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APC_ChemE t1_ja2332a wrote

Cat perspective: "Human pet gets up to drink and I can finally get my seat back."


Neinbozobozobozo t1_ja22ghm wrote

She's trying to tell you that you deserve a real gaming chair.


DoubleOScarn OP t1_ja23axo wrote

Lol I have one. Just didn’t make the trip downstairs with everything else


SwissCanuck t1_ja4rdxs wrote

Or trying to say, “you’re lucky this cable is still a cable”


zen_mojo t1_ja2dyux wrote

My cat used to look like that. She got severe arthritis from being so big and we had to put her to sleep.


-Here-There- t1_ja2k2lx wrote

Yeah, obesity kinda causes suffering with any animal. Diabetes, arthritis like you mentioned, motility issues. This cat needs a diet change immediately.

Sorry to hear about you cat, by the way. Much love.


DoubleOScarn OP t1_ja6j1hk wrote

It’s my mother’s cat. I’ve been telling her to put her on a diet for a couple year now.(She’s 7)When my mother took her to the vet for a check up this last January, the vet suggested she go on a diet. So she’s on one now. Wish she would’ve listened a while ago. But according to the vet, she’s otherwise healthy at the moment. As long as she doesn’t keep chonking up and she actually sticks to that diet. Also, sorry to hear about yours. I’ll let her hear your story and maybe that will convince her to stick to it more.


Commercial_Shine_448 t1_ja22xks wrote

He a chonk


DoubleOScarn OP t1_ja23csb wrote

Normal sized head with a chonk body


M-3X t1_ja2bjqk wrote

This cat is the home owner.

Look, she chose even the matching color of the carpet.


Rich_Cow_4236 t1_ja21imk wrote

Cant imagine gaming on this kind of chair, you must have excellent posture


DoubleOScarn OP t1_ja2387t wrote

My gaming chair is upstairs. I brought the VR2 downstairs for people to play and the gaming chair didn’t make it down too.


[deleted] t1_ja27fcy wrote

Ok so I’m an old head when it comes to VR.

Is it fun? Is it worth it? Are there games to play? Does it make you dizzy? Does it hurt your eyes? Does it cross your eyes? Are the graphics good today in VR? Does it work with a computer or only the ps5? (VR p•rn? Lol). If you wanted to right now could you somehow load up a program that for example has The Eiffel Tower in VR and go look around/explore Paris freely? Would semi-house-bound 60 year olds be able to use them and have fun or is there no games or anything for them to really do and would probably get them hurt anyways? Lol thanks if u answer any of those!


Rich_Cow_4236 t1_ja27nn4 wrote

Understandable, those chairs can be a real hassle to transport


DoubleOScarn OP t1_ja28man wrote

Yea, it was this chair or a barstool. Both shitty options.


[deleted] t1_ja34z7p wrote



TapSwipePinch t1_ja43g8b wrote

If you sit on a hard chair like this for hours I can quarantee your ass hurts (area around tail bone anyway), and it is not because you're overweight or because of that last friday night.


henry_b t1_ja26se0 wrote

You can't imagine sitting in a normal chair?


Rich_Cow_4236 t1_ja27b4j wrote

While gaming for long periods of time? Nope


henry_b t1_ja27h44 wrote

I kinda doubt that man lol. You didn't always have a gaming chair.


Rich_Cow_4236 t1_ja27tyc wrote

Still don't have a gaming chair. Just a padded office chair is enough for me. But a wooden chair? My ass won't survive that


DJ_Mega t1_ja2q4oc wrote

I did that for a computer chair and yeah back and legs and butt feel like you have stabbing burning sensations after about 30 minutes.


ToothlessGrandma t1_ja266gt wrote

I recommend a timed cat feeder. It's not normal for cats to be this large. Portioned meals at set times of the day will go far. In 2-3 months your cat might be half the size. The weight your cat shows in this photo is a result of over feeding.


-Here-There- t1_ja2kfll wrote

That’s all I gathered from this post. Poor cat is suffering from being over fed. I’m sure any animal appreciates the food but you have to be an advocate and keep them on a routine diet with a food appropriate for their age and body. If obesity is bad for us, it’s bad -if not worse- for them. Unfortunately they don’t have the longevity we have to begin with so unless you want that shortened one of the easiest things that can be managed is their food intake.


Ok-Astronaut4402 t1_ja2jw36 wrote

Hopefully it was a diet drink, that cat needs no more carbs


Cleverbird t1_ja2m7i2 wrote

Your cat needs to go on a diet


DoppelFrog t1_ja2o4y4 wrote

Looks like you got up to get more food for the cat.

Seriously tho, that cat is unhealthily overweight.


