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PM_ME_PARR0TS t1_j6f1mo8 wrote

Dude. The fat stripes on that salmon nigiri... Bet that shit melts in your mouth. I'd wreck this in a heartbeat.


ZenBarbarian67 t1_j6gzjxy wrote

The fat stripes on that salmon Tell you that it's farmed salmon. I'm not touching that with a 10-ft pole. The only reason it's even pink is the food coloring they put in the fish food.


GerbilScream t1_j6h49v1 wrote

I'm copying my comment from below.

Farmed salmon is preferred for sushi as wild salmon is a high risk for parasites. In fact, salmon sushi wasn't really a thing before the 1980's with the introduction of pellet raised salmon farms.


peppnstuff t1_j6hgjpe wrote

Bet you tell people you eat wild Atlantic salmon aren't you....


ZenBarbarian67 t1_j6gzn1d wrote

Wild salmon. Do not support fish farming


Buzzardz352 t1_j6h4pay wrote

Eating sustainably farmed salmon is better for the environment than eating wild salmon. If all of us would eat wild salmon there’d be no wild salmon.


Milanista333 t1_j6ha15y wrote

Fish farming is definitely a very good thing. I think people are a bit icky about salmon though because there have been several reports about unsafe/unethical farming practices in regards to salmon (particularly in Norway), but I think that the best we can do is probably just look for asc certifications and things of the sort when we buy fish


actually_checks_out t1_j6hag67 wrote

I always thought wild salmon was much riskier than farmed. At least in Japan it used it be


ValElTech t1_j6hev3o wrote

Flash freezed sushi graded wild salmon is safe.

I guess this is in the US so that might not apply here (amount of California rolls doesn't match most Japanese kaiten -or not- delivery sushi places).


peppnstuff t1_j6hgnsh wrote

All "sushi" grade fish in the US is flash Frozen


Avauru t1_j6heytt wrote

Depends on where. The Baltic Sea is full of dioxin, as is the Derwent River in Tasmania, both from paper production. Other places may have other forms of pollution.


ZenBarbarian67 t1_j6gzoyg wrote

Fish farming is destroying the wild salmon stocks on the British Columbia coast. I am not a hardcore environmentalist. This is just pretty much common knowledge here


ISMMikey t1_j6gqfmk wrote

That Salmon definitely looks farmed tho. Some may like it, but that's a pass from me. I'm also wary of any place that covers their sushi in sauces. This just seems off.


GerbilScream t1_j6gvqy7 wrote

Farmed salmon is preferred for sushi as wild salmon is a high risk for parasites. In fact, salmon sushi wasn't really a thing before the 1980's with the introduction of pellet raised salmon farms.


ISMMikey t1_j6i4zaj wrote

Ah yes, the farmed salmon industry FUD. This is why your sashimi grade wild salmon is always flash frozen. I am fortunate to live in an area where salmon fishing is easy to come by, and even have a side of my family that made their living as commercial fisherman.

The farmed salmon can have a massive ecological cost for the local area. Don't believe their BS.


Kerbal634 t1_j6i7cyn wrote

Because our overfishing of wild fish definitely doesn't have any environmental impacts like releasing maybe half of the world's plastic trash


ISMMikey t1_j6l8xyo wrote

It definitely is, which is another reason to limit my salmon consumption. I'd much rather do that than consume the farmed stuff that is 'parasite free' since it's pumped full of antibiotics. Don't even get me started on the whole sea lice thing.


PM_ME_PARR0TS t1_j6gqkl3 wrote

Huh, what specifically makes you say so?


tlst9999 t1_j6gqxmd wrote

Some restaurants use strong sauces for masking less fresh food.


[deleted] t1_j6grw2a wrote



BigbooTho t1_j6h0p9g wrote

Imagine being so confident about something so fucking wrong and stupid.


WildcatKid t1_j6g6s3d wrote

Looks like Sushi Co in London.


Swag_Grenade t1_j6hk9cs wrote

Lol how could you tell? Looks like a pretty generic platter to me.


Yogicabump t1_j6i5kld wrote

Really? I never ate sushi served like that, so symmetrical and square.


TheDiplomancer t1_j6hz84j wrote

Probably either the presentation or they recognized the rolls.


funguyjones t1_j6f8rvd wrote

How much?


ABBAMABBA t1_j6fdro9 wrote

I was wondering that too. Why do I have a feeling this would completely blow my food budget for a week or more.


Random_Ad t1_j6feqby wrote

I’m guessing at least 70-80 if not more


Pademelon1 t1_j6fs4b7 wrote

Surely not above 50, at least in Aus.


emize t1_j6hweg9 wrote

Australia has well managed seafood stocks. Seafood is quite affordable. Add to that the massive amount of competition. I live in the middle of suburbia and google maps has given like 7 different sushi places within a 5 min drive. Sub 50 AUD for sure. So <25 pounds or <35 USD.


