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NavenKB t1_ja8qieb wrote

Methy Mouse left his trap house


overlord7517 t1_ja8swgh wrote

It's always sad to see alcohol and drugs take yet another celebrity.....


MarcamGorfain t1_ja8tnmz wrote

Markey Mouse, Daniel Duck, D D Dopey Dope. Mina Mouse, Dafne Duck. Larry, Jerry, and Barry duck. Warbucks McMallard. Apex Dope.

Alt Disney names are fun


lulmagician t1_ja8ujfu wrote

After trying crack, Mickey was never the same


Angrycoconutmilk t1_ja8y3rm wrote

I have the ability to poorly mimic mickey mouse. I like saying ominous things to my friends our of nowhere - you know friend, we don't do loose ends here at the clubhouse


jackvangump t1_ja93r1y wrote

Minister Mouse-- "Have to heard the Word of Disney?"


Mr_Bourbon t1_ja9a7ky wrote

“Lost Kingdom, Anything Helps. Walt bless you.”


Ierpapierlol t1_ja9b2ky wrote

Is this normal in the us? I'm from the netherlands and this things never happens here 😂


bluemelued t1_ja9bb2i wrote

That’s just “Ricky the Mouse”


luis_iconic t1_ja9dovx wrote

Tommy Mouse. That dang Tommy up to no good again!


toddfredd t1_ja9dqji wrote

Dickey Mouse. Heard about him. Sad story. Unloved as a child, Mickey was the Golden Mouse, Dickey the scapegoat. Didn’t get invited to Mickey and Minnie’s wedding because he made Goofy uncomfortable. Inter cartoon realtionships being what they were back then.


DennisDoes t1_ja9e0yw wrote

That’s Veteran Mickey. Thank him for his service


FrankieGS t1_ja9fsw4 wrote

Can’t imagine what could be hidden in his house basement


Bruhdale-dingle t1_ja9ikqu wrote

His weird brother who isn’t allowed within 500 yards of any school for no particular reason


AccountAfter t1_ja9je40 wrote

Mikey Mouse just didn't plane out like Mickey did.


UpperDoctor5191 t1_ja9kyrd wrote

PedoMouse out in traffic like "Hey, you got any kids in there!? I promise I don't have a gun!!"


Thatonemoox t1_ja9phln wrote

He traded sight for the gift of prophesy. Micky didn’t like what he had to say and exiled him from the magic kingdom.


TheJazzButter t1_ja9rhlg wrote

Is that the Mickey Mouse Dictator, Ron DeSantis, trying to punish Disney for being broke?


martdan010 t1_jaa0as1 wrote

That’s Mickeys’ 2nd cousin the crackhead


Hungry-Big-2107 t1_jaad8rv wrote

This is just what happens when you create Disney characters using an AI.


jl_theprofessor t1_jaasp0c wrote

I don't have a lot of things I fear but genuinely, mascots are like, the one thing. I remember as a child even, they just disturbed me. I'll never forget my mother trying to guide me over to see Governor Ratcliffe and I just started losing my shit.


Anba12 t1_jab6vrv wrote

Mikey the dead beat brother


Short_Ad_9383 t1_jac03p9 wrote

Don’t make fun of Ricky rat. He has to make a living too lol 😂