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mitch8893 t1_j605mp8 wrote

I think there would be a lot of added benefit from just making this a sandwich.


Xeogin t1_j60sg9w wrote

As someone who has tried to make a similar sandwich, there's a good reason why it ended up becoming an open-face sandwich; it just ends up squeezing+falling out everywhere when you try and take a bite.


ThatRandomAlias t1_j62ckn0 wrote

Wrap it really tight in some parchment for a few minutes before eating and it'll help it keep it's form


dragoono t1_j62ete9 wrote

Some foods are better hot off the grill, and this is definitely one of them.


Give_me_grunion t1_j63waxs wrote

All you have to do is wrap in paper or foil, but leave one end exposed. No need to wait. Start eating. When you get down to the wrapping, peel back a couple inches and keep eating.


Dinostra t1_j62qs1a wrote

NGL it kinda looks like a roly poly, or a horseshoe crab, so I agree, more bread! 😂