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TheThirdThigh t1_jabex3c wrote

Imagine putting a another mans name as your plate


swampthing117 t1_jac89cc wrote

I'm in Michigan and my plate is IGGYPOP. To be fair, he is The Godfather of Punk.


EquinsuOchaACE t1_jaecu6s wrote

Oh you mean like MILLIONS of sports fans that wear a jersey with another man’s name on their back?


AdFuture1381 t1_jaay86y wrote

Ha! I saw this car over the weekend.


bulldog5253 t1_jabjzl4 wrote

I’m pretty sure I passed it in a traffic jam on 281 headed north out of San Antonio the other day.


Big-Result-9294 t1_jaazhzr wrote

Ok but aside from the license plate, that photo looks really nice.


jay_thorn OP t1_jabbggj wrote

Thanks. I just happened to have my phone mounted to the dashboard when I noticed the plate.


ghoulshow t1_jabkjmn wrote

Just one more level and he gets the [Hair Plugs] Cosmetic


biddilybong t1_jab436z wrote

Is that a 3 a Y or an x? They all look the same.


Send_Me_Huge_Tits t1_jac7y7w wrote

"anyone who likes something I don't is in a cult"


DWS223 t1_jab5gzd wrote

I used to want a Tesla but Elon’s craziness has really turned me off the brand.


KebabGud t1_jabmxlp wrote

just curious.. what brand do you have?


Sassy_Weatherwax t1_jabtz06 wrote

I'm not the poster you're referring to but we have a Rivian and it's great! I think it's a little over-engineered in the way most tech-bro things are, but it drives like a dream, has a ton of storage, handles beautifully in the rain and snow, and off roads like a champ. Overall they have great customer service and they're not owned by a megalomaniac man baby.


KebabGud t1_jac2y94 wrote

Amazon is a major owner of Rivian (arguably holding them afloat) And while Bezos is not a man baby he is a megalomaniac


Sassy_Weatherwax t1_jacwo1n wrote

good point, he is also a rocket douche. But he's not involved in the day to day operations the way Musk is with Tesla.


KebabGud t1_jad4y8w wrote

You are totally right Bezos has nothing to do with the day to day of Rivian and is also not the Majority stakeholder. the point i was hoping to make was that people tend to hyper fixate on Elon and then totally ignore the horrible things associated with other car brand. Rivian is somewhat safe currently in that regard, even if their association with Amazon is troubling (says the man who has 3 packages from amazon in route).

But if you look at companies like Lucid, their Majority stakeholder (61%) is the Saudi Government. In terms of who i would support between Elon and The Saudi Government , Well I'm picking the Edgelord manchild every day (until he goes full Supervillian.)

And old school Companies like Ford and VW.. well Henry Ford was pure Evil and VW was founded by Hitler himself..
A friend of mine Sold his Tesla because of Elon and got himself a Mustang Mach-E.. he is now the butt of a thousand jokes (and yes Henry ford is long dead but still the evil he did should never be forgotten)


And to add, Bezos is pretty much the epitome of Rocket douche, but i find it hard to call Elon a Rocket douche these days.
You have to take into consideration that Bezos has so far not even reached orbit and most of the launches are expensive joyrides while SpaceX is now the primary launchprovider for NASA and the only American launch provider that can deliver Humans to the ISS, They had in 2022 61 orbital launches, that ties with the Soviet unions record from 1980. and they are building the next Moon lander.

Elon is a Douche, but he is not a Rocket Douche, thats a title only Bezos gets to keep (especially after the stunt he pulled with the Artemis Program)


Sassy_Weatherwax t1_jae1uo6 wrote

I completely agree with you that the money trails of horrible entities are harder and harder to avoid. It's a symptom of the f*cked up late stage capitalism we've got. I do think Elon is a rocket douche because I'm deeply uncomfortable with that creepy edgelord having that much control over our space program. But I get what you are saying-Bezos is a cosplaying space fool.


