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GW2RNGR t1_j98b143 wrote



PolemicBender t1_j98nyah wrote

But great execution. It is horrid, but when you zoom in there is good attention to detail


FractalApple t1_j98o35g wrote

For real, this is an excellent relief sculpture - great perspective. Just creepy and inappropriate is all


KnotiaPickles t1_j98r8aj wrote

Sometimes it makes me sad that we put everything under so much harsh scrutiny. Whoever made this most likely didn’t have any creepy intentions and probably made it for a child they loved, not knowing someday it would be plastered on the internet for everyone to insult. Sorry to whoever’s grandma this was who made it.


FractalApple t1_j98uzqy wrote

What gets me is that it’s only a dollar. Someone’s heart n soul went into making it! And your right, it’s probably well intentioned. Context is important though, and we also severely downplay the wrongdoing of the church and their involvement in pedophilia


Pitiful-Delay4402 t1_j98va0w wrote

I'm betting that it's mass produced. My MIL gave me one almost identical (different paint) that had been hanging in my husband's bedroom as a kid.


GW2RNGR t1_j98wr9t wrote

Yeah, it seems like society has no chill sometimes.


Phatcat15 t1_j991bc2 wrote

I mean - a pink hat boy Christian is kinda… ironic?


PolemicBender t1_j98pixr wrote

I mean, you gotta pay the troll toll


Shurigin t1_j996yng wrote

little boy crying into his hands with a buttflap jammies makes it so much worse


StormEarthandFyre t1_j98dwvu wrote

Where's the funny?


smithm3254 t1_j98h6g4 wrote

Not really funny but organized religion is a haven for sexual predators. More of a feature than a flaw.


cacophonic7 t1_j98qa7t wrote

And the fact that you can look at the boy as either praying, or weeping with his hands over his face…


androshalforc1 t1_j98tf8x wrote

i thought it was a girl because christians would be mortified that a boy is wearing pink.


justlooking9889 t1_j98u41i wrote

So, you’re including Judaism, Islam, Buddism, Shintoism, Zorasteriansim, the Sikhs, Scientology, Vodoo, and countless (about 4,200) other organized religions? Or did you just mean to say Catholicism?

Edit: Hey downvoters remember not to let inconvenient things like facts get in the way of what you feel is true.

If you all feel so strongly about it, I suggest you go visit all the different churches, mosques and temples in your town and save the kids. I’m sure your efforts will be much appreciated.

Here’s a list of world religions. Go through the list and give an example of how each one is guilty:


denn23rus t1_j9974sd wrote

basically those religions where priests are forbidden to have wives.


smithm3254 t1_j98wsf3 wrote

Yes all of the above. You’re the one naming Catholicism. That should be very telling about your question.


sin-and-love t1_j98uir4 wrote

Ever notice how anyone who calls themselves a "freethinker"' is in fact the most dogmatic person in the room?


Technicolor_Reindeer t1_j997b19 wrote

I'm sure you wish that was the case.


sin-and-love t1_j999r2k wrote

My personal experience has shown it to be the case. It's like how "I'm not like you sheep, I don't trust the mainstream news outlets." is always followed by "But listen to this guy scream about gay frogs."


Significant-Ad2669 t1_j98o8w0 wrote

Aren't there more pedophiles at public schools than churches and not to mention how the anime Indistry Is extremely weird with their girls under 18


smithm3254 t1_j98q3s7 wrote

Whataboutism isn’t the point I was trying to make. Sorry next time I’ll include a link to a bar graph that includes all offenders of sexual assault. Original point is still valid.


NottaBought t1_j98qtnd wrote

The thing is, any group that provides power is going to attract abusers. The anime industry, public schools, churches, even the medical field all have these issues. The problem is more what you do once you find them and how you prevent them from hurting anyone. If you don’t have those protections in place, if you sweep it under the rug when you find out about these people, that’s when it stops being “bad people are everywhere” and starts being “you’re supporting bad people,” and a lot of churches have been discovered to be sweeping these things under the rug.


