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tonification t1_j5f7t4e wrote

Ignore the people who say it is just a mini fan oven. These people have never used one even though superficially this seems true.

They're great for things like samosas, spring rolls, croissants, chicken strips, onion bhajis, fries etc.

The other thing I like is how you don't need to wait for them to heat up particularly.


lupuscapabilis t1_j5fd4v1 wrote

You can put the soggiest, most pathetic looking leftover fries in there for 3 minutes and they’ll come out perfect and like they were just made.


AnonymousAccusations t1_j5feax3 wrote

They cook a lot quicker if you do the 3 minute warm-up like they recommend on recipes and the manual, but I'd rather do a 3 minute preheat than a 20 minute preheat on my oven that takes forever. In the time it takes to preheat my air fryer and cook the food I would just be putting it in my oven. It seriously cuts down cooking times on anything that's frozen.


b33flu t1_j5fhps3 wrote

Yeah the time savings is huge especially on weeknights. One of my favorite things to make is split chicken breasts. They still come out super juicy and with the crispy skin but in less than half the time it takes the oven to preheat and then cook.


AnonymousAccusations t1_j5g153g wrote

My mom sent me a picture of the other day of some bacon wrapped chicken breasts she cooked. They looked really good.


dosta1322 t1_j5fqibz wrote

I've got the Instant Pot Vortex. It has the preheat built into the programming.


BradMarchandsNose t1_j5fr3on wrote

I mean, it is just a mini fan oven, but people miss the fact that the much smaller space makes the fan much more effective in terms of making things crispy. The smaller area means they can circulate air at a much faster rate.


tookmyname t1_j5hennn wrote

I used one I bought and returned it after a few months. I found it to be only good for convenience foods I almost never eat like frozen fries, frozen chicken fingers etc. And find that everything else is better cooked with a grill, a stove, or an oven. Also, they take up a lot of space and hood very little food.


Diabotek t1_j5gtzcc wrote

There is no difference between an air fryer and a toaster oven besides the cook time.