KebabGud t1_jae4pf3 wrote

> I do think Elon is a rocket douche because I'm deeply uncomfortable with that creepy edgelord having that much control over our space program

I would not worry too much about that. What SpaceX did started an entire new industry thats resulted it several companies reaching orbit (But not Bezos).

Rocket Lab routinely launch their Electron rockets into orbit and their new Neutron rocket will probably be the rocket that replaces the SpaceX Falcon9 (when Starship is in full operation.)

Firefly Aerospace have kinda reached orbit (something Bezos is yet to manage)

We are still just in the start of the new Space age and its SO much cheaper this time.


Sassy_Weatherwax t1_jaefmfo wrote

I hope you're right. I worry that he's already got enough power and money to maintain a monopoly, at least on the critical infrastructure...but hopefully that's not true. It's frightening though, that Ukraine's internet and communication capability rests in his hands, especially because he's buddying up to authoritarians and is susceptible to flattery by bad actors just like his orange twin, Trump.


KebabGud t1_jaemg72 wrote

There is also a lot of misinformation out there regarding the use of Starlink in Ukraine.

Like when SpaceX said they cant use if for Drone strikes, people started complaining that Elon was sucking up to Putin ..

the reality is if they use it as a weapon or weapon component it will be classified as one and thus regulated by international Arms trade restrictions and made almost impossible to be sold outside the US..

there are a lot of billions invested in it


Lock-Broadsmith t1_jabnqgp wrote

There are also lots of genuinely better options now.


KobeBeaf t1_jabqszt wrote

When you consider availability, performance, and charger network there really aren’t yet.


Lock-Broadsmith t1_jabrgdc wrote

When you consider quality, price, and design, there really are. Charging infrastructure is the only thing remaining in Tesla’s moat, and depending on where you live, even that’s usually not a problem.


KobeBeaf t1_jacrfuo wrote

Design is entirely subjective, and who has Tesla beat on price really? Quality sure though I’ll give you that one


Cire_ET t1_jadogfo wrote

Everybody has tesla beat on price at this point


KobeBeaf t1_jaduqly wrote

I didn’t know that leaf’s and Bolts were “everybody” I get it though Tesla hate is the In thing right now. I shopped around and didn’t see much that beats a model 3 at its price point, What EV do you go with?


[deleted] t1_jabtzcy wrote



KobeBeaf t1_jacr6bh wrote

A select 40ish countries you mean? Show me a legacy manufacturer with actual inventory more available and I’ll eat my words on that one I guess. Performance isn’t dependent on location so that still stands. And as far as charger network where does a single manufacturer have Tesla beat? China maybe? This is coming from someone who shopped for and bought an EV recently. What EV did you end up choosing?


xdr01 t1_jabo16n wrote

Same, I'd be now embarrassed to own one, this coming from someone daily drives a old Kia.


7ofalltrades t1_jabqr2v wrote

Hopefully the brand separates from him soon. They're great cars.


Jampine t1_jabu33l wrote

Given he owns the company and is a chronic narcissist... That's never happening.

Also Tesla build quailty is questionable to say the best.


Weird-Ingenuity97 t1_jabbwvm wrote

When the red necks start buying cyber trucks I’m moving bro


megjangles t1_jabm7i5 wrote

This is Elon’s cousin, Ellen Musk


fujootyb t1_jabskze wrote

This is basically plate squatting


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gabeweb t1_jaarkqg wrote



mackinoncougars t1_jacc490 wrote

Is this the name of Elon’s next child?


gabeweb t1_jacfdul wrote

Maybe the next parfum pour homme (perfume for men).


Supertho t1_jaaudle wrote

Someone on Reddit saying someone else is in a cult is fucking hilarious.


posting_drunk_naked t1_jaavsc3 wrote

Reddit is a cult now?


_Minnesodope_ t1_jab2nca wrote

The anti-musk crowd is just as much of a cult as the Elon simps. Both are annoying as hell.


original-sithon t1_jab4bkk wrote

No. I used to be a huge fan of elon's but he keeps proving to be a bigger and bigger asshole. He just recently came out supporting Scott Adams after he said white people should stay separate from black people because they are too violent.


