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Dry_Breadfruit_7113 t1_j4xkqmy wrote

That looks so good. What recipe do you use?


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j4xm211 wrote

I used the recipe from youtube. Here it is.

  1. For the Tangzhong, mix 40g bread flour with 200g water in a saute pan. Turn on medium heat and keep stirring until mixture thickens to a paste.

  2. Refrigerate for 6 hours. Bring out to room temperature 1 hour before use.

  3. Add bread flour, sugar, salt, dry yeast, powdered milk to a mixing bowl and mix gently with dough hook attachment.

  4. At low speed, mix in milk and egg and Tangzhong so that no flour is visible.

  5. Add in room temperature unsalted butter and mix at low speed.

  6. Slowly turn up the speed to high and mix until all dough sticks together.

  7. Take the dough and fold it around and underneath itself shaping a smooth ball. Place dough in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and let it rest for 40 minutes to an hour.

  8. Test the dough by poking your finger down into the middle. If the dough does not spring back, it is ready.

  9. Divide the dough into 6 equal parts (by weight). Take one piece of dough and fold it over itself. Turn it 90 degrees, slap it on table and fold it over itself again. Using both hands, mold the dough into a ball. Repeat with rest of dough. Cover with plastic wrap and let it rest for 15 minutes.

  10. Roll each ball of dough out flat. Fold flatten dough using thirds. Turn 90 degrees, and roll dough into a roll, pinching it together at the seam. Place 3 molded dough into a baking pan and let it rest for 30 minutes, letting it rise.

  11. Brush with egg wash and bake in the oven, preheated to 355°F for 25-30 minutes.


Tangzhong: 40g bread flour and 200g water

580g bread flour, 60g sugar, 12g salt, 10g dry yeast, 10g dry milk, 260g milk, 50g egg, Tangzhong, 50g room temperature of unsalted butter

> egg wash (1 egg yolk + milk)


Ok_Wolverine_4832 t1_j4ys16i wrote

Oh my god I’m planning to make this type of bread too. May I ask did you have any trouble during making this bread ?


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j4ysoh6 wrote

Hi, I did have some trouble with the baking time. I did 330F for 40mins (oven with fan). And I used ceramic loaf pan (conducts heat slower than glass and metal loaf pans). My fitst and second time of making this, my end product has a raw dough thats why I have to adjust the baking time and temp.


Ok_Wolverine_4832 t1_j4yucfk wrote

Did you add powdered milk ? I don’t have any powdered milk so I don’t know if I can just skip this part or do I have to replace powdered milk with something else. I’m scared if I don’t add powdered milk it will change the texture of the dough.


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j4ywhsu wrote

I didnt add any powder milk and the result is still amazing 😊. Just make sure you use bread flour😊


bethemanwithaplan t1_j4z0rkx wrote

You can get it at most big groceries in the USA as dry milk, usually nonfat. They make buttermilk powder and other types too.


bethemanwithaplan t1_j4z0lj1 wrote

When I make milk bread I get better results with metal pans over ceramic or glass, just my experience


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j4z1udy wrote

Nice! I am planning to buy the metal ones and use it for the bread next time 😊


_W1T3W1N3_ t1_j5164nq wrote

Cooking time can vary wildly for the size of oven, position in oven, heat conductivity of pan, air flow in oven, preheating time of oven, and even the air pressure, air humidity, characteristics of the flour and particular density, amount or wetness of dough, especially with bread, which is why one must always learn to use the senses and become accustomed to understand where everything is in the process and how it needs to be adjusted to achieve the intended results.


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j516az5 wrote

THIS! Thanks for this info! Thats why its important to learn the science/mechanics behind baking in general to be successful at it.


Baconslams t1_j4ysnv9 wrote

Hehe I won’t mention the name but did you buy his book?


jugmilk23 t1_j4yju3n wrote

Where’s the milk steak?


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j4yszrg wrote

I have no idea what milk steak is. I was so confused when a bunch of redditors were commenting about it 😆


EightBitEstep t1_j4z1acp wrote

Came here for this comment. Was not disappointed. Thank you for your contribution!


inlinefourpower t1_j50jua9 wrote

You laugh, but milk steak is real. People fry it in nido (powdered milk) and apparently it turns out very good.


hot_sauce_and_fish t1_j4xkoii wrote

Those are amazing! I grew up making bread. That is fantastic!!


