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throwawayforyouzzz t1_j5wnpuy wrote

My vegan friend replaces the cheese on her pizza with mashed banana

She called it a bananza


scheru t1_j5wvnu2 wrote

Tell your friend she made me sad.


dudek64 t1_j5yu52q wrote

We shouldn't worry that we hurt and kill animals. We should worry about things we put on pizza.


scheru t1_j5yxwp2 wrote

You realize it's possible to worry about both, right?


dudek64 t1_j5z93m6 wrote

Yes, and it is a really serious problem to worry about somebody's pizza toppings


scheru t1_j5z9v6f wrote

Well yeah, if that's what the conversation was about in the first place.

Which it was.


Chaotriux t1_j5xqztf wrote

That does not sound as good as a cheese base. The only way she likes it is because she is conditioned to it.


Cleanman52 t1_j5xrga5 wrote

I don't think she's vegan because she hates cheese. Sometimes you need to find okay substitutes for things you used to like.


Chaotriux t1_j5xs4hs wrote

I hear you, and I disagree haha. 😂

Banana is not a substitute for cheese. They are not the same or remotely similar.

But hey, I’m not vegan, so maybe they know something I don’t. Of course, I don’t understand vegans or why they are vegans. Many of them are also trash talkers(though not everyone of course… I hope?), so I don’t like them.

But then again, I’m not a people kind of guy so I dislike strangers but I’m also wary of ideas that does not align well with my own. Clashing together over different ideologies is a far too common issue that I prefer not to associate with people too different from me.

But I guess all people avoid people too different from them.


Content_Gap_8290 t1_j5xzik5 wrote

You are a selfaware xenophobe.

You fear what is unknown to you.

So save us some reading time and use that word.


Chaotriux t1_j62ml07 wrote

I don’t fear, I dislike. There is a difference.

And I am only a xenophobe to strangers, people I don’t already know. I don’t know any of my neighbors nor do I have any desire to do so.

I am very much content with solitude. Also, I like being detailed. I am only short spoken and consise when it suits me. Save you time? You didn’t even need to respond like it was your obligation. I just stated my opinion on the matter. There is no law which says you must like me or what I say in order for me to be allowed to express anything that is on my mind.

I’m sure you think so though. Good day.


Content_Gap_8290 t1_j6312l4 wrote

>I am only a xenophobe to strangers

You should print that and frame it.

Maybe one day someone will explain how ridiculous that sounds.