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HolySnens t1_j9bz57t wrote



Radical-Turkey t1_j9bzyrt wrote

Who else but Quagmire?


EBW-CO t1_j9bzch8 wrote

Holy shit the socks in his hand take the cake for me. Buddy was straight unpacking when his brain went night night


QuiGonGiveItToYa OP t1_j9c0zj5 wrote

I’ve been crying laughing at this picture for days. It’s a masterpiece.


Ohnonotuto4 t1_j9bzf8g wrote

Smart drunk, he will not choke on his own vomit.


QuiGonGiveItToYa OP t1_j9bzxw3 wrote


The_Kiatro t1_j9c0fed wrote

I wonder how much the hotel is going to charge for that carpet. Does he just have to pay to clean it? Or is it his now for 3x it's actual value?


QuiGonGiveItToYa OP t1_j9c12b3 wrote

We’re assuming we’ll be buying this place a new rug.


AintAintAWord t1_j9c4s14 wrote

"That rug really tied the room together, did it not?"


racedrone t1_j9ey2np wrote

At least nobody pissed on it and he should have been wearing his robe after drinking that many white russians. Much more comfortable.


DarthArterius t1_j9do7rm wrote

If you throw it out in a sneaky way they may forget there's supposed to be a rug in there. Or they'll charge triple what cleaning it would cost. Lol


Selstial21 t1_j9dq9px wrote

I doubt it. I used to work in a similar place, your just gonna have a really pissed off facilities guy. You 100% lost your deposit but a good carpet cleaner and bio cleaning chemical would have that rug back to normal in less than an 1-2 hours


Denkir-the-Filtiarn t1_j9en714 wrote

Just tell the housekeepers and remember to tip them very well. I work at a hotel and that usually smooths over the obvious irritation they can't display at having to clean this sort of thing.


Gorcrow t1_j9c3bol wrote

What the hell did he eat? Tree bark?

Its got to be Wood chips, Or pulled pork.


Decent_Wrongdoer_201 t1_j9g78yu wrote

This is honestly scary. He's lucky he was in that position, but maybe he should drink less


Shit_Shepard t1_j9eqzye wrote

But he has left himself vulnerable in a way… let’s hope Qui doesn’t GiveItToHim.


Cormetz t1_j9deojp wrote

The morning after the first night of my bachelor party weekend I woke up halfway in my closet, my friend was next to my bed on the ground, another was in the bathtub of the other bathroom, another two on the floor or halfway on the couches, and one on the balcony. Only one friend actually slept on the couch. We also found a picture of one of them passed out sitting upright on the bathroom sink after having pissed his pants.

This was the first night. It was just supposed to be a night where we met up in Houston before driving to New Orleans. After that, it got weirder.


Lonewolf_heree t1_j9byve8 wrote

when you know some shit is about to go down.


jorsiem t1_j9c34tb wrote

This is how someone get accidentally fucked in the ass. Y'all know how weird those white boy bachelor parties get.


ScumBrad t1_j9drp7g wrote

I'm trying to imagine how one could accidentally get fucked in the ass. Like, he was trying to move his friend to a better position and accidentally unbuckled his boys belt in the process while reaching around his waist to move him. Then his pants fell down because of the position. The guy helping him was already in his boxers because he was ready for bed and his dick slipped through the pee hole when he was trying to lift his friend. The friction from the back of his friends shirt causes him to get an erection. Then while standing up after all this he slips on a bar of soap that fell out of this guys bag, his erect penis hits the band of the guys underwear pulling them down, and his penis manages to slide right into the guys ass which is naturally lubed with sweat because he had so much to drink and his body is trying to detox. Seems like a realistic scenario to me so I guess it could happen to anyone.


thisisnotdan t1_j9esmm6 wrote

You joke, but I would be worried for a girl who passed out in this position at a party.


nicknero t1_j9c3chg wrote

That actually happened to me before. I was wasted at a party came in a room to sleep and there was a hamper on the bed. Soon as I grabbed it my head went in and I went out like a light.


sharpcyrcle t1_j9bz894 wrote

He must have thought he was the entertainment.