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j4xkwpq wrote

Its smells so good inside my house now and these bread are so fluffy and buttery. Im in heavennnn. I wish I grew making bread as well! I've been baking bread for almost 4yrs now


hot_sauce_and_fish t1_j4xmgow wrote

I honestly believe there is a special place in Heaven for people who make bread.


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j4xmql1 wrote



hot_sauce_and_fish t1_j4xn4bm wrote

My Mother paid for my tuition at Catholic School by selling bread.


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j4xnh4a wrote

Woww. Thats amazing! Making bread is a hard work for sure. Your mom is awesome! I'm currently selling some different kinds of bread as well during my off from work ☺️


hot_sauce_and_fish t1_j4xytvy wrote

I am willing to go to hell and back up to heaven to make sure that everyone is cool with my Mom. There is no question about my Mom.

The process involved my Mother, my brother, my Father, and my Self. No joke.

And I do not want you to take it all on by yourself and think that it is easy. It is not easy.


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j4xzpaq wrote

Your mom is so lucky to have the whole fam help her with the bread making! You and your fam are phenomenal! I'm the only one who do all the bread/baking stuff at home and most of the time my back and hands are aching. My fam supports me with endorsing my products to their friends and they help me wash the dishes which really help a lot


hot_sauce_and_fish t1_j4y1q1t wrote

I want to be real.

Nobody helps. Those that show up do all the work. And then I stopped showing up. It was me and my little brother and he needed a law degree and I needed a Masters in Computer Science and the other 6 children didn't care.

I know how much care went into that bread. I appreciate it.


Frankie2711 t1_j4yiehp wrote

Do you have the website for the YouTube video?


hot_sauce_and_fish t1_j500f91 wrote

This was in the 90's. So no youtube channel for our little bakery. No website.

Sorry, my sister never stops encouraging her to post things online. She could literally start her own youtube channel she cooks so much.


tofulo t1_j4y7ige wrote

Milk toast


TheWatchfoolRedditor t1_j4xvyiy wrote

For someone who has never tried milk bread but is very tempted, could you try and explain the taste best you can? 🤣


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j4xx432 wrote

Its fluffier, richer and more buttery than store bought bread😁


brandokid25 t1_j4zrxe1 wrote

Milk bread rolls are so amazing. When I first made them I could never go back to grocery store rolls again.

Out of all the bread doughs I’ve made and had trouble with, I found that milk bread rolls were the easiest for me. If only I could stretch out a pizza dough as well as I form the rolls 😅


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j500eqo wrote

That is so true! I made several variations of bread using this dough! I made korean sausage bread, ham and cheese bread, pork floss buns, Chinese hotdog buns and moreeee. Every bite is always so soft and everytime I made these buns its always gone the next day😆


brandokid25 t1_j52n6jf wrote

Ham and cheese bread? Oh man that sounds soooo good! 🤤


PleasantBedlam007 t1_j4xp1u1 wrote

Impressive! Those look great, wish I could bake bread that looks even half as good as that. Nice!


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j4xpgwt wrote

Thank you! It took me a lot of trial and error to be able to bake like this. I'm sure you can bake something as good as this someday! 😊. Just continue practicing and remember the errors or adjustments that you made while baking 😊. Use it to improve your skill😁


EightBitEstep t1_j4z1m89 wrote

Not OP, but my fear of ruining food outweighs my desire to learn. The possibility of making something inedible isn’t worth the chance of making something mediocre. Luckily I am privileged to have a wonderful wife who enjoys making delicious food.


memetunis t1_j50gad7 wrote

Try a no knead recipe if you have a Dutch oven. It's low risk and high reward.

Or even a high hydration focaccia.


Impossible-Charity-4 t1_j4y27y0 wrote

Haven’t had this since I was probably 5 and can still smell and taste it.


Former-Respond-8759 t1_j4zb7o4 wrote

I thought milkbread was square? Either or they look delicious


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j500qeh wrote

Yes! It can be square as well if you use those metal loaf pans with lid on it, but ceramic loaf pans that produces bread with round top works too! 😅


shelovesmystery t1_j4zz2st wrote

Good job! They look so perfect and delicious. I've never made bread, but this makes me want to try it. Thanks for sharing the recipe.