_Minnesodope_ t1_jab67d4 wrote

Yea, dudes a piece of shit but everyone loses their mind over that too. Not saying you do, but damn some people are fucking crazy over their hate for him. Just take a completely neutral look at r/enoughmuskspam. People dedicate they lives to hate him, just like the people that simp him. It's not healthy to obsess over hating something, even if the person/thing deserves it.

The less I hear about him, the better. I can't imagine losing any sleep over hating someone I'll never meet or have my life impacted by in any way other than seeing something on the internet that i dont like.


Rafcdk t1_jabrumu wrote

Of course if you only look at a sub dedicated to post things about him you gonna think think something like this, it's called selection bias. Dude does a lot of shitty things that end up in the news and the fact that he conned a lot of people into thinking he was the real world version of Tony Stark and more and more people are realizing they fell for his scam explains a lot more the influx of people hating on him now. And even with that being said I don't think people lose any sleep over him tbh.

That's why there are tons of people that hate him and post about and not for example Amancio Ortega.


krzykttn t1_jaawrjl wrote

Wait! I shouldn't drink the Ukraine-aide based on the green comments of the Palestines of ohio!? I'm so Elon musked right now....


jay_thorn OP t1_jaauvi9 wrote

Hence why I posted it here. 😆


Windyandbreezy t1_jab9qpi wrote

Idk.. redditors back in the day where pretty hard-core Elon Cultists.. just saying.. I mean I glad people wise up. Now redditors are obsessed with Keanu Reeves and Brendon Fraser. I'm not hating just find it funnier how redditors turn on their cult leaders 😆


chingchongheremysong t1_jaborj1 wrote

I love how everyone used to love elon because of electric cars, and when he bought twitter and allowed people to express their opinions - a basic human right- people started to hate him. Tells you a lot about who the fascists are


SavingsCheck7978 t1_jacc7zv wrote

People started hating the guy long before Twitter, probably around the time he called a rescue team pedophiles because they didn't use his shitty submarine when rescuing some kids from a cave.

>Tells you a lot about who the fascists are

Yeah its usually the uninformed or uneducated.


Lawb0t t1_jaas3kc wrote

Is that a Toyota?


thatshottaye t1_jabrgee wrote

... And that was the day Ellen decided she had to change her plates...


kaartman1 t1_jabsb7n wrote

Not if Elon himself is driving it


Sassy_Weatherwax t1_jabtr89 wrote

So embarrassing! there's some clown in my city with an ELON4LF plate and it's so cringe.


APXH93 t1_jabunwp wrote

Ellen Musk


DM_CJ t1_jabw37u wrote

🔵✔✔ I know the perfect bumper stickers we can add


oldmaninmy30s t1_jabya0w wrote

Or your average redditor a year ago


ByronIrony t1_jabze79 wrote

Maybe the drivers name is Ellen Musk?


runslikewind t1_jabzltt wrote

Pretty sure i've seen this car. thought what if it was actually him, the chance isnt 0 right?>


noopenusernames t1_jac13cd wrote

No, that’s actually Elon Musk in that car


Zkenny13 t1_jac1az9 wrote

This is actually Ellen Musk. She's a local drag queen in Texas.


kriptik-ken t1_jac2og9 wrote

Cultist? What drugs are you on? 🤣


rancorog t1_jac3146 wrote

Drive by like…”ay what software do you have?, “O it’s a-“, “haha computers are for nerds!” (Speeds off in a shitty 04’ Corrola knowing they never passed a technology class of any kind and will never need to,like a real American)


Abal125 t1_jac9djk wrote

Ah, Ellen Husk. Elon from Wish?


rcuadro t1_jac9vul wrote

I saw a plate that said THKSELON


TheDeadlySquid t1_jaca85i wrote

My fan boy friend is currently have an existential crisis.


HotQuietFart t1_jacj472 wrote

Wrong type of cult you’re thinking, this is ELNMUSK. The type of cult you’re thinking is Elon Musk and his followers.


Goojus t1_jacnun3 wrote

This dude would slobber on elons dick for a horse.


