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thebarberbenj t1_j9r15dg wrote

Well that’s just good marketing right there. Extra points if they put quadruple shots of espresso ⚡️🤩⚡️


-ForgotToLogout- OP t1_j9r435q wrote

The theater said they’ll add salted caramel whiskey or whipped cream vodka if you ask for it. Lol.


thebarberbenj t1_j9r9u1t wrote

See…THIS is how you get people back in to theaters.


Inuyasha-rules t1_j9tic07 wrote

And not charge $45 for 2 tickets and a drink.


thebarberbenj t1_j9v166h wrote

Well…I agree, but you definitely need to pay the staff well. $1 worth of dried corn and coke syrup and carbonated water, $2 of packaging for $10-$30 sale price? Still paying staff bare minimum? Yeah, I’ll stream until Dune or the next Tarantino movie gets me back in.


nxdark t1_j9ra4uo wrote

Nah not interested. Let me stream day one.


thebarberbenj t1_j9re33d wrote

Yeah…I’ll wait till it streams unfortunately. Haven’t been to a theater since Tarantino had one out


Cali_Holly t1_j9rbwgw wrote

This sounds like the theater in Lexington, Kentucky.