Subdown-011 t1_ja229yt wrote

As a cat owner this hits hard


likebudda t1_ja268ig wrote

"The cord reaches to the couch"



GooseMay0 t1_ja28p17 wrote

I love the "oh were you sitting here?" look.


DoubleOScarn OP t1_ja28xav wrote

I wish I could have recorded the “why are you surprised I took it” look she gave me after.


Niksuski t1_ja2nqc5 wrote

Your cat is massive


cantsurpassmediocre t1_ja21aoh wrote

My cat steals my chair then fights for dear life when I try to pull her off


gottabemaybe t1_ja28fzo wrote

The trick is to turn on some audio on your phone and leave the phone in your spot. Natural pe[s]t repellant.

But then --> No r/Funny Reddit posts :(


FarBookkeeper7987 t1_ja3je32 wrote

Kitty aside, you’re rockin the 21st century on your head and the 19th century on your ass.


NJtoNM t1_ja4ox12 wrote

Apparently you took one second too long! Funny.


USayThatAgain t1_ja5bgu7 wrote

Oh look, a cat shaped seat cushion! How did that get there?


InconsistentResident t1_ja2094e wrote

Cats world, we're just living in it.


ThiqCoq t1_ja232tr wrote

Yeah but think about it. The cat is probably like wtf kind of world is he living in with that headset on! Lol to an ignorant external observer, a vr user probably looks mind boggling as fuck. Lol just observe the cats eyes... it looks like it wants to have a serious chat lol


NetJnkie t1_ja20lsn wrote

Same. Every time I get up from my desk during the day for work I come back to a cat who is somehow offended that I have to move her.


tigerCELL t1_ja24lpu wrote

Mine did this til I got him an electric warming bed next to my desk. Now he's happy and I have my chair.


GenericElucidation t1_ja32tr9 wrote

Wow your kitty is a chonker. Maybe need to cut back on the treats lol


DickheadNL t1_ja3n3jj wrote

Is that the new psvr?


DoubleOScarn OP t1_ja3pfuq wrote

It is


DickheadNL t1_ja4q668 wrote

Looks good! I still love my ps4 and my psvr 1. What kind of move controllers do you have?


DoubleOScarn OP t1_ja53yg0 wrote

It comes with two “sense controllers”. They are the circular controllers as opposed to the wands.


bigchongus-_- t1_ja47c1e wrote

Chongus just wants to try the VR headset bro


inflatableje5us t1_ja4quf8 wrote

when ever i needed the cat to move i would very deliberately place a piece of copy paper in the middle of the floor while she was watching. i would adjust it back and forth a little bit then walk away for a second. every time she would be laying on the paper when i came back.


loky1908 t1_ja5tkqg wrote

It's just a cat owner thing


DoubleOScarn OP t1_ja6j8zj wrote

Luckily it’s my mothers and I only have to deal with this behavior a few times a year. But I still love her.


loky1908 t1_ja79gvy wrote

Hay a cat is a cat thay might hate you but deep down there just a little kitten wanting to play


RebekhaG t1_ja6bhwh wrote

Your cat is like you snooze you lose. I can relate to your situation as a cat owner. I have a cat that is a massive seat stealer.


plumpchungus t1_ja7896g wrote

"Mom said it's my turn to play VR games. "


RedStoner93 t1_ja9y34o wrote

It was nice of her to let you use the chair at all! Know your place human


akruppa t1_jaaco5k wrote

Huh? If you didn't want me to sit on this chair, then why did you warm it for me?


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iambluest t1_ja23174 wrote

She is telling you it is time to talk about this strange behaviour.


sharting_fish t1_ja24cjh wrote

Move your feet lose your seat, dweeb.


LegalizeChildP0rn t1_ja26y6u wrote

Like my mother used to say

Shuffle your feet, lose your seat


bobcatt t1_ja2axam wrote

Move your meat lose your seat. House rules.


Yabanjin t1_ja2dc8z wrote

I just got PSVR2. It’s the first VR thing I have ever done in my life (I’m 58). How do I go back to regular gaming now that I’ve experienced it?


DesignerBag96 t1_ja2fue1 wrote

lol, just the universe telling you to pull that loveseat forward instead of sitting on that hard chair.


macfaddenstrews t1_ja2gqcm wrote

With that look, I actually think kitty wants to sit on your lap and watch you gaming.


bmack083 t1_ja2hjtl wrote

You playing Thumper?


fatbongo t1_ja2koif wrote

Awfully nice of you to keep the seat warm for them


Jyslina t1_ja2npvn wrote

Fastest I ever got my seat taken was when I wasn't even done standing up out of my bean bag chair and she was in it.


saltfly626 t1_ja2um12 wrote

I have that same chair.


hbkdll t1_ja2xzdf wrote

Is that megachonker or oh lawd he comin


sabeshs t1_ja2yfuq wrote

Yup, this is normal. Happens to me all the time.


sirmcslash t1_ja2zvcx wrote

my cat also does that


halfwaykf t1_ja32wg1 wrote

I have a second chair for when my cat does this


box_me_up t1_ja33wq6 wrote

The only thing that cat has done within two seconds is scarf down some food.