AdFuture1381 t1_jacuml9 wrote

That car color is white. It just gets coal rolled constantly.


Mikel_S t1_jacw4ao wrote

My initial thought: who the hell is Ellen Husk.


schauwood t1_jad0uwo wrote

Who´s Elon Husk?


GWade17 t1_jad5rqp wrote

I mean you can’t own a Tesla without a pretentious or cringey license plate. That’s a rule lol


c01e t1_jad8w75 wrote

I thought you guys liked Teslas


tlsr t1_jad9e96 wrote

What's wrong with this?

My t-shirts all have RICK NOLL printed across the chest, my shoes say JOHN DONOHOE on the sides and tongue and the back pockets of my jeans all have CHARLES BERGH embrodered across them.


press_B_for_bombs t1_jadg9l6 wrote

The majority of the mainstream Reddit community decided a year or two ago that Elon = Bad. They conveniently ignore the significant technological achievements his companies are responsible for and instead focus on how he agrees with some Republicans on some things, sometimes.

People lump celebrities into categories. Not too long ago the mainstream Reddit opinion was Elon = Good and Reddit was full of cringe memes about Elon saving the world or being a "badass". Now, Elon = Bad.

In my personal opinion, Elon is a wildly successful and eccentric person who takes big risks. I admire that about him.

He also seems a full of himself, likes to push peoples buttons on purpose and seemingly does this impulsively. That I don't admire so much. I also wouldn't be surprised to learn that he has Asperger's or something.


tlsr t1_jadiqxy wrote

His behavior goes beyind "pushing people's buttons." He's turned into a very typical MAGAt -- pushing lies, etc.

It's interesting that it took him but a couple very short weeks to go from "we need balance, both democrats and republicans" to "vote straight republican" to full on MAGA, pushing right wing propoganda.

In short: I don't give a fuck what's he's accomplished (as if he did it all by himself). He's a shit stain and I don't need reddit to tell me that; I can see it with my own eyes.

People like him aren't worth "admiring" no matter what he's accomplished.


press_B_for_bombs t1_jadxlw2 wrote

When was he MAGA? I don't think he likes Trump very much at all. He just dislikes the current administration more. Pretty sure he voted against him in 2016.

Which, agree or disagree, its not an extreme's about half the population of the countries opinion.

I don't agree with your sentiment about not lending any respect to the tech and engineering innovations his companies have brought about.

What terror has the man really unleashed on the world that would at all negate the obvious net positives his contributions achieved? I don't think his political criticisms on either side can justify ignoring that.

I'm not even saying people should love him or even like him. Only that the hate and moral outrage just seems performative and over the top....which is what social media (Reddit) seems to highlight.


tlsr t1_jae7zst wrote

MAGA is more than just Trump now.


>moral outrage just seems performative

What sort of outrage should people have to wards a guy that simps for an open fascist (DeSantis) and claims to be "neutral" while telling everyone to "vote republican" and constantly tweets thiogns that align very well with the far right (aka, MAGAs)?

And speaking of performative, have you listend to that douche lately?

His "net postive" is not positive at all. He's got a big microphone and he's using it to push forth fascism and his own naked narcisism.

My outrage is anyhting but performative, I can tell you that. That guy can go fuck himself, hard, with a very long, very large, very dry dildo.


press_B_for_bombs t1_jaefbof wrote

I don't think either of the people you mentioned in your reply have done a single thing that has negatively impacted your life. The disdain you express for them is pretty extreme. Find some peace


tlsr t1_jaefzx8 wrote

Ah, so I need them to affect me before I don't like what they do. That's very MAGA.

And by the way, what makes you so certain of that anyway?


press_B_for_bombs t1_jaeikm2 wrote

I don't know what is "MAGA" or not in the derogatory sense. My assumption is that it's the counter to Right wingers saying things are "woke". Which is exactly my point about shoving people into categories. Elon = MAGA = BAD. Very succinct.

