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Corzare t1_ja00z0i wrote

I’ve been using one of these bottles for months and it’s never leaked once


jt_tesla t1_ja0znu1 wrote

Same here. It’s actually a nice convenience


Abundance144 t1_ja1bvtp wrote

Yup, it works.

The joke is the mess on the store shelf. My guess is some kid squirted it all over the place.


BeeBladen t1_ja4eu8g wrote

I actually love mine and just keep refilling it. You can tell the foil seal came off that one in transit.


cindblank t1_ja01tzo wrote

I have been using them for a year and have two bottles and have even refilled them. Never leaked. This one is defective or someone squeezed in on the shelf. BTW best idea ever. Absolutely love these things. :)


upinthaclouds t1_ja19c3s wrote

Wouldn't expect them to leak based on the ketchup and mayo ppl did the same thing years ago. Sell smaller sizes but add the special lid and boom someone will like it and pay more for the luxury


cindblank t1_ja1b6li wrote

True. But you can just buy the fancy one once and get a large budget bottle of soap and refill it like I do.


KwigCO2 t1_ja1ie27 wrote

The caps are interchangeable. I just found out and have just changed it to the new bottle.


linuxgator t1_ja1fk2a wrote

I just took an old ketchup bottle and but the refill size bottle of dish soap. Works just as well and saves me a couple bucks.


Lithl t1_ja003mv wrote

Somebody squeezed that bottle over the shelf. These bottles don't randomly leak.


personalhale t1_ja0p12r wrote

I LOVE these things. Discovered them a year or two and it was a game changer for the kitchen sink. Never had one leak and I like to see how far away from my hand I can squirt it from.


russAreus t1_ja3o9pe wrote

Haven’t tried these, is the game changing aspect just not having to turn the bottle over? Or am I missing something.


personalhale t1_ja3p99a wrote

No cap to flip open either, just pick it up and squeeze. No messes ever.


Sellazar t1_ja02ca1 wrote

These are the same as the Fairy dish washing liquid in Europe, I stuffed one in my travelling bag, it got banged around and everything without a single leak.. someone dropped one and put it back on the shelf.


Van_GOOOOOUGH t1_ja0fu1c wrote

We've had one of these for months and so far it has been mess free


mtntrail t1_ja0ka8c wrote

Been using them since they came out, fantastic, no drips ever.


Oer1 t1_ja06seg wrote

On the upside, it's so cleansing that it apparently melted through plastic!


CmdrFortyTwo t1_ja1zpja wrote

I blame this on irresponsible parents... no matter the age of the offender this imho most likely the result of poor parenting.
These are the ONLY bottles I'll use/refill in my house.


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pantybacon86 t1_ja15oqx wrote

Been through about 10 of so of these and did have 2 of them leak. Both had been sitting nearly empty under the sink for a few weeks. Don't ignore them I guess lol.


solstice-sky t1_ja18ae8 wrote

Isn't it funny how Dawn started significantly underfiling all of their products within the last few years like the bottles aren't CLEAR and we don't have EYES


PaulRuddsButthole t1_ja1ir2p wrote

Okay. Does anyone remember how Dawn commercials were saying how it only takes a drop to clean. But the commercial for this new product has you slathering it in like mustard on a hotdog.


PolloteVil t1_ja1mk1j wrote

Have you tried putting it UP?


PinkZeusLoL t1_ja1ugxr wrote

I had the same doubts and then decided to try it. It is surprisingly good. It has yet to leak once. I fully recommend it!


RobertPaulson81 t1_ja2jkfd wrote

They don't leak. I had a bottle for a while and never had an issue.

That one's just defective


KidzBop_Anonymous t1_ja4723h wrote

This design is made to use more soap. It requires you to apply a lot of pressure and when it does come out that pressure is released and too much soap comes shooting out. It’s by design


[deleted] t1_ja3j3dx wrote

That’s what you get for not buying the bottle with the duck picture on it


-LinuxGuy2020- t1_ja0qcnq wrote

About every 5 years or so they come back out with all kinds of products with these terrible rubber valve caps. Everyone pretends to forget and act like they are new. These require so much pressure to open up that you end up using more product than you wanted and so you end up buying more product. They have used them on ketchup, mustard, mayo, relish, BBQ and all kinds of stuff. All work terrible too. End up with enough ketchup and mustard on your hotdog than you would need for 2 or 3 hot dogs. Very wasteful.


brannak1 t1_ja0yoig wrote

This product actually works really well. But there is also no way to use just a little bit. Typically I’ll put a dab at the bottom of the sink for use later if I just need a little or I’ll put it on my scrubber to use later too