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EgoSenatus t1_j4r2lff wrote

That’s just a cheese pizza, m’dude


Naxelminum OP t1_j4uki3d wrote

You're absolutely right! In many places in Germany we call it a Margeritha. I should've called it a cheese pizza in the first place, i'm sorry y'all!! :D


ScullyBoy69 t1_j4uflip wrote

Which is what most countries in Europe calls a margherita. At least in Finland and the other countries I've visited.


EgoSenatus t1_j4v1vm0 wrote

Well they’re wrong considering a margarita pizza has basil and if we wanted to get even more uppity, uses a specific type of tomato and mozzarella cheese.


soer9523 t1_j4xwnu0 wrote

In Denmark we would absolutely consider this a margherita


bronet t1_j4us9xo wrote

Certainly called a margherita where I'm from. Cheese and tomatoes.


EgoSenatus t1_j4v24wa wrote

You’re missing a key ingredient- basil.


bronet t1_j4v6blu wrote

I wouldn't say it's that much of a key ingredient. I know the history of the pizza margherita, but the basil is mainly just garnish, and doesn't add much to the dish itself (which is why it's so sparsely used even at neapolitan pizza places).

It's hardly different at all, which is why the name is often used for a pizza with cheese and tomato. And for what it's worth, it's not unlikely to be a more common name than "cheese pizza"


EgoSenatus t1_j4vck3q wrote

I’d say it adds gastronomically quite a lot to the dish and would say its sparsely used by places because they don’t want to spend much on fresh basil. I’ve been to Naples, several times, and have yet to encounter a Pizza Margherita that lacks basil (the plain cheese pizzas were usually called something like “pizza al formaggio”).

If you knew the history of the Pizza Margherita, you’d know the basil is an important aspect, particularly to the guy who invented it


[deleted] t1_j4ukdlt wrote



EgoSenatus t1_j4v1z1o wrote

The Italians have basil on their margarita pizzas


ferevus t1_j4wxre7 wrote

Sometimes. Other times we don’t and we still call it a Margherita.

We don’t have a word for “Cheese Pizza”.


MishaIsPan t1_j4ukeiv wrote

That's called a pizza margaritha in a lot of countries, m'dude. Even the Italians know a "cheese pizza" as pizza margaritha.

Might come as a shock to you, but not everyone is American...


mitch8893 t1_j4qjqgr wrote

That's not a margherita


PlonkaDonka t1_j4seq94 wrote

It's the word often used for cheese pizza in some parts of Europe and Britain


tim1231 t1_j4sl89h wrote

It is???


jay9e t1_j4sswkl wrote

Not really. Maybe in the UK, but definitely not in the rest of Europe.


Chilipuller t1_j4su9of wrote

In Germany it is called Margherita aswell


jay9e t1_j4ulcpq wrote

Nein? Wenn man hier eine Margherita bestellt bekommt man auch eine echte Margherita, nur mit Mozzarella, Tomatensauce und Basilikum. In was für Pizzerien gehst du denn bitte?


MishaIsPan t1_j4ujybf wrote

Definitely is in a lot of European countries. Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France... In fact, I've never seen it called anything else.


ScullyBoy69 t1_j4ufdpv wrote

It is. Margherita is literally just cheese pizza. Here in Finland it is and other countries too.


Jfurmanek t1_j4stjwd wrote

Margarita is a certain type of cheese pizza, true.


mariofasolo t1_j4sw9e2 wrote

You wouldn’t believe the amount of restaurants I see in the US that offer “margarita” and it’s literally just a cheese pizza. Or sometimes it will be a cheese pizza with DICED tomatoes on it. Maybe add some dried basil. Sometimes you can get actual sliced tomatoes added.