Technicolor_Reindeer t1_j997cxw wrote

I wasn't aware anime was a religion and being taught to kids in their houses of worship.

And do name the public school sex abuse scandal on par with the ones uncovered at churches?


_Administrator_ t1_j98xvxo wrote

There are even religions where such cases happen more frequently but you won’t see anyone making jokes about that religion.

„Pakistani Maulana giving sex education to student“


timk85 t1_j98oney wrote

Bro, don't even attempt to question the Reddit hivemind narratives.


smithm3254 t1_j98sv90 wrote

A well documented history of systematic abuse of power by the clergy is hardly a “narrative”.


Technicolor_Reindeer t1_j997hjh wrote

Millions of dollars of hush money paid out and countless pedo priest transfesrs is a "narrative" apparently /s


WonderfulSpeed1739 t1_j995n3q wrote

Why do you wokes make everything about sex?


Technicolor_Reindeer t1_j997lkr wrote

You have it backwards, hunny. Its the type of people who say "woke" who are obsessed with sex. Tracking schoolgirls' periods, banning books, obsessing over drag shows, demanding gential inspections of athletes, the list goes on.


WonderfulSpeed1739 t1_j999fuv wrote

See you just did it again. The woodcut is in no way sexualized. If you believe it is then it is you.


chickadee- t1_j98r397 wrote

Artist's intention: girl (see: pink baseball cap and cuffs) trying very hard to be boyish (see: teddy instead of doll, baseball, etc) because [sign]

What people (and I, at first look) see: priest=pedo joke but execution is so uninspired/crude that it's just hilariously bad


CopperRed3 t1_j98rs9k wrote

I saw the Artists intention too. Still oddlyterrifying


HeyItsCris t1_j991tie wrote

The funny part is that priests REALLY love boys


OwlHex4577 t1_j999d7x wrote

Take your hat off when you’re praying, you little heathen!


smudgesbudges t1_j991pnf wrote

There was a “God loves girls” counterpart, too. A lot of grandmothers painted stuff like this when I was a kid.


f1ve-Star t1_j98ixx1 wrote

Odd. I thought the child was a little girl crying. Pink hat and accents, but trying to be a boy playing ball, liking teddy bears not dolls etc. Really changes up the meaning.


chickadee- t1_j98q5o2 wrote

Pretty sure you're correct- but it's quite subtle so it's easy to miss those details, thereby changing the whole meaning of the piece lmao


f1ve-Star t1_j98xlvk wrote

It's not subtle if you are the little girl trying so hard to be loved. Ouch, right in the feels.


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lovesmyirish t1_j98m6nr wrote

Would have been much funnier had it said that.

Errrr wait no it wouldn’t :(

But it would make more sense.


doomvetch92 t1_j98nnb3 wrote

Dark connotations there.


dblan9 t1_j98crxh wrote

That bed knob in the front is......odd.


Capt_ElastiPants t1_j98zsbi wrote

There are so many phallic images here, can’t be an accident. Even the shape of the boy’s hat and body is penis shaped.


CopperRed3 t1_j987li6 wrote

More like r/oddlyterrifying


vivekisprogressive t1_j99cg2w wrote

My mom had one in our bathroom growing up that said, "God loves hugs, smiles and little boys." Shuddering thinking about that now.


Brazilian_1 t1_j98azof wrote

Bottom should says “But Priests even more”


SynthSwanOG t1_j98h8hl wrote

Looks like he’s crying, a priest must have been there…


jdubya12880 t1_j998tj3 wrote

Yes! Yes he does. Just ask the Vatican how much.


[deleted] t1_j98oha7 wrote

Whats funny about this?


Kaiisim t1_j9962nt wrote

Lmao oh god which comedian had a bit about not being specific when you say you love children.

"I love kids!" Thats fine!

"I love little girls!" Okay getting too specific.

