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throwaway120375 t1_ja8hf4g wrote

He said nothing wrong. His implications were about colors not people. Fucking idiotic woke culture unable to use common sense.


MooseLaminate t1_ja9xndc wrote

It's a cartoon of parents being embarrassed about their kid saying something stupid that could sound inappropriate. Chill out, did 'woke culture' fuck your mum or something?


throwaway120375 t1_ja9yy3h wrote

When people miss the point, they say stupid shit. As example, your statement. Good job.


MooseLaminate t1_jaa0f34 wrote

Where did the 'woke culture' touch you? Is it in the room with us now?


throwaway120375 t1_jaa5voe wrote

Where did your brain touch you? Was it your no no spot? Is that why you got rid of it?