Ledeberg t1_j500gmj wrote

people still eat milkbread ? i thought victorian times were over


RatherBBakin t1_j501xe2 wrote

Looks great! I made some milk bread over the weekend and the dough was not cooperating! It wouldn't get smooth and it stayed tacky! It was frustrating!


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j50250u wrote

Thanks!!! Did you knead it by hand? If yes, I understand your pain. I gave up and I just used a mixer to get the smooth dough! 😅


RatherBBakin t1_j502c24 wrote

No it was in the mixer! I kept adding flour but was scared I would add too much!


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j51w4ds wrote

Dont add too much flour though! Just continue mixing for low for avour 3 to 4 mins then switch to high speed for 7-8 mins until dpugh is not sticking on the bowl. Then do the windowpane test to check the gluten development😊


RatherBBakin t1_j52f1wm wrote

It was mixing for well over ten minutes! And it's a recipe that worked for me before, idk what happened

At one point it climbed up over the hook and got some of the grease from the mixer in it. I threw that one away!


inlinefourpower t1_j50jy77 wrote

This is similar to Hokkaido bread? Had that in China almost 7 years ago, been meaning to make some ever since.


gostooo t1_j51en5w wrote

99% milk 1% bread


WereTheAliens t1_j51uddj wrote

I've never had milk bread, but it looks so good


Aesopthelion t1_j4y5jpq wrote

These look great, what was the loaf weight?


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j4y6081 wrote

Each loaf is 222g ×3 per loaf pan. Final weight decreased a bit


chickpeapuff t1_j4z7164 wrote

omg i thought i was looking at 12 little loaves at first


LexyVelar t1_j4zk3ns wrote

niamy,looks so good


mfomatratzen t1_j4zm0ew wrote

I ate this type of bread my whole childhood and adolescence, always from the local bakery. Probably I was in my mid 20s when I moved out of my country and I realized, 1. this is not “common” bread in other parts of the world, and 2. it’s made with milk.


mattress_117 t1_j4zrybq wrote

Goes perfect with milk steak.


cannotfoolowls t1_j4zubjw wrote

I wonder if Chinese/Japanese milk bread came from the English/French/Belgian/Dutch milk bread or the other way around. Or not related at all.


alex494 t1_j4zw6oz wrote

Well the Dutch were the only people Japan traded with for a while so maybe


cannotfoolowls t1_j507cj4 wrote

from what I can find milk bread was brought to the UK from Japan around 1862 which is 6 years before the Meiji restauration. But I don't think it was invented in Japan because bread is not really an East-Asian thing. The Japanese word for bread is literally taken from Portuguese (who also kept trading access to Japan). This type of bread seems very European to me.


UserOfCookies t1_j50245n wrote

I'm getting some real Kiki's Delivery Service vibes over here.


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j502857 wrote



ronnietea t1_j5038af wrote

How do you milk bread? I see zero utters


TheWhooooBuddies t1_j503t92 wrote

Pairs well with Milk Steak and some nice jellybeans.


cmg1rl t1_j50eymh wrote

my mouth is watering


mama_emily t1_j50gc5c wrote

Milk bread to go with your milk steak


aditya1604 t1_j50ot4t wrote

How do you get the top to brown so nicely? My bread is always pale!


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j50p8kz wrote

Egg yolk and 3 tbsp milk mix together and try not to brush too much on the top of the dough before baking or else its gonna taste eggy


aditya1604 t1_j50pfr0 wrote

So you apply that on top before putting the dough in the oven to bake and that's it or do you re apply mid way through?


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j50tpdi wrote

Yep apply on top of the dough after 2nd rise and beforw baking. On other types of bread, they dont put egg wash on top before baking but they put it in the middle of the baking, but it might affect the dough so I do t recommend it. They do it on korean sausage bread. If you want a more shiny and perfect top, apply the double egg wash method. Put 1 layer of egg wash on top, wait for few minutes for it to dry out a bit, then apply 2nd coating of egg wash


Monoken3 t1_j52iq46 wrote

They bald hehe


Icewolf_242 t1_j67t566 wrote

I wish I had time to make bread