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tim1231 t1_j4sl89h wrote

It is???


jay9e t1_j4sswkl wrote

Not really. Maybe in the UK, but definitely not in the rest of Europe.


Chilipuller t1_j4su9of wrote

In Germany it is called Margherita aswell


jay9e t1_j4ulcpq wrote

Nein? Wenn man hier eine Margherita bestellt bekommt man auch eine echte Margherita, nur mit Mozzarella, Tomatensauce und Basilikum. In was für Pizzerien gehst du denn bitte?


MishaIsPan t1_j4ujybf wrote

Definitely is in a lot of European countries. Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, France... In fact, I've never seen it called anything else.


ScullyBoy69 t1_j4ufdpv wrote

It is. Margherita is literally just cheese pizza. Here in Finland it is and other countries too.