Not to say you can’t find a real traditional margarita here, it’s usually just at more upscale/specialty/expensive pizza restaurants.


bronet t1_j4usavn wrote

Deffo is. Might not be locally where you live


mitch8893 t1_j4wxevw wrote

absolutely not, that's just cheese. it's pretty easy to look up if you aren't familiar


bronet t1_j4x6kjk wrote

I think you're the one who needs to look it up. Try looking at Swedish pizzeria menus, to start


mitch8893 t1_j505agp wrote

By definition a margherita pizza is a traditional neopolitan pizza as originally made in Italy with the ingredients ( red tomato sauce, white mozzarella and fresh green basil) representing the Italian flag.


ferevus t1_j51nxim wrote

That is true for the traditional margherita - but for awareness, if you order a margherita in Italy you often will get it without basil. It isn’t a requirement. We honestly don’t care either-way.


bronet t1_j50ov3s wrote

Depending on where you are in the world, that's untrue. By definition, a goulash is a meaty stew, yet in the USA it's a pasta dish.

Is that wrong? No. Things are defined differently in different places.

Hell, by definition a pizza is a neapolitan style pizza. Yet other parts of Italy, and other parts of the world make it differently.


mitch8893 t1_j50qopj wrote

We are going to have to agree to disagree on this. Imo your definition of Goulash would prevail, as it was not created in the US.


bronet t1_j50z70z wrote

There's nothing to agree or disagree on. It's a fact that dishes are are different in different places. That's just how it is.


mitch8893 t1_j5115d8 wrote

Agree to disagree


bronet t1_j54lnq4 wrote

No different from you going "the earth is flat, let's agree to disagree"


mitch8893 t1_j5jnnfj wrote

It's really not complicated, what you are arguing isn't a fact but rather an opinion. I think you are wrong so naturally I'm going to disagree.


xentralesque t1_j4q8aa1 wrote

Pretty sure a Margherita would be just mozzarella and basil. This is more like NY style. Looks tasty though!


Naxelminum OP t1_j4qd1ej wrote

Was not quite sure how to classify it, you're right!


cassieinva t1_j4tr4as wrote

People are jerks. Thanks for posting your pizza. It looks great.


ScullyBoy69 t1_j4ufiks wrote

It is a margarita. It always depends on where you live.


ManBat007 t1_j4wdc3v wrote

Well it could be if you used margherita sauce to make the pizza. Is this the case?


bronet t1_j4usgrh wrote

Tbf NY style is just how it's made in many other places of the world. And margherita is cheese and tomatoes in many places.

I'd call this a margherita. I wouldn't call it a NY style pizza


HortoBurns t1_j4r8oqd wrote

Don't try and church it up!! Dat a cheese pizza!


Palegic516 t1_j4regbc wrote

Buns? What's that white sauce on the side. As a long islander that pizza looks traditional and good, but it's not margarita.


TidoSpoons t1_j4su9v5 wrote

Preach my Long Island brethren. That’s a large cheese and some sloppy pinwheels. All look delicious but incorrectly titled


ScullyBoy69 t1_j4ufh0q wrote

That is a margarita. What's a margarita according to you? Here in Finland a margarita is just plain pizza with no topings.


ManBat007 t1_j4ujpf7 wrote

Nah a margherita pizza really refers to the sauce made to make the pizza that being margarita sauce. Usually topped with cheese and whole basil leaves sometimes with sliced tomatoes but that part isn't necessary. But a lot of other countries refer to it being just a plane cheese pizza with marinara sauce.


ScullyBoy69 t1_j4ut7y2 wrote

Well, here in Finland both restaurants and store bought frozen pizzas have margherita as just plain without toppings. But different strokes for different folks.


ManBat007 t1_j4utqv1 wrote

Yeah I know. I was just giving out the traditional definition of margherita pizza. Letting you know why it is what it is. Things change through adaptation of culture.


Palegic516 t1_j4us6ta wrote

Fresh mozz, crushed tomatoes, garlic, basil, olive oil. Very similar to grandma but on a thin crust round pie


tacspeed t1_j4rs9ij wrote

Where's the margarita


velocirabid t1_j4rivt8 wrote

That looks like a very tasty cheese pizza


dable1 t1_j4sfj63 wrote

A cheese pizza is called a margherita in the UK. Calm down Americans it doesn't matter what they call it, it looks good.