BrOwenn t1_j6h8r8e wrote

Yeah I agree I was thinking around $30-50, those rolls look tiny and not many nigiri


Holiday_Specialist12 t1_j6h6szq wrote

5 California rolls with different sauces and 6 actual pieces of nigiri and 1 salmon roll. I wouldn’t pay more than 40 for this.


azazelsthrowaway t1_j6huf8y wrote

Definitely not 5 cali rolls, if anything there’s 2 max


pelican_chorus t1_j6hyjzo wrote

But it's a fair point that five out of those six rolls have massive pieces of avocado in them. I like avocado as much as the next person, but at that point there's not a lot of fish in those rolls.


azazelsthrowaway t1_j6i398y wrote

You’re right, avocado is extremely overused in the west, but a lot of people like it that way so to each their own


ValElTech t1_j6hf0sc wrote

Are sushi that expensive in the us?

Side question: does those look good on a US standard?


polmeeee t1_j6hjq4q wrote

Spare a cheat day and go to an all you can eat Sashimi buffet I guess. That's what I did.


ZPGuru t1_j6gl15w wrote

7 rolls and two orders of sashimi is coming out to at least 70 bucks where I live. My trick is to get the discounted "chef's choices" options where they shovel all the sea urchin egg and eel and jellyfish and stuff at me before it goes bad. Jokes on them, those are my favorites...eel sushi is sooooo good. Pretty sure its like grilled or something first though.


ezfrag t1_j6gwloa wrote

Eel is definitely grilled first.


ZPGuru t1_j6gwyj6 wrote

Yeah I just looked it up and called my dad about how to prepare it. He used to pull them out of crab traps when I was a kid. Apparently you drive a nail through their brain and then cut two flaps of meat off them before grilling or broiling them. He told me how to cut one up after you nail it to a tree lol


zxsxz t1_j6gm7a8 wrote

Just under $53 USD. Good deal.


azdood85 t1_j6f1zfq wrote

Please tell me thats not homemade. And where can I get it?


WildcatKid t1_j6g72z3 wrote


toasterb t1_j6gqku3 wrote

Man I’m glad I live in Vancouver. Out of control housing costs, but at least we have the cheapest/best sushi outside of Asia.

£42.50 is about $70CAD, and I bet you could get that for $30-40 here.


somersquatch t1_j6h2fwb wrote

You are having a laugh if you think you can get all this for $35-$40. That's coming from someone who lives near Vancouver.

7 rolls & 6 pieces of nigiri.

Nigiri ~$2 a piece on the cheap end, so $12.

6 rolls are gonna be at minimum $6 each so that's $36 right there. Plus the edamame is another $5 added on, so $53+ taxes and such, it's gonna be $60+ easily. This is all on the low end, I can't say I've ever seen a sushi place with rolls cheaper than $4.99 and often you're sacrificing quality at that point.

However if you have a sushi place you know of that would allow me to get this much for $40 or less please do share, they'll appreciate how much extra business they get from it.


toasterb t1_j6h6t19 wrote

Sushimoto at Holdom Station in Burnaby - I priced this out at about $25-30, as I’m not sure which rolls some of those are so I took some guesses. The nigiri pieces there are about $2.50 and those rolls are about $4-5, none of it is fancy stuff.

Enjoy your new favourite sushi place: Sushimoto

A really high quality place tucked away where nobody knows about it. A truly hidden gem.

I bet that I could price this out at Dragon Sushi in Fairview for under $25, but the pieces would be larger — bordering on unmanageable — and the quality would be lower.

Edit: looks like you’re from Victoria, and while you’d think it’s the same, it’s not. Somehow prices are lower and quality is better here. Maybe you’re just too small of an isolated market and it ends up costing more.

I definitely have friends from Victoria who make an explicit point of getting sushi when they’re in the Lower Mainland.


somersquatch t1_j6h9gmk wrote

I'm not sure why you priced it so low, as a quick 10 minute look at the menu of a place I've never been before shows that the breakdown is much higher than $25 or $30.

Just the 6 rolls alone would be on average ~$4 each, and that's low end imo. These aren't one ingredient rolls with no sauce or extras on top, like the $3.50 rolls at Sushimoto. So I'm using $4 average even tho it could be $5. $24 for 6 cheap rolls is still very good value, but we're leaving out the 6 pieces of nigiri @ $3 a piece (higher than the $2 I had guessed), so that's another $18. Gonna be easily $40+, approaching $50+ with taxes. The closest thing on the menu to the box pictured is the party tray A, which is 5 rolls, and 12 pieces of nigiri, for $46. That's not a bad deal by any means, but it would still leave you paying $50+ for less sushi than OP got. Quality matters though, for all we know the sushi OP ate was ass lol.

