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gordo31 t1_jdfbatc wrote

And all because someone, somewhere did all those things.


IsThataSexToy t1_jdfoulx wrote

Then why is the “don’t mate with the toaster” missing, smartypants?


androshalforc1 t1_jdfx1c7 wrote

to be fair we only see warnings 17, 18, 21, and 22.

or maybe they are labeled above so its 13, 14, 17, and 18

either way there are at least 18 warnings we don't see, 'don't mate with the toaster' could easily be one of them.


BigMemeKing t1_jdfv2iw wrote

Everyone knows that the only acceptable way to get a toaster wet is by dropping it into the bathtub while you're inside


officerclydefrog t1_jdfvssi wrote

Well yea u would never get the angle right if dropped it from outside the tub


KorgX3 t1_jdhfo52 wrote

Perhaps you might just try rubbing the clitoroast?


starmartyr t1_jdfo3ik wrote

I worked for a company once where the employee manual said that I was not allowed to set off fireworks in the office. I really wish I knew that story.


srentiln t1_jdhwbvc wrote

I wish you did, too. Sounds like a fun read.


starmartyr t1_jdi3kf0 wrote

I asked my HR rep. He either didn't know or wouldn't tell me.


Horror_Bodybuilder36 t1_jdgu22t wrote

You’re asking but my MIL, who has early onset dementia has done Fig. 22.

We cook all her meals and she would warm them in the oven however after she almost burned the house down we disconnected her oven and got her a microwave. She struggled at first until we found one with very simple buttons and we found out that she was struggling after we caught her heating her evening meal in a pan on the toaster.


Gr8fulFox t1_jdi37fi wrote

I can forgive the last one; I can totally see myself trying to cook food on top of a toaster if it came down to that.