SophiaPetrillo_ t1_j4sltui wrote

I apologize on behalf of my fellow Americans. We often assume everything we do/say is the global standard. Especially those of us who aren’t well traveled.


dable1 t1_j4snx07 wrote

Haha, no apology necessary. I'm actually a Brit living in the US, just rubbed me the wrong way for some reason this time seeing everyone's comments.


Honky_Dory_is_here t1_j4ujuj8 wrote

Now now, just because you call it by the wrong name in the UK doesn’t mean you can spread that rubbish around your colonies now!


BrothersInGame t1_j4seaw9 wrote

hi italian here, why’s everyone getting upset, this is a margherita ? sure maybe basil is missing and this isn’t a very italian margherita but still


CKDracarys t1_j4shbiz wrote

It's not even close to a margherita....its just a cheese pizza. Margherita is sauce, chunks of FRESH mozzarella spread around, garnished with basil leaves.


rammellus t1_j4udjgb wrote

Btw there's no such thing as "cheese pizza" in Italy, except for pizza "ai 4 formaggi" which is basically 4 different types of cheese with no sauce. If it has sauce and mozzarella, then it's a Margherita (OP probably used processed/shredded mozzarella)


Honky_Dory_is_here t1_j4ujype wrote

Wait, is your definition of a margarita pizza really as simple as any pizza with sauce and mozzarella?


rammellus t1_j4umbns wrote

Pretty much yeah, unless you're from Naples :D


Honky_Dory_is_here t1_j4uwq2u wrote

Only about half from Napoli, the other half is Milanese and this is not the definition of margarita in Italy.


rammellus t1_j4v8uf0 wrote

You don't live in Italy, do you? Here in Italy we call margherita every pizza with mozzarella, tomato sauce and a drizzle of evo oil. The og neapolitan one is usually made with san marzano tomatoes and fiordilatte


ferevus t1_j4vk9x5 wrote

seconding your comment - everyone is trying to gatekeep what we call Margherita.. when we use that term preeeetty loosely in Italy.


ferevus t1_j4vjzxm wrote

As another fellow Italian, I’m sorry but i agree with the other user. This would pass as a Margherita in Italy.


ferevus t1_j4viyzb wrote

Just as an FYI - this would be called a Margherita in Italy.


Blanches t1_j4sjuj0 wrote

The americans in this thread think they need to educate ..?


inhocfaf t1_j4tnwk8 wrote

Are you kidding? Clearly not a fresh mozz, no basil, not topped with sauce or including chunks of tomato, doesn't appear to be topped with olive oil...comeon. A cafe advertising that as Margherita in Naples would he burnt to the ground.


okram2k t1_j4qotq4 wrote

Yes I'd like to have a side of buttered bread with my sauce and cheese covered bread. Also can we have some icing covered bread for desert?

Edit: Not sarcastic. I want all the bread!


kralamaros t1_j4smgl1 wrote

Italian here. Why the hell everyone is saying this is not a margherita? It is, and OP is a better cook than the motherfuckers where I get the pizza usually.


hugehangingballs t1_j4tfond wrote

Margherita has fresh basil, slices of fresh mozz and San marzano tomatoes. This is just cheese pizza.

Still delicious. Just not margherita.


rammellus t1_j4udx1c wrote

Only Neapolitans use San Marzano, and unfortunately just a very few use basil. That is a margherita, as you would find it in 90% of pizzerias here in Italy.


m00seabuse t1_j4sovt5 wrote

Your pacman is definitely unaware of his situation.


Captain-Toadling t1_j4stitp wrote

Me thinking those buns were giant ass tortellini


kayleighcastaneda t1_j4rrico wrote

this looks so freaking delicious, along with those pizza roll things. do you have the recipe?


ezfrag t1_j4snmxh wrote

My daughter's coffee shop sells pizza rolls. They use the same bread they use for cinnamon rolls, but instead of the sweet filling they spread it with marinara and sprinkle on shopped pepperoni, dried herbs, and shredded cheese. Then they roll it up, slice it, let them rise, then bake.


