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boston_nsca t1_j6ao9xt wrote

Reply to comment by diddinim in [I ate] Breakfast Burrito by Nymer1a_S4nd

Idk I think there's an art to it. At least for me. I've figured out how to eat an entire burrito with no mess or disintegration until the very last bite or two. The method is basically taking enormous bites lol


diddinim t1_j6aoeso wrote

I can do the same, but ONLY if I don’t set the burrito down. Same with home made burgers.


boston_nsca t1_j6aoilg wrote

I get these massive XL burritos that are so big they literally stand up on one end lmao. That also helps


diddinim t1_j6aomhq wrote

Hmmmm. Maybe making an extra large burrito with a good solid rice and beans foundation would stand up well


boston_nsca t1_j6ap617 wrote

At the end of the day it's all about the wrap job. Rolled the perfectly right way, nice and tight, with some tight foil wrapped around it, and any burrito can become manageable. The one in the pic almost requires a fork and knife though. Tbh, those are usually the best ones


diddinim t1_j6apant wrote

My problem is I like too much salsa in my burritos. I can roll a sauce-less burrito like a pro..

But that’s why I’m making wet burritos tonight.