Now, I'll absolutely be going to Sushimoto, and likely often if it's good, because those prices are cheap for 2023. But long gone are the days where you could spend $25 bucks at a decent sushi place and get a large quantity of food.

Edit: and yes, I'm from Victoria, born and raised in Vancouver though. My favorite sushi place in Victoria is similarly priced to Sushimoto, and if the quality is anywhere similar, I'm sure Sushimoto is awesome. But even at my local place I couldn't get this much for less than $50 OTD, but a tray of 8 separate rolls (some bigger/better than pictured by OP) is $49.99, and that's a 58pc tray.

Editedit: I'll also say, my favorite sushi roll from my local place was $11.99 ~6 months ago. It's now $16.99. I actually fully believe that you could get the same amount or more than OP in Vancouver for $30 just a year ago. But prices have shot up like crazy from what I'm seeing.


its_justme t1_j6i5ivo wrote

There’s a bunch of random hole in the wall sushi places which are that cheap at least in Vancouver. Recently I went to one up the street from English bay (can’t recall the name) but was super cheap for a bunch of sushi and couple Sapporo


xen_deth t1_j6hree3 wrote

There's also not a full roll anywhere on that plate...that's going to help the price a bit.


Lady_Dinoasaurus t1_j6he80m wrote

I got so excited to see a that I was ready to drop £50 on sushi but it doesn't deliver to my area 😭😭😭

I'll grab a wee yo sushi and be sad about it


Fullm3taluk t1_j6hp51g wrote

Just don't buy a drink with your sushi they are fucking rip off in yo sushi


ParrotDogParfait t1_j6g5gy9 wrote

The tag [I ate] means that it was bought somewhere. And I second that question, where did you get it OP?


Controller_Maniac t1_j6gmh9s wrote

I feel like a fatass just thinking about how i could finish this entire platter myself


VintageAda t1_j6hxv5p wrote

Right? First thing I thought “I would fuck that up so fast”.


shit_fuck_fart t1_j6gtbrg wrote

Am I the only one that can't eat sushi when it's covered in sauces like that? Especially the ones on the rolls that are obviously made with mayonnaise?

I'd eat the six salmon rolls on the edge and then the two pieces of salmon nigiri and tuna. The rest of this plate would go to waste.


LittleBitGhengisKhan t1_j6h1rp4 wrote

Somewhat agreed. I am somewhat of a nigiri purist but I do enjoy some combination rolls. The sauce shouldn’t be so much that a dab of soy sauce goes unnoticed — or that I have to forego the soy sauce altogether.


dwdukc t1_j6h5sj8 wrote

I totally agree, and was looking for this comment. Take something that tastes of freshness, and then mask the flavour. Why pay all that money for something that tastes the same as mayo or BBQ sauce?


shit_fuck_fart t1_j6h6eww wrote

The mayo especially makes it bad for me, there is just no reason a giant glop of mayonnaise should be on a small piece of food like that, it makes my stomach hurt.

And I know its not literally just taking a spoonful of Dukes and plopping it on top, but, it really isn't that far off.


turncoatmormon t1_j6fwaue wrote

I don’t think you have enough ginger there 😂

Only half /s because I love that stuff (and sushi in general)


Solid_reddit t1_j6fcfh3 wrote

Woaw !

Where, what restaurant ? How many ?


IsaacRRx t1_j6hdo2s wrote

Looking at this for a long time cause ill never be able to eat something like this :(


HellBliss t1_j6gvy3w wrote

The arrangement of this platter is an OCD's dream come true


ezfrag t1_j6gw4zx wrote

One of the Tuna nigiri needs to be rotated so the grain runs the same direction.


Vindaloo6363 t1_j6hmx1k wrote

Looks great but I hate the green plastic dividers.


Cismale1 t1_j6hph1x wrote

yes bro u ate gif slayyyyyyy


SnooCrickets424 t1_j6ibrsm wrote

Sushi Co source great fish and is consistently good. I cannot stand the amount of plastic fake green grass things they do. They are the very definition of waste. It’s perhaps a wider problem that’s amongst alot of sushi restaurants but surely there can there be some sort of biodegrade-able solution?


jagmania85 t1_j6ix9l5 wrote

Thats like £25 easy. I miss eating sushi that wasn’t ridiculous priced.


IaryBreko OP t1_j6ixsdp wrote

Lol I wish. It was £38 (discounted from £42.50)


Piaski_23 t1_j6jo45l wrote

Salmon nigiri looks fire gifgif


daqwheezy t1_j6g5p3o wrote

OP you need to tell us where and how much!


