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Raeandray t1_j68rpht wrote

Not for breakfast though.

But I do agree smothered burritos are a thing and are also amazing.


Raeandray t1_j68tvh9 wrote

That looks amazing. I just don’t know if I’d call it a breakfast burrito.


JustBoredIsAll t1_j68ug4n wrote

No, it is. The usual suspects go inside. Chile smothered on top.

I should add that New Mexico is largely considered the birthplace of the breakfast burrito.


I-AM-Savannah t1_j693gwa wrote

>I should add that New Mexico is largely considered the birthplace of the breakfast burrito.

Not McDonalds? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


JustBoredIsAll t1_j694l9l wrote

It's a trip that people think handheld breaky burritos are the norm. I guess in places like Idaho and Wisconsin, they are. 🤷🏻


oliverkloezoff t1_j69bsey wrote

No, hand held breakfast burritos are the norm, in your normal household. Especially in NM. In our households, anyway. I'm a 4-5 generation Hispanic -on both sides- in NM and I've never seen anyone break out the knives and forks on a breakfast burrito.


JustBoredIsAll t1_j69f4ny wrote

Yeah I'm from there too. Surname has been there since the 1600s. So, you eat your smothered burritos with your hands? Word.


oliverkloezoff t1_j69ght1 wrote

No, I'm saying we don't smother our burritos, we -my family, friends- stuff whatever we have inside. I'm not saying it's wrong, I've eaten some with a knife and fork, it's just something I never see besides a restaurant.

I'm not trying to gatekeep, it's just not the norm, in my part of the state, anyway. You eat your burrito anyway you want, there's no right way or wrong way.


JustBoredIsAll t1_j69gnb8 wrote

Not saying handheld isn't normal. Just that smothered is too since people think I'm talking crazy or something. 🤷🏻


oliverkloezoff t1_j69iyi9 wrote

Nah, you're talking crazy 😁. I believe you, not where I'm from, though. But then again I don't speak for all NM (ok, maybe I was trying to) or for the rest of the country, so I shouldn't have said anything, maybe I was gatekeeping. But, I still think you're talking crazy 🤪.


queenunderdamountain t1_j69ae8a wrote

To me, McDonald's is absolutely the answer lol it was definitely my first breakfast burrito experience!


I-AM-Savannah t1_j69nk6n wrote

Mine as well, and still my only breakfast burrito experience. None of the restaurants around here (that I know of) have breakfast burritos.


queenunderdamountain t1_j69qrqi wrote

Suuuuuper easy to make your own! Eggs, hashbrowns, sausage/bacon, salsa... standard base. My favorite spot around here does a tikka masala breakfast burrito that is enormous & delicious. There's basically no wrong way to do one as long as it tastes good.


SolomonCRand t1_j6964z2 wrote

I don’t know why you’re getting downvoted for this, unless you just edited Wikipedia to prove yourself right


Raeandray t1_j69a9uq wrote

I think it’s because it feels just a little bit like cultural appropriation.

Pairing tortillas with breakfast foods has been going on in Latin America for a long time. Seems odd to claim “inventing” putting the food in the tortilla.


hamsterselderberries t1_j6dlnpe wrote

That's where the breakfast burrito was invented ffs


Raeandray t1_j6dmq6a wrote

Ya I’ve heard that. Seems kind of odd to say considering Latin and South America have been pairing tortillas with breakfast foods for centuries.


likeeggs t1_j6fpy12 wrote

As someone from New Mexico, yeah it’s breakfast. We eat breakfast burritos 24/7 out here though, but that’s because they’re delicious. Smothered in red, green, Christmas, or bone dry.