TomTheCat6 t1_ja38ee1 wrote

Damn, nice gaming chair


chocobobleh t1_ja39mnb wrote

That would be such an uncomfortable chair to game in for long periods of time.

Get yourself a lil butt pillow, friend.


Sym69696969 t1_ja3ahfo wrote

Kitty what on earth are ya doin


ferrix t1_ja3e9ce wrote

"What? You must have mistake; I always was sit here."


bobeany t1_ja3ikaw wrote

I am taking classes and my cat would always do this when I was studying. The solution is a chair for the cat so she can sit next to you. Now when I study I sit next to her and she doesn’t steal my seat or walk over my books…unless it’s close to dinner time.


Briyte t1_ja3jdzv wrote

An immovable object meets a scratchable object what happens


Cj_Joker t1_ja3jqew wrote

My mom has those exact same chairs with her dining room table set :O


Tissuerejection t1_ja3qp7q wrote

Now strap your VR headset oto your cat , and post pictures for infinite karma.


zluszcz t1_ja3xhui wrote

OP must have the most comfortable ass to choose a wooden chair over his couch.


marl3yman t1_ja3zlot wrote

You have carpet and a decent couch. Upgrade the gaming chair. It will improve your performance.


Haryzen_ t1_ja40qdx wrote

"Mom said it's my turn on the PlayStation"


Shirvana t1_ja44fds wrote

You warmed the seat for kitty!


Waytoogloriya t1_ja49rx4 wrote

buy a little chair for kitty and stand it next to yours.


Karlston2 t1_ja4cfo4 wrote

I iz keeping your warmz spot warmz...


biscuit13 t1_ja4uv7e wrote

This really is funny. Like it! And your sweet kitty!


HerrDoktorLaser t1_ja4wjlb wrote


Your cat can give you side-eye while looking straight at you!


leto369 t1_ja5gto5 wrote

I miss my cat now lol


--Grognak-- t1_ja5gwsp wrote

"Mom said it's my turn to use the headset"


PirateCaptainSoT t1_ja5jp1z wrote

Don't lay that on the ground. One day you will regret it.


axolotl426 t1_ja6olpi wrote

sit on the floor. its their seat now


thieh t1_ja206br wrote

You don't own cats. They own you. It's not your cat. You are its human.

This is completely expected as it exerts dominance over you.


91-til_infinity t1_ja25k3j wrote

Khajiit has chair. You sit somewhere else meow.


Economy-Initial-6295 t1_ja289ly wrote

Pack and play and a shitty chair in the middle of the living room. Got my first baby on the way and I always feel this pic.


General_Specific t1_ja2lttz wrote

Body heat. Cats need heat. Get a box and a heating pad on low.


Admetus t1_ja2m5v7 wrote

It's the floor for you.


Bitter_Mongoose t1_ja2spw7 wrote

The problem here is that the food bowl is obviously empty and you don't have treats in your hand.


Itsbetterthanwork t1_ja2vf3v wrote

I e got 3 cats and every and I mean every time I get up one of em shoots into where I was sitting. Not a problem when I’m listening to music as I just put something on they hate


Xtremefluff t1_ja3o499 wrote

Cats are funny like that, but if you love your pet it needs a proper diet or it's going to have health issues.


Recombomatic t1_ja4ssp4 wrote

she's adorkable and i am evious


Bergfurgaler t1_ja59cv9 wrote

Normally I would say just pick the cat up and set them somewhere else, but that Chonk Unit of a cat may give you a herniated disk if you tried to move them. It'll be safer if you just go get another chair, that one is his now.


brettmjohnson t1_ja77n91 wrote

That is a kitty telling you that you really need to get an upholstered recliner.


Ukenix t1_ja2152d wrote

Pussy prowlers be thieving for the seats o’ thy subjects.


Saitura t1_ja2hz2s wrote

Move your twat lose your spot is why my mom would say when the kitty stole my seat.


Dr_Bitchcraft8 t1_ja2se7r wrote

Pick up your feet, you’ve lost your seat. 😂


nautilator44 t1_ja3f4cw wrote

That cat is a CHONK <3


DoubleOScarn OP t1_ja3pwmx wrote

Definitely a chonk. Only catsitting for my mom. I told my mom she needed to put her on a diet but I don’t think listens.