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mechwarrior719 t1_j9b86jz wrote

Yeah. But Jesus drives a Honda but doesn’t talk about it.


ThisCouldBeYourName t1_j9b4vld wrote

From Gwinnett? Nope, definitely not God. Probably Satan trying to pose


BarberaCube t1_j9b6b6s wrote

Ernest P. Worell: You know, I don't want to insult you being we've just met and all, but you kind of remind me of somebody.

Santa Claus: Santa Claus?

Ernest P. Worell: I guess you get that a lot, huh?

Santa Claus: Well it's to be expected.

Ernest P. Worell: Because you look like him?

Santa Claus: Because I am him.

Ernest P. Worell: Because you am him.

[looks back confusedly]


altairzio t1_j9b6t5m wrote

Who do you think you are?! I am!!


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AnEvilSunBro t1_j9b4xfx wrote

I bet that guy is wearing a Metal Mulisha hat and drinking a Monster as we speak


bacontacos420 t1_j9bglp4 wrote

God if this is funny then just strike me down with lightning please


Cheetahs_never_win t1_j9cwbun wrote

Are we sure this isn't just a Powerpuff Girls reference?