IaryBreko OP t1_j6hcmic wrote

Sushi Co in London, UK. £38 (discounted from £42.50)


whatsbobgonnado t1_j6h2flc wrote

what's the pile of white stuff on the left? I've gotten that with sushi before and I didn't like it


Appropriate_Lack_727 t1_j6h3dsn wrote

Looks like pickled ginger. Pretty standard sushi condiment, along with the wasabi next to it.


xx99saitama t1_j6hdaap wrote

OMG looks soooo good 🤤🤤🤤


danield1302 t1_j6hhjip wrote

Oof. This looks good but idk what it is about sushi but I can't eat more than like 5-6 of them then I need to eat smth else. Which is also why I've only ever eaten it at places that offered sushi and other food and could never go for dinner at a just sushi place. Doesn't help that I'm not a big fan of the sauces they use.

I still like sushi and eat it from time to time just couldn't imagine eating this whole platter, even as good as it looks.


Demonic_Toaster t1_j6hlbkg wrote

Unaaawwwwwwgeeee salivates uncontrollably


W84HELL t1_j6hlj3n wrote

Looks amazing! I don't get the fake plastic grass dividers though. Isn't the first time I have seen them with sushi.


IaryBreko OP t1_j6hmnv6 wrote

Sushi rice is quite sticky - so I think the dividers are there to make it easier to pick up individual pieces


Spinmoon t1_j6hnpvq wrote

"sharing" platter. Sure... I will take 2!


adbbugsomg t1_j6hy4se wrote

How much do you usually pay for this much sushi in the states?


IaryBreko OP t1_j6hybot wrote

I'm in London, UK and this was £38. Not sure about the US but a lot of people in the comments were talking about prices in different countries so you might find your answer there!


m3wsoup t1_j6ighqr wrote

perfect sushi platter i've seen, i’ll be taking two😮‍💨


FourWordComment t1_j6imwyw wrote

What’s the bottom right nigiri, with the sauce and chives?


IaryBreko OP t1_j6io3l6 wrote

I think it's Eel


FourWordComment t1_j6ioqgo wrote

I’ve had it before, but it was in a sample set and didn’t get the name. I don’t think it was eel, because I also had eel with a thicker sweeter eel sauce. That one was a citrus ponzu style of sauce.


Zagrycha t1_j6jgpea wrote

that fatty salmon and tuna!! i knows what im eating for lunch 🤤


GlizzyConflict t1_j6k3tlu wrote

It’s the green grass in sushi for me


TwainVonnegut t1_j6gvto0 wrote

Aw man, I wanna eat that right now.


brublanc t1_j6gwo86 wrote

And just like that, you go broke.


Reisario t1_j6gxi5j wrote

And also made me hungry... well done


amitrion t1_j6h034g wrote

Pretty sure I could eat all that by myself...


IaryBreko OP t1_j6hceqf wrote

For people that are asking how much this was. We paid £38 (discounted from £42.50) for it and was enough for both of us for lunch (with a handful of pieces left over)


lurkopotomus t1_j6ide3r wrote

The plastic grass between the pieces looks delicious, too. Must be authentic.

Farmed salmon companies use the same marketing firms as big tobacco. Keep believing it’s somehow better than wild while you suck on a harmless cigarette.


DorkSidedStuff t1_j6jhcqh wrote

Every time I look at sushi now, all I see is overfishing and micro plastics...the age we live in.


Australie t1_j6hgq9d wrote

You can tell this was made by a white person


[deleted] t1_j6g86ie wrote



LittleBitGhengisKhan t1_j6h1mn7 wrote

That’d be around $60 after tip at my local joint, with the cash discount.


voxelghost t1_j6h394n wrote

Looks like about $35's worth here in Japan


SkellyboneZ t1_j6h5x5y wrote

Go to kura or sushiro and get it for half that lol


voxelghost t1_j6h7am0 wrote

Sure, just did a quick back of the napkin, and it looked like 40 pieces, divided by two per plate, and most of them at 110yen, then 3 at 220yen + tax and some beer for me. And some mcd on the way home so I won't get hungry.

Alright I confess - i just pulled a number out of my ... ... hat, yeah


SkellyboneZ t1_j6h9c6z wrote

The beer is where they get you lol. I think 35 bucks is good for better sushi though.


voxelghost t1_j6h9jq4 wrote

Honestly, we mostly eat temaki at home these days, or go to a proper mom&pop sushi place out here in the inaka


archarbor t1_j6ghkcb wrote

That looks good but I am suspicious of sushi that comes with the fake grass in between rows.


ezfrag t1_j6gwi4u wrote

That's actually a tradition from Japanese sushi restaurants going back about 60 years. The leaves are to keep the different varieties of fish from impacting the flavors of the neighboring slices.


peppnstuff t1_j6hgv2q wrote

That's the best part! Don't tell me you've never tried it? Like going to the movies blind.