"I love nine year old girls!" Nope. Go straight to jail.


Dull_Beautiful4966 t1_j989wvg wrote

God is going to be on the next episode of to Catch a Predator if he keeps this up lol


NewSinner_2021 t1_j993wlc wrote

Considering all we know about the church churches and organize religion I’m convinced that’s the pedophilia ring.


80ld t1_j98drc1 wrote

And girls and men and women.


j4321g4321 t1_j98pew5 wrote

That’s extremely disturbing


Kickinitez t1_j98vypz wrote

I'd pay $1 to throw that away


bucko_fazoo t1_j98gabh wrote

For anyone at least vaguely spiritual, meaning most people, it would seem indecorous to throw it away. Blasphemous, even, that's the only reason it's not in a landfill. If common sense prevailed this would have been in the trash a long time ago, because good lord it's hideous.


PBow1669 t1_j98yhqv wrote

Same, but why there a turd on his bed?


US-Freedom-81 t1_j98884x wrote

You couldn’t pay me a dollar to own that. No way I would pay a dollar for it.


Viper2099x t1_j98b3xd wrote

Yes he does that’s why he didn’t give us periods 😉


humpty_dumpty1ne t1_j98ecpf wrote

That's why Priests say they're "doing God's work"


Madhamster321 t1_j98j6zn wrote

Added bonus for crappydesign two things on bed look like poo


Tall_Square252 t1_j98kf8s wrote

This reminds me of a car wash my christian high school was working. One of the girls working it got angry because people were cat calling her. So our bible teacher took over and he held the sign up and saw people laughing. He then looked at the sign. It read “it’s free”


Earguy t1_j98mynz wrote

So, victim blaming. "Of course they're going to do that, look at what you're wearing (or holding, whatever). "

Sorry if it hit a nerve.


Tall_Square252 t1_j990hey wrote

No it did not hit a nerve for me. My point is we may think one thing and someone else see the exact same thing as see something completely different. I had an advertisement class and the professor show us campaigns that total missed the mark because of failure to see how it may be interpreted


wellshod89 t1_j98p3yb wrote

And so do Catholic priest


ramriot t1_j98x9em wrote

"God Loves Boys"

Potentially true, but for certain Father McCarrick did.


Synthetic_Bliss42 t1_j996u4x wrote

It's a good show, but not that good.

I noticed the poop, before I saw the sign...


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FahimStarr t1_j98codm wrote

Took me a minute to work out what the bottom bedpost was, thought boys love boys too for a minute there


haemaker t1_j98kugb wrote

I think whoever made this was more insane than Van Gogh.


Ekublai t1_j98mqri wrote

When Beetlejuice was alive…


momma3critters t1_j98nmlz wrote

Probably made in China. That’s why it looks so bad.


Mythecity t1_j991ejr wrote

Prominently christian thrift store?


Joka0451 t1_j98yjm9 wrote

Correct, priests do love em


Technicolor_Reindeer t1_j997oij wrote

I kind of want to buy that mess just to have the satisfaction of smashing it.


rancor3000 t1_j9887rz wrote

Missions for bibles?


HappyMan476 t1_j98avu6 wrote

I relate to everything in this image, so beautiful, amazing.


Petal_Chatoyance t1_j98i4jo wrote

So, God is a pedo? That explains the Catholic church, then.


TonUpTriumph t1_j993748 wrote

Ha this is amazing. OP, can I please buy it off of you? Like actually


denn23rus t1_j9965je wrote

When was the last time you saw a woman next to a god (which is in heaven)? Aren't they mostly pretty male angels in white dresses with long hair?


satluvscheese t1_j989m3r wrote

I would cry too if I had a "Goo Loves Boys" poster in my room...ducking Michael Jackson make that poster?


DemonoftheWater t1_j98l2el wrote

Buy thay shit and break it into tiny little pieces in a trashbag.


Average-_-Guys t1_j990wad wrote

It’s a kid praying not blowing a priest. Dumabass.