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GerbilScream t1_j6gvqy7 wrote

Reply to comment by ISMMikey in [I ate] Sushi platter by IaryBreko

Farmed salmon is preferred for sushi as wild salmon is a high risk for parasites. In fact, salmon sushi wasn't really a thing before the 1980's with the introduction of pellet raised salmon farms.


ISMMikey t1_j6i4zaj wrote

Ah yes, the farmed salmon industry FUD. This is why your sashimi grade wild salmon is always flash frozen. I am fortunate to live in an area where salmon fishing is easy to come by, and even have a side of my family that made their living as commercial fisherman.

The farmed salmon can have a massive ecological cost for the local area. Don't believe their BS.


Kerbal634 t1_j6i7cyn wrote

Because our overfishing of wild fish definitely doesn't have any environmental impacts like releasing maybe half of the world's plastic trash


ISMMikey t1_j6l8xyo wrote

It definitely is, which is another reason to limit my salmon consumption. I'd much rather do that than consume the farmed stuff that is 'parasite free' since it's pumped full of antibiotics. Don't even get me started on the whole sea lice thing.