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VASP-0_0 t1_jdqdpzy wrote

And then you’re even more sleepy and fuck up your sleep schedule


[deleted] t1_jdqu73a wrote



makenzie71 t1_jdquq1m wrote

I have two real regrets in life:

  1. Not spending more time with my father before he died.

  2. Not regretting more things...I've done some pretty shitty stuff, especially as a youth, seems like I should feel bad about more of it.


rebeltrillionaire t1_jdr7aho wrote

Bro, if you don’t feel guilty now. You’re either a psychopath, or more likely. You understood why you did what you did, how you’ve grown and you’ve forgiven yourself.

Dwelling on it really accomplishes nothing.


Snake101333 t1_jdrshmp wrote

>Dwelling on it really accomplishes nothing

And yet our brains still make us even if we're aware of it. Dumb brains 🧠. That's why I'm killing mine with alcohol


LongLongMan_TM t1_jdsk6hb wrote

I'm not sure it does nothing. At the very least it reminds you not to do that thing ever again


davery67 t1_jdr0ait wrote

At least she doesn't regret the one night stand with a weird, judgmental, pink butt thing.


yallxtrippin t1_jdrg662 wrote

I think she regrets letting him spend the night though.


mznh t1_jdqwygl wrote

That’s why i work out after work. I don’t trust myself to wake up early, unless it’s for work


getnBackUpAgain t1_jdqgl3a wrote

The pink thing is supposed to be ur bum? Stomach?! Sorry a bit confused


IanAlvord t1_jdr8aid wrote

wrinkleless brain.


getnBackUpAgain t1_jdrhfqt wrote

Yeah.. i thought abt tht too for a bit.. is that a no wrinkle brain?!


arkavianx t1_jdsb9im wrote

cant remember the game, but definitely called them "smooth-brains"


Phenotyx t1_jdr46er wrote

Skipped gym last night I regret it I should’ve just gone

My brain to me: WHAT A PUSSY


dwntwnleroybrwn t1_jdrcuth wrote

Just don't make it a regular thing. Gotta stay healthy bud.


JojenCopyPaste t1_jdslhht wrote

Exactly. If you don't make gym a regular thing you won't regret it as much when you don't go.


Atoning_Unifex t1_jdr96dh wrote

Is that her butt talking to her??


stadsduif t1_jdr0nzi wrote

Me getting stressed about not being stressed.


Hephaestus_God t1_jdr1cf0 wrote

Don’t go to the gym in the first place.

Then you won’t feel guilty.


Maxwe4 t1_jdrvbeq wrote

Why is she talking to a scrotum?


kmagic13 t1_jdslkxe wrote

Took me months to get use to working out in the AM once I had kids. Shit is hard.


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Rhaedas t1_jdr6iaa wrote

My only critique is that the times on the clock didn't have a longer gap to reflect the brain mulling over the issue before each suggestion.


zackman115 t1_jdrdz0y wrote

5am? This is why workout routines fail lol


JudasWasJesus t1_jdreb14 wrote


"You should feel ashamed for not feeling guilty."


R-E-D-D-l-T t1_jdrqu01 wrote

My muscles need rest to grow. You can’t win anymore, brain. I’ve conquered you ages ago!


Oakheart- t1_jdscdmm wrote

Getting proper sleep is more important than going to the gym for your gains/losses. It doesn’t just help you recover and heal properly physically but mentally too. You then have better workouts and a healthier mindset and are more likely to make better dietary choices too.


DirtyProjector t1_jdsgo5b wrote

What is that in the bed with her? Is that a dick, a heart, or an ass?


Uhm_NoThankYou t1_jdt7gyg wrote

I thought that this was just my morning routine.


drwoodcomb t1_jdti7fs wrote

This seems like the kind of guilt that would be good for me


ginja_ninja t1_jdtw34q wrote

The days you want to skip are the days it matters most to go, ngmi


Sonyguyus t1_jdu1jdc wrote

I prefer to exercise at nighttime. None of this losing sleep nonsense.


bibkel t1_jdujsh4 wrote

Damn. I work evenings and go to hot Pilates or yoga with some do workers OCCASIONALLY….when I can get up and there at 5:30 am. It involves waking at 4:45…after I went to bed at 2 am…at least I got shower after and go back to bed! I’ll be going next Friday. It kicks my arse!