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NightsWatch23 OP t1_j4ysoh6 wrote

Hi, I did have some trouble with the baking time. I did 330F for 40mins (oven with fan). And I used ceramic loaf pan (conducts heat slower than glass and metal loaf pans). My fitst and second time of making this, my end product has a raw dough thats why I have to adjust the baking time and temp.


Ok_Wolverine_4832 t1_j4yucfk wrote

Did you add powdered milk ? I don’t have any powdered milk so I don’t know if I can just skip this part or do I have to replace powdered milk with something else. I’m scared if I don’t add powdered milk it will change the texture of the dough.


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j4ywhsu wrote

I didnt add any powder milk and the result is still amazing 😊. Just make sure you use bread flour😊


bethemanwithaplan t1_j4z0rkx wrote

You can get it at most big groceries in the USA as dry milk, usually nonfat. They make buttermilk powder and other types too.


bethemanwithaplan t1_j4z0lj1 wrote

When I make milk bread I get better results with metal pans over ceramic or glass, just my experience


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j4z1udy wrote

Nice! I am planning to buy the metal ones and use it for the bread next time 😊


_W1T3W1N3_ t1_j5164nq wrote

Cooking time can vary wildly for the size of oven, position in oven, heat conductivity of pan, air flow in oven, preheating time of oven, and even the air pressure, air humidity, characteristics of the flour and particular density, amount or wetness of dough, especially with bread, which is why one must always learn to use the senses and become accustomed to understand where everything is in the process and how it needs to be adjusted to achieve the intended results.


NightsWatch23 OP t1_j516az5 wrote

THIS! Thanks for this info! Thats why its important to learn the science/mechanics behind baking in general to be successful at it.