Rolling the dice that you don't live in Florida or have any interaction with Elon. Also you haven't mentioned a single thing either of them has actually done other than show support for a political party you don't agree with. Which I guess you'd have to label half the country as "Shit Stains"... If that is all it takes.


tlsr t1_jaejpye wrote

Elon doesn't need to be associated with anything to be bad. He is, in fact, bad.

And it's pretty revealing that you don't think people should be concerend with things unless they're directly affected.

And yes, if you're MAGA, there's a better chance than not that you're a shit stain. (also note it's not "half the country" -- that's the fugure MAGAs really want people to believe but it isn't true.)


copytac t1_jadb5jb wrote

Whose Ellen Musk? Must be Elon's alter ego.


Tinnisher t1_jadftv7 wrote

Ellen Musk? I wonder if this is my 3rd grade after school reading tutor.


wichotl t1_jadgwll wrote

LVL 10 idiot


MrCrash t1_jadspno wrote

Not really funny, mostly just sad.


jweaver0312 t1_jadtobw wrote

And in Texas of all places.


username199898 t1_jadv4bb wrote

Spelt wrong.

Should be an N instead of an L in the third word of the totle


T-Money8227 t1_jadzfg5 wrote

I recently ordered a model Y and I hate myself for it. I feel dirty. Musk is pretty high up on my list of horrible human beings so I had firmly set my sights on a some other EV. Then Tesla dropped the price by 20% and it no longer made financial sense to get anything else. Musk only owns 13% of Tesla so I see it more as supporting the shareholders and not so much the Elon. I honestly hope that Tesla ends up ousting him as CEO. That would be the best possible scenario for Tesla.


snewz404 t1_jaebtta wrote

Pretty sure he and Newsom recently had a conversation and Elon will be moving back to California.


squashua t1_jaecnw5 wrote

I was like, who's Ellen Husk?


SchlitterbahnRail t1_jaed9ek wrote

Elnmu Sk is good friend of mine, I know him for ages.


dbhathcock t1_jaegz5d wrote

Is it Elon’s car. Sine he wants to move twitter to Texas, he may live there.


Selector_ShaneLBC t1_jaf4n22 wrote

I always thought Elon was an intelligent and interesting figure due to his breakthrough electric vehicles, satellite and rocket technology and ambitious plans for underground railroads. Definitely a genius, until…. he started sticking his nose in politics, social media, forcing his views on others while suspiciously supporting the views of some very unpopular politicians. Now he’s just annoying.


Ok_Storm_8533 t1_jablzor wrote

Electric car in Texas. Just plain wrong.


HELIGROUP t1_jabfbjy wrote

First step towards S America and Cool Aid


Koffeekage t1_jabem1g wrote

Yeah the electric car weirdos really think they’re going to save the world.


N1mmyJuetron t1_jackx4c wrote

Yeah, a lot of them think they're superheroes or something who are going to save the environment. I'll get another electric vehicle as soon as they get their shit together and actually make some decent and reliable vehicles that don't put you in debt. Also there's far too many people who think electric vehicles are completely environmentally friendly, when the batteries are made from harmful elements, and the power they use to charge them is most likely made from burning coal.


new-6reddit9 t1_jaaysej wrote

I will never buy from a fascist corporations - I’m placing country above fascist companies!


hotChihuahua69 t1_jab47wr wrote

So how do you eat?


new-6reddit9 t1_jab59af wrote

As a former - farm worker. Mexicans feed you everyday - you enjoy your salads? Thank a Mexican!


hotChihuahua69 t1_jab68bl wrote

What does that have to do with corporate fascist you won't support??? But if you worked these acres, you worked for the very fascist corporations to feed yourself after they paid you... 😂😂😂


Stivo887 t1_jabp5wf wrote

Probably the biggest one of them all, farm worker. The irony lol


fighter5345 t1_jab5tsd wrote

Bro, you're using the word "fascist" so much I'm beginning to doubt the validity of it's meaning.

Can we agree that a fascist is about having a strong nationalistic outlook for your country and faith in a government ruled by one government body that directly controls the countries economy and wide social programs, and suppresses opposition by force?

Because retaining the meanings of words is really important for them to not become useless sentence fodder.