j5fgczj wrote

Air fryer is basically just a convection oven. You have a convection oven. Works basically just as good.


ColdStainlessNail t1_j5fh9tk wrote

The oven has both convection and air fryer settings. I tried the air fryer on sweet potato fries last night. They remained soggy, though.


joe1134206 t1_j5hgc1d wrote

There's no doubt in my mind an air fryer wouldn't leave you hanging like that with fries. They come out crisp as hell every time with the air fryer. Just comes down to whether you'll get use out of that specific type of use.


Salted_Caramel_Core t1_j5lt2xa wrote

That's because "air fryer" is a buzz word and a hot selling point. I would bet anything that the convection and air dryer settings are exactly the same.


smitty3z t1_j5fvz9t wrote

I fucking love my air fryer. Hot pockets come at with out the lava hot inside and Arctic outside.


joe1134206 t1_j5hgggb wrote

Truly remarkable especially since they've taken so much of the filling out of hot pockets over the years


catcake_m t1_j5fx4fl wrote

Wings are the best dinner ever


RabbitBTW t1_j5guqmk wrote

This is exactly what I am having tonight!


Tall_Tyrion68 t1_j5h0tld wrote

Awesome! I made some drumsticks the other day in my air fryer that turned out fantastic.


Satoshiman256 t1_j5h1ux0 wrote

Were these really done with an air fryer? I think I need to get on this bandwagon..


elcelt OP t1_j5h3yi3 wrote

These have been our weekend treat since we bought our first air fryer 4/5 weeks ago. Feel like I found the perfect wing recipe and technique.


Blakballz t1_j5h3aq4 wrote

Is that a turkey? Turkey 🦃 ohh that's what it looks like? Can I eat it? No then why are you showing me this? Eat eat mf?


jjrucker t1_j5hron5 wrote

Am i the only one who never eats the blue cheese?


TheRealOsciban t1_j5ihdpf wrote

Your title says crispy, the photo says otherwise


Remake12 t1_j5jrhi2 wrote

My air fryer smells like burning plastic everytime I turn it on no matter what I ro


HonorableRocks611 t1_j5ug93t wrote

I'll never stop marveling at how quickly we are leaving this world.


ultimate_obtainable t1_j5famld wrote

What's an air fryer anyway? Could never figure it out and could never care enough to find out before


Cornp0ppp t1_j5ew9t0 wrote

Looks good but I like a good crunch , batter style extra sauce for my wings…. Not skin style