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techmonkey920 t1_j84iytg wrote

People in Alabama won't understand


[deleted] t1_j85qo77 wrote



SZEThR0 t1_j861jd3 wrote

that's the wedding cake


Uid2 t1_j85wk3a wrote

Sister with benefits


QU417Z t1_j84jg4w wrote mean homage?


NipplelessWoman OP t1_j84jjff wrote

Autocorrect 😓


SteveMcQwark t1_j84m72i wrote

It's pronounced "ohm-PAWje" (or "HAWMP-udge" when anglicized).


zanbato t1_j874lmz wrote

No, homepage, like when you set up a website in tribute to something. It means you're trying to honor it.


SuperSlims t1_j84z99z wrote

I really want to use, "you and me are donion rings!"


phantom_munkey t1_j84q0cb wrote

Yeah, the worst I had was "I love you like a brother". Then ghosted me..


McGloomy t1_j855ok1 wrote

why would they ghost their brother


Crontab t1_j86sgrc wrote

He got creepy and she peaced out.


Emergency-Alarm8392 t1_j87dd2e wrote

Yeah, sometimes setting boundaries with those dude friends doesn’t work. One once tried to get into my room, where I luckily had a lock. After that, it was Casper the RBF Ghost to him at work.


UnironicEmpath t1_j87d1dh wrote

Yeah, I'd also ghost my brother if her said he wanted to fuck me.


emmyhc t1_j85uzdq wrote

In high school a guy I was "seeing" told me he loved me then saw me panic and awkwardly finished it by saying like a sister...........

We didn't talk again for month. Made senior year awkward


Licensed2Pill t1_j85lyq8 wrote

You should’ve asked if she meant step-brother or real brother.


Powerful-Knee3150 t1_j86kxj9 wrote

Mine was, after 6 years “I never meant for it to get this serious.”


JaeCryme t1_j866s39 wrote

“You feel like a brother to me.” ~College girlfriend of four years after she’s been banging her boss for three months and cheating on both of us with yet another coworker, 2004.


ironroad18 t1_j87jty2 wrote

Damn, at that point it was no longer "your" girlfriend but "our" girlfriend.

Hopefully you kept that one out of your life for good.


Pristine_Power_8488 t1_j84oqh4 wrote

Must be nice to have a fun family. In mine, this would have been more of a pick-up line.


whyareyoustaringup t1_j84wcwg wrote

that title => /r/boneappletea


pm_me_your_rigs t1_j85cnp1 wrote

It's people like you who ruin that sub

This is clearly an autocorrect / text to speach issue here the poster doesn't think it's pronounced homepage


sinapz_lol t1_j85dyg9 wrote

That's some next level irony. Now we need a sub for people who incorrectly reference a sub like that (I'm assuming there already is one)


whyareyoustaringup t1_j85dncj wrote

It's people like you that ruin Reddit. I didn't post it in /r/boneappletea, it was a clever way to point out OP's cringe title. Regardless, cringe titles are absolutely part of that sub and 90% are probably inadvertent. Everyone can check before they click submit.


pm_me_your_rigs t1_j85psea wrote

It's not clever at all.


whyareyoustaringup t1_j85r17n wrote

That's the thing about clever stuff, simple people don't usually get it...


scmathie t1_j85v610 wrote

It's not clever because it's not for the right reason. The irony is you don't seem to get it.


whyareyoustaringup t1_j866tag wrote

To sum it up, people in this thread don't know what the word clever means or the word irony...


NotThisAgain21 t1_j86qozc wrote

PLEASE post some other snacks brought, and other themes youve done.


NipplelessWoman OP t1_j879i4n wrote

We just started doing these snacked themed game night! The other snacks yesterday were a heart shaped pizza and ice cream.

Next month is “anything green.” So I have to think of something witty for then. We live in Utah and I’m debating on green jello or something else to highlight the culture here. Or do something else.


LarryTheHamsterXI t1_j87u2d5 wrote

Mint brownies, they’ve at least got some green on them and the way BYU kids talk about them here in Provo you’d think they were secretly laced with crack or something


NipplelessWoman OP t1_j88xm3t wrote

I work with a lot of byu students and I have had these. I literally don’t understand the hype. Since moving to Utah, I tend to chalk these obsessions to that it’s just the sugar addiction speaking. 😂


wuapinmon t1_j89rs6z wrote

If you're in Utah, go get some lime Koolaid, some limes, and some dry ice and make some "witches" brew. The dry ice will chill and carbonate the drink and makes cool "smoke."

When I lived in Provo, you could buy dry ice at every grocery store. Of course, that was a long time ago, but I imagine that Mormons are still making their own root beer.


catrtd7 t1_j857icw wrote

Must've been really interesting to order this cake


8yr0n t1_j85q1d5 wrote

“What are you doing step brother?!?”


No_Cranberry2755 t1_j85fr8b wrote

This would make the break up sex pretty awkward.. although, phub might dissagree.


KevinDean4599 t1_j85toc6 wrote

I'd be thrilled if someone was breaking up with me using one of those sugary grocery store cakes. I'd thank them and sit in front of the tv with a fork!


anormalgeek t1_j879rmy wrote

Maybe if you had more nipples, he would've stayed around longer.


NipplelessWoman OP t1_j87a1ie wrote

My most abusive relationship took my nipples from me, his name was cancer. 😂😂😂😂

My terrible attempt at a breast cancer joke.


anormalgeek t1_j87avnl wrote

See. Women always attracted to the bad boys like cancer instead of the nice guys like good old fashioned on grown pubic hairs.



trippyz t1_j84skbj wrote

...than a lover?


Adsnaylor0161 t1_j852cix wrote

I’m sorry but what does this say


reddit_is_censoreddd t1_j86x9yk wrote

Your family sounds nice. I wish I was closer with my family.


NipplelessWoman OP t1_j879tpp wrote

We do these with my husband’s cousins. We are so lucky to have them live so close to us to have these. I live across country from my family, and my husband has very little to do with his family but these cousins are amazing people.


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argama87 t1_j84ju9a wrote

But what if she's into Onee-chan roleplay?


Cheesetorian t1_j862mst wrote

"Break up"...unless this was in Alabama this hopefully happened before there was even a relationshp.


McNuggett96 t1_j86k9t1 wrote

If someone gave me that I'd still eat the hell out of it


Angelwind76 t1_j86m7r0 wrote

Did you find this cake in the store's index.html?


Tip_n_Ring t1_j86tj0n wrote

Can't be Alabama, it's written in cursive.


Dawakat t1_j86v1r6 wrote

I remember trying to hit on girls in high school, they’d always laugh and be like “oh David Wakat, you’re like a big brother to me!” and that shit crushed me as a teenager lmao


slade797 t1_j86xsf1 wrote

An appropriate homepage.


OneWorldMouse t1_j87mlzs wrote

I still wouldn't rule anything out.


pmcall221 t1_j87qz3x wrote

I su you moa as a sister


[deleted] t1_j87y8zn wrote

Have we gone full r/boneappletea in the title??


JackoffSpadez t1_j87zoxv wrote

In Alabama, that's how you ask someone out.


Lordlolly t1_j88blpv wrote

That's a pick up line in some parts of the world.


The_G_89 t1_j86tilu wrote

Imagine having a healthy relationship with your family.


Head_Games_ t1_j86u80d wrote

And this icing looks more like tomato paste