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Mountainbranch OP t1_j69c36r wrote

Explanation: In Norway pizzas are all thick crust, like a pan pizza, but still made in a pizza oven not a regular one, they have recently started serving 'Thin crust pizza' or 'Italian-Style pizza' as they call it, but they differentiate by calling thick crust "Traditional" and thin crust "Italian-style".

Don't ask me why, i'm Swedish.

Pizza was good though.


Lakridspibe t1_j6afqei wrote

Why are you Swedish?


Mountainbranch OP t1_j6ahbc7 wrote

I'm not sure, it is a question that has baffled scientists and philosophers alike for decades.


Canker_Core t1_j69zh3k wrote

American here. My buddy in Malmö loves bananas on his pizza. He says it's a Swedish thing. Is this true or is he just odd?


Mountainbranch OP t1_j6a06uz wrote

Banana, curry, ham pizza is a thing in Sweden yes, not my favorite but pretty good, we also have kebabpizza which is 🔥💯🔥

In Norway they prefer pineapple and olives.


Canker_Core t1_j6a0l8w wrote

He also mentioned kebabpizza, which sounds amazing.


automatvapen t1_j6a4wsh wrote

The staple food of Sweden. Wait until you hear about kebab pizza with fries. Best darned hangover food there is.


Freakin_Dirty t1_j6bqv9t wrote

Not only that, you also get enough calories to last you 3 days, so easy save on food


King_of_ducks1212 t1_j6a4fex wrote

Just a small fact about the Swedish style of pizza It's more of a mix between a pizza and the middle eastern lahmacun.

Edit: i kinda forgot to add is. it's more refering to the Kebab pizza more than anything else.


jenorama_CA t1_j6a5ha6 wrote

I second pineapple and olives. I call it the Deadpool.


trudesaa t1_j6c7wu9 wrote

What are you drinking? And what kind of friends do you have that tell you this nonsense? Hilsen nordmann


2majortom t1_j69mhsc wrote

Did you add Piffikrydderi and Pizzakrydderi? That always completed the full Norwegian pizza experience for me.


Reasonable-Pause-370 t1_j6aj41v wrote

I’m in the Midwest and have heard of thicker crusts also called “traditional”.


dug99 t1_j6cdg48 wrote

Swedish? Pizza? Mamma Mia!