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fatukardic t1_j96gsyb wrote

The sign is there to label the space when it’s empty, not the trash can.


wwabc t1_j96htwq wrote

yep, 5s


invol713 t1_j96mksj wrote

5s. Oh god, the dumb people I’ve seen. The sign is absolutely necessary.


LokiDiesel4fr t1_j9amgi0 wrote

At work our light switch is labeled...with on & off!!!!!


invol713 t1_j9apggy wrote

What about left and right? Where are they???


hoffregner t1_j96louf wrote

The area next to it needs a sign saying trash can’t.


[deleted] t1_j97vbez wrote

It’s legitimate to put the sign on the floor, so that it can only be seen only if the garbage can is missing. It also looks more usual to people who are not in the know.


MikeMontrealer t1_j9aygyt wrote

No, because then someone could place something else on the sign and it would then be hidden. That’s why your suggestion isn’t practical.


Frraksurred t1_j96kfrf wrote

Working in Food Processing or Manufacturing means everything has to have a label, a place, a cleanliness standard, and all will be audited regularly. Then documented for any Vendor, FDA or Program Certifier to verify for up to 5 years, depending on the program.

Source: 15 years in food ingredient processing.


med8cal t1_j97xp9p wrote

Same in the medical industry. To maintain accreditation EVERYTHING has a label and is referenced in the policy/procedure manual.


LT-COL-Obvious t1_j98dopa wrote

Any well run plant no matter the industry should be 5s’d. Everything has a place, everything is in its place.


BadGuy_ZooKeeper t1_j9981zr wrote

Even in a warehouse everything has to have a place and have clear signage.


wwabc t1_j96fzli wrote

well, it's blue, so some would think it was the recycling can.


MaximumGooser t1_j96hba3 wrote

Yeah, as someone who deals with people like this you’d be surprised the signs and instructions that you have to make just to attempt to get people to not do stupid ass things.


EnvironmentOk3039 t1_j976eoq wrote

It’s a modern art piece. I’ll appraise it at 25mil if you pay me 150k. You’ll be able to either sell or donate the piece to reduce your taxable income.


r2k-in-the-vortex t1_j972jvx wrote

Not funny at all, just basic 5S

The point is not to state the obvious, point is to fix the place for trash can, so someone wouldn't store who knows what else in there or misplace the trash can somewhere else. In certain types of production environment it makes a lot of sense, everything gets labeled like that down to individual tools. Everything gets it's one specific place and if something is out of place it has to be cleaned up.

5S however frequently shows up in buzzword bingo. The methodology often gets badly implemented so that it brings no value, or worse, implemented in a place where it makes no sense at all. When in doubt, don't do it. And if you do implement it, don't just blindly follow the formula, adapt it to your actual needs so that it makes sense in your work environment.


LT-COL-Obvious t1_j98dzz5 wrote

Over indexing on 5s gives it a bad name. And not keeping up on it or holding people accountable also makes it look bad. Nothing is more indicating on how a plant is run then an empty shadow board.


ap39 t1_j96pebz wrote

If Trash can, you can too.


eigafan t1_j9agl2n wrote

Deposit trash here.


aligador t1_j96eo3c wrote

It is a car! The pioneers used to ride these babies for miles ❤️


Slash_Raptor92 t1_j96f5cg wrote

Spongebob, have you ever noticed that there are no pioneers left? It's because they were lousy hitchhikers, ate coral, and took directions from algae!


JunkBoi76 OP t1_j96evie wrote

Wait pioneers built it I thought it was from Atlantis


Hazzafan1 t1_j96fznl wrote

Fr fastest car possible


Fluffy-Reputation-64 t1_j97gqnr wrote

What’s going on?

I‘m in this picture and I don’t like it


Simple-Caterpillar14 t1_j97ppo0 wrote

We do this at work too. I love it when we have a ergonomic mat taped to the floor in front of a workstation and the tape around the mat says safety mat or when the water fountain has tape around it that says water. I had no idea I thought that was an ancient woven tapestry and an acid bath ..../s


Niznack t1_j97y1ci wrote

Every sign is silly until you meet the man who made the sign necessary.


floswamp t1_j98garj wrote

This is not so much a description label but a location label. So when the knucklehead returning the can after emptying it knows where to put back.