McWeasely t1_j4s20pu wrote

No matter what you want to call it, I'd tear it up. Merica


newyearsamewe t1_j4s8i64 wrote

That pizza looks amazing. The dough looks sooooooooo good. I find most home made pizzas have really thick cakey dough or they just fall apart because of toppings overload. Awesome job


QueerTree t1_j4sdc8w wrote

I know this is a weird comment, but this whole thread is off the rails anyway so I’m going for it — where did you get that cool bowl????


Naxelminum OP t1_j4ujxsn wrote

Damn i dont know, some german brand for dishes i think


D3xR3x t1_j4sgzek wrote

Looks pretty yummy


Flipswix t1_j4rt1fi wrote

You just couldn't wait to take a slice..


youPCbruh t1_j4rvodr wrote

Yo we heard you like bread so we got you some bread to go with your bread.


uhbanana t1_j4s7wsj wrote

I just spent a solid thirty seconds looking for a margarita drink 😂


CthuluTheGrand t1_j4sg7u6 wrote

I do not understand this at all but looks like nice hangover food


pixeldudeaz t1_j4sns71 wrote

I'm a sucker for a good margherita pizza. Yours looks textbook good.


the_birb_man_ t1_j4tgdwd wrote

This looks amazing. Idc if it’s not really Margherita I would be stoked if I made this shit.


Mattack64 t1_j4tsyyr wrote

Everyone here keeps saying that’s a cheese pizza. What I wanna know is how tf you baked 7/8ths of a pie?!


Tiny_Bacon t1_j4u14oa wrote

OP most be legally blind


maxmouze t1_j4u4nsf wrote

"That ain't no margarita and those ain't no dinner rolls!" ~ Americans


Jiji-cook t1_j4uanmh wrote

Mmm, looks tasty this cheese pizza!


thepianoturtle t1_j4unmrm wrote

guys, margherita is mozzarella and tomato sauce (with a leaf of basil on top if you want to be fancy). isn't this a margherita? I'm italian, and I'm genuinely confused why you're all calling it a cheese pizza?


queensla t1_j4r5160 wrote

That looks really great, and a type of pizza I like way more than margherita.


leafy_squid34 t1_j4shxdb wrote

Cheese pizza, looks yummy well done


rjd777 t1_j4sjyuj wrote

pizza looks amazing- give us the recipe junior…..


ASaneDude t1_j4skn84 wrote

I was promised buns and there are none, not even a side cheek!


rmlvisuals t1_j4sl1ol wrote

TIL that people call margherita pizzas cheese pizzas in different parts of the world.


LooseLeaf24 t1_j4syjc5 wrote

In New York we call that a plain pizza.

Not interchangeable with margarita


aBeaSTWiTHiNMe t1_j4tdone wrote

Margherita pizza with a garlic buttermilk onion dill aoli.

Cheese pizza with ranch.


tesaril t1_j4u10bx wrote

The coloration on the picture is rough....


incawill t1_j4u735c wrote

Simple is also delicious like here


mranxiousallthetime t1_j4ub262 wrote

Were those buns just dough because that's how they look. Where's the fluff?


grandluxe t1_j4upfsj wrote

looks really good, op!

and thanks to the american people for inventing the italian pizza tradition!


concrete-Angel19xx t1_j4vc3ac wrote

No idea why but "with some buns" made me chuckle. Your buns look delicious! But I feel super weird saying that


kaptaincorn t1_j4x57d9 wrote

That's not mayonnaise in the bowl is it?


SuraKatana t1_j4r3kdz wrote

Where are the bums?


Stimee t1_j4s5ovk wrote

That's a Neapolitan pizza.


Blanches t1_j4s57ak wrote

I don't know why everyone is saying its not a margherita? It definitely is?

In Italy it's made with mozerella maybe, but all over Europa any gouda type of cheese gets served as a margherita as well..


aclownofthorns t1_j4s9jbb wrote

italians and smug americans cant handle the fact that things get misnamed and then it sticks and then its too late cause thats how language works