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satluvscheese t1_ja45j71 wrote

Who's your favorite power ranger?

White power ....ranger


Bok408 t1_ja45qc7 wrote

It is indeed frustrating when people get triggered over kids being dumb/saying dumb shit. Kids are dumb. Before anyone learns something, they are dumb. How can so many people not realize that?


CronaTheAwper t1_ja47ll4 wrote

tmnt colors were orange, red, blue, and purple tho...


wwarnout t1_ja4dmpr wrote

> sometimes put random words together

Before I read it carefully, I thought they were referring to Trump.


ITCM4 t1_ja4f22l wrote

Hot shower! Hot shower! Hot shower!


Swordofsatan666 t1_ja4p54p wrote

Its not always them getting frustrated at the kids, sometimes its getting frustrated at the parents because typically you have to learn something from somewhere. Like a kid still has to hear the word “fuck” from somewhere before they start spouting it out everywhere, so the people sometimes get frustrated that the parents are using these words around the kids and reinforcing the words in the kids head.

Like theres legitimately people out there who are racist and shout white power all the time, and the kid saying that nonsense could be an indicator the parents are racists. Sure kids are dumb, but sometimes that dumb is regurgitating words they hear regularly from their parents. How can so many people not realize that?


Gasnia t1_ja4xcuq wrote

Reminds me of when I was young and playing neopets. I got my first pet, one of the goat things and I tried to name him Horny and the game wouldn't let me. I called my mom over to ask why and she couldn't stop from laughing.


BednaR1 t1_ja4ylla wrote

It's ok to be white 😁


dawho1 t1_ja524lz wrote

A core tenet of our parenting has been saying “remember, kids are stupid” whenever one of our girls (6 & 8) says something like “My friend Teddy said that…”

It’s worked pretty well.

Surprisingly good results with not pulling punches on cursing too. We both knew they’d hear the words from us or others eventually, so they had a pretty good repertoire prior to kindergarten; we spent all of our time just illustrating acceptable use situations instead. Never at school (or at least not when teachers are around), never at friends houses (or at least not when parents are around), shit like that.


madefordownvoting t1_ja582cj wrote

i work with kids, and i do not think it's that they're necessarily stupid (some kids are stupid, ofc; some adults are stupid also) -- it's that they just don't know anything. but they just got here, so that makes sense.


NoDontDoThatCanada t1_ja5irfq wrote

My 2yo told another kid at the library, "lt's too f**king bad." when they wanted one of the toys he had. I'm not a great parent.


platypuspup t1_ja5l3ec wrote

My sister in law overheard a child say, "wait mommy, we can't cross the road until the white man says we can." So our family was extra careful to call the pedestrian cross signal green every time, no matter how white it looks.


dawho1 t1_ja5z8jr wrote

Yeah, we don’t mean they’re literally stupid, just that they’re not to be considered reliable sources of information, especially if their friends’ tidbit is at odds with something we’re actively talking to them about.


Tower21 t1_ja6feo2 wrote

I'm going to let you in on a little secret here. Just say your Canadian, preferably this way: "Sorry eh, I'm a Canadian, didn't mean to be a hoser eh".

If they ask where you're from say Labrador, it sounds fancy.


PsychoSpider88 t1_ja77oq4 wrote

Why does the mother turn into a turtle in the last frame?


nebenbaum t1_ja7cjt2 wrote

I'm not a native English speaker - when I was younger, I was chatting in a server about Japan and was too lazy to write "Japanese", so I shorthanded it to jap, instead of jp or jpn, because hey, first three letters, right?

Suddenly people got very angry, I was very confused until someone told me that apparently American war propaganda used "jap" as a derogatory term during ww2. Bruh, people can be overly sensitive. I've never heard anyone use that shorthand since, especially not in a derogatory way.


gentlepettingzoo t1_ja7j3bz wrote

I hope everyone there had a chuckle, a baby that shouts "white power" in a public place, without any understanding of what they're saying is hilarious. I love those awkward weird moments.


last_drop_of_pee t1_ja83wk4 wrote

If you're offended by anything that comes out of the mouth of a toddler, you are the problem.


Allaun t1_ja8fnyn wrote

In this specific case, (in the sketch) Zordon is SPECIFICALLY choosing peoples color due to historical prejudice about color association with certain groups. He is given a chance to choose a leader based on experience (as much as a teenager being sent into a military engagement can have). But he prefers to be bigoted.


throwaway120375 t1_ja8hf4g wrote

He said nothing wrong. His implications were about colors not people. Fucking idiotic woke culture unable to use common sense.