honcho5522 t1_j9c0waq wrote

At least he made it to the bed


OldSamVimes t1_j9c0lie wrote

Oh my goodness... never, EVER pass out in that position.


fpfx t1_j9dsex3 wrote

Face down ass up yup


Sapatilhas t1_j9c2f82 wrote

Where I'm from we say that's how Germany lost the war


Constrictorboa t1_j9c4ycu wrote

I'll bet he was thankful you guys pulled his pants back up for him after you were done.


reallysrry t1_j9c1wtv wrote

Heys just wishing you a happy party


TypeOBlack t1_j9c2fbl wrote

Clearly not his first rodeo..


dqrules11 t1_j9c1atr wrote

Hey, at least he made it there!


bizcat t1_j9c2iyh wrote

Nothing like Tide-fresh laundry!


raketherape t1_j9c153u wrote

That belt wouldn't last a second if i was there


BigBadBen91x t1_j9c1ir1 wrote

I think we all know what comes next


orons t1_j9c4rpp wrote

Mummy’s son. Remember to unpack your bag before the bedtime! Always, forever!


gene_smythe1968 t1_j9dfw3w wrote

Man if I had a dollar for every time this happened to me…


DeadwoodNative t1_j9dj50o wrote

Passed out? Wink wink. At least according to his brown eye.


ItsOnlyaFewBucks t1_j9dqakq wrote

I don't know it looks like he has a death grip on that pile of clothes/bed? He might have said he was passed out...


SupaDiogenes t1_j9eakp7 wrote

When you find a position that stops the spinning, you stay in that position.


Dontuselogic t1_j9eukn7 wrote

Funny, my 5 year old was sleeping like this the other day . I had no idea how he was doing it it.


God-Level-Tongue t1_j9hechu wrote

Even suitcases look hot after that much booze


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mkpmcg t1_j9c4qml wrote

I think your buddy was hoping he’d end up as “entertainment”.


hello_fellow-kids t1_j9c4qzk wrote

Uhoh, step bro passed out with his ass in the air. Well……..*unzips


paragonx29 t1_j9c5btv wrote

You should have given him a wedgie.


imbiat t1_j9c68u0 wrote

Could have just paid the penny to hang over a rope instead of getting a hotel room


MorkMasher t1_j9dc5ym wrote

It's just a prank step bro


wigam t1_j9dkjoq wrote

You friend is a catcher


MobyDuc38 t1_j9dqmca wrote

Congratulations! You've given yourself alcohol poisoning!


Pure_Focus7475 t1_j9dwtk7 wrote

Someone cover up steve theres a dancing bear at the door


Heavy_Schedule4046 t1_j9e098q wrote

His head must have been spinnin like a a top when he put himself there.


Bluemars776 t1_j9evo24 wrote

This is a vomit prone position


Justjerryj t1_j9ewu4g wrote

Now turn your head and spell RUN.


dryiceboy t1_j9fp9l7 wrote

Prone bone position


Trusting_The-Process t1_j9fwd7a wrote

I found an elderly gentleman passed away just like this just last year.


Frankiedafuter t1_j9g2zjp wrote

Been there. Poor bastard the next day.


Araknid_ia t1_j9gorvi wrote

First though was: "what is nikocado avocado doing?"


[deleted] t1_j9iljfl wrote

Haha Alcohol is so funny.


Joelpp2002 t1_j9jydi3 wrote

I call this the “ass up” position, used for when shits about to go down


Borgheu t1_j9c2lfk wrote

Omg that screams positional asphyxiation… he is lucky to be alive. Hope you laid him on his side right away.


OkSympathy9500 t1_j9dmv6l wrote

Hope it wasn’t a gay bachelor party


J4MES101 t1_j9eci6x wrote

Couldn’t show his face after wearing that shirt all night?


Smooth-Painting107 t1_j9fpf71 wrote

None of u guys are gay right? Cause that's a pretty vulnerable dangerous position

No homo


westcal98 t1_j9c9dhb wrote

Red rover. Red rover. Send JaMarcus to come pound Steve who passed out bent over!