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Zeet937 t1_ja5tccd wrote

A fellow Ohioan I see. This place is 50ish min from me.


TimothyGlass t1_ja60vqu wrote

I knew it lol can Ohio stay out of Reddit for a day plz πŸ˜†


TwinsenAyzel t1_ja798op wrote

And trap themselves fully into Ohio?


TimothyGlass t1_ja79rca wrote

Thank goodness when I was younger I was able to travel around the the world. I was able to meet some great ppl and some of them I still communicate with today. So two hemispheres later I call her home dysfunctional as she is she's my home πŸ˜†


sw33tzmbiejesus OP t1_ja5twrs wrote

Yup. Live in southwest Ohio, and you can't escape their ads.


UpstairsSurround3438 t1_ja683yc wrote

So, I guess that SVG motors Sucks Very Good

SVG motors... Suckin' off cocks in Dayton, Eaton, Urbana and Greeeeeeenvile


Zeet937 t1_ja5u7za wrote

When I saw the SVG sign I had to double take. I was like that’s weird I see that all the time then saw the preble county building.


fire_carpenter t1_ja5ud3q wrote

You can't convince me that "Preble" is a real place


KGBStoleMyBike t1_ja6xdny wrote

Its Preble County.

The best way to phonetically say it Pr-eh-bul. Say the Pr like the your saying the word prank, Eh like your a mocking a canadian and bull like the word bull and you'll be close enough.


sw33tzmbiejesus OP t1_ja5y11m wrote

In true SW Ohio fashion, it's definitely pronounced in a way no one else who speaks English would pronounce it.


brickfrenzy t1_ja8z9qp wrote

But... it's just the word Treble (as in bass and treble), but starting with a P instead.


KGBStoleMyBike t1_ja6x24m wrote

Ya and the guy who runs used to do ads for Jeff Schmitt and was the general manager for those guys before he got caught ripping people off. Names Steve VanGroder. I knew the guy who did the IT work for them cause he a close friend of mine. Dude's shady as fuck and it won't surprise me when the whole thing comes crashing down its just a matter of not if but when.


pichael288 t1_ja62nr4 wrote

56 for me. North of Cincinnati. I got that sheriff with the big ass hat that was on Tucker Carlson


KGBStoleMyBike t1_ja6xn7a wrote

Ah Richard K. Jones. Butler County Sheriff extraordinaire. The guy who spends more time on 700wlw yacking it up that idiot Bill Cunningham and on TV than doing his actual job.