LeekGullible t1_j98mcsa wrote

Ahh yes. So difficult to find the trash can. The sign is a life saver


2M0FUP t1_j98zhfr wrote

This place must be using the bullshit 5S system, damn Japanese management systems that kill businesses!


JunkBoi76 OP t1_j98zttl wrote

Also im American so maybe that’s the reason

Also can you put it in burgers per square 50 cal


JunkBoi76 OP t1_j98zqbn wrote

What is 5S I don’t see how this bad I just think it’s funny af at how they had to label what clearly was a trash can


2M0FUP t1_j99079m wrote

It is a ridiculous system were every thing has its' place and everything needs to be in its' place. Even the bin needs a marked area to put it and it must be labeled. Basically business management for gullible idiots. You are so lucky not to have experienced that site, believe me it wastes more time and money than a trade union.


ajmuller34 t1_j9927h2 wrote

5S is

Sort Shine Set Standardize Sustain

You can thank Toyota


Blazar_V t1_j99cw8a wrote

Work maintenance: People will still throw it on the floor


TheSpaceRonin t1_j9a5tdy wrote

It's so people know where the trash can goes if/when it's moved.

The idea is there is supposed to be a trash can there. The sign and striped tape is to let you know someone fucked up if it isn't there, and you probably better go get it back.


Far-Ad-8618 t1_j9b1umx wrote

It's saying the trash can goes here. Not this is a trash can


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luis_iconic t1_j96hyc0 wrote

It’s so official, oooh.


TooManyHobbies1997 t1_j96wwr8 wrote

But to everyone’s surprise, that was in fact not a garbage can.


Frankiepals t1_j975mol wrote

This is some lean six sigma stuff


Espadalegend t1_j977csa wrote

Maybe the bin gets moved a lot?


Empire2k5 t1_j977gft wrote

Well I would mistake it for recycling. And certain places require everything to be labeled so there is no doubt what it is... So funny.


enverest t1_j979rzv wrote

Yes Trash Can.


Prestigious_Jelly403 t1_j97i7h6 wrote

We had to start doing this shit a work last year. We even had to put a sticker on the trash cans that said "Trash Can". Like what the hell else could it be.


Atomic94 t1_j97lvk2 wrote

That's 5S at its best. When I worked for Amazon, they would square off the floor with tape for where the broom is supposed to go.


legna20v t1_j97no5k wrote

And here I thought they were bullying you mom


dracobatman t1_j97vld7 wrote

Commas are needed, badly.


lobojones6six6 t1_j97vwvx wrote

Welcome to corporate nonsense! Along with the tape fucking lines


Fish_Kungfu t1_j97xqgl wrote

This probably has to do with Six Sigma compliance.


aeninimbuoye13 t1_j97yx4q wrote

Maybe there was a story behind it where someone pooped in there


Wayne1946 t1_j984mrf wrote

Trash can ,but to set a angle cant.


Practical_Ground963 t1_j984nxk wrote

I thought this was at some stupid art exhibit with all kinds of objects being called art and to make ppl aware it was an actual trash can they labeled it. Lol


jdwazzu61 t1_j98yovj wrote

That’s just proper 5S. Well 4 of the 5, shine looks bad to me.


JunkBoi76 OP t1_j98zk7j wrote



jdwazzu61 t1_j998zyq wrote

Yes. Shine is one of the 5 S’s but this looks pretty beat up and dirty. The tape and sign are very much to set in order, standardize, and sustain. It’s art of lean manufacturing principles.

That trash can has a place and normally the tape is different based on what should go in that tape (safety supplies will have a different color from cleaning or tools) the signs makes it clear what should be there. Most warehouses or plants use 5S to easily identify when things aren’t in their designated place and clean.


tebza255 t1_j9abb4c wrote

It's called 5S


road2dawn26 t1_j9ax8l6 wrote

anyone else notice the certificate of excellence?


snailbaddie16 t1_j9ctens wrote

That wall is holding on for dear life


eggtada t1_j9g6n1k wrote

well tbh our work place has to use grey containers for garbage and blue containers for recycling so clarification isn’t a bad thing


Sea_Present_6334 t1_j96vxr9 wrote

Looks 👀 like a Chinese spy balloon disguised as a trash can.