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acqz t1_jdzcbpp wrote

Wow, TIL I'm fluent in 15 languages!


Ourtney63 t1_jdzrf8y wrote

Can you teach me other languages, except English...🙂


SacredSans t1_jdzs8o9 wrote

Sure, No is Spanish for no


Baltaxo2010 t1_je0b7c5 wrote

Yes is Russian for yes


Mrhorrorface t1_je0e1to wrote



OldBob10 t1_je0ky78 wrote

Да fuq?


Mrhorrorface t1_je0lgn7 wrote

Да is Russian for yes, actually


[deleted] t1_je0m5y3 wrote



Mrhorrorface t1_je0mrap wrote

Америка мой дом. A tbi? Translation: America is my home. What about you? I’m still learning the basics of the language


dnie72 t1_je43l7v wrote

I wish I am as smart a you when it comes to different languagesin the world.


huntergatherertattoo t1_jdzbevy wrote

i’ll just paste in the translations later… oh you printed it when?


username32768 t1_je152yl wrote

Boss: Something, something, need the copy by blah, blah deadline...

Worker: Oh look, a squirrel!... Sure thing boss!


YellowGuppy t1_je1ycqf wrote

Honestly, I'm a little surprised it doesn't contain a line somewhere of "Submit to Carol for translation ASAP" somewhere on the packaging.


fh3131 t1_jdzejec wrote

You're meant to read it with an accent and hand gestures 🤌


Cal-Pilot t1_je1h94w wrote

Oh god. English being spoked in like actual croatian is basically what you think of when a non english speaker tries to pronounce the words


choicebutts t1_jdzer08 wrote

This is what happens when you don't go back and fix the dummy text.


Stummi t1_jdzq89f wrote

This is why you use standardized Dummy Texts like Lorem Ipsum. Most tools will automatically detect these and give you a warning if you are about to give it into print


Okureg t1_jdzi86b wrote

Languages according to americans.


Anomalius_Reborn t1_jdzdx79 wrote

Why is the Hungarian flag upside down??????


EMPwarriorn00b t1_je0crdo wrote

At first I thought it was the flag of Iran, but it isn't quite that either.


jonitfcfan t1_je0qko8 wrote

I thought it was Bulgaria's flag but realised their green and red stripes are next to each other


Solo_ta t1_jdzbyhw wrote

Yup. Like in whole universe. I like SF movies and every f..g planet in every galaxy has creatures speaking guess what... English!


0xkira t1_je0p925 wrote

Ngl you trying to sensor "fucking" made it sound even worse


Fetlocks_Glistening t1_jdzusrk wrote

Nobody said anything about languages. They are describing geo-dependent functionality - and the good news is that in every one of those countries the device will do the very same thing!


G8kpr t1_jdzu98f wrote

While people are making jokes.

Clearly what has happened in the Design process, was that a graphic designer dropped in the english for each country as "holding" text, and they would send those off to be translated. Someone dropped the ball and didn't do a final proof read and sent it off to be printed.

They may have realized after it was printed, and said "fuck it, we printed 30,000 boxes. We're not tossing in them in the trash now".


gmtjr t1_je0e984 wrote

Well, yeah. Was there any other possible scenario?


NeroForte-InMyPrime t1_je0zoav wrote

While you were all looking in awe, your uncle didn’t actually sever his thumb at the knuckle. In fact, what you saw was the top half of one thumb and the bottom half of the other thumb. Interestingly enough, your grandpa l employed similar visual trickery involving the thumb when saying “I got your nose”. I hope this clears up a few things for those who possess skills of deduction that are inferior to my own.


dont__hate t1_je02ied wrote

Careful with that thing! Ours worked great for 3-4 months, then something happened. Not sure if it started mixing too rich or too lean or what, but the baby just stopped eating it out of nowhere. Couldn't figure out what was going on, but then we took her to her grandparents for the weekend and she ate like a champ. Came back and she stopped eating again. Mixed by hand and she was all over it. We cleaned the thing regularly and thoroughly. Very sad because I loved the thing when it worked properly! Hopefully y'all have a better experience, just giving you my anecdote.


mkosmo t1_je0n0rb wrote

Ours worked great for the duration we needed it (pulling double duty for twins) and for the person we gave it to afterwards. The thing saved so much time and frustration.


ALeakyValve t1_je0rhz2 wrote

It was handy at first but I felt like it didn't always put a consistent amount of formula in the bottle. Plus cleaning it was kind of a pain


mkosmo t1_je0rtf7 wrote

I definitely concur with the cleaning, but the overall time savings was there. What kind of formula were you using? I imagine different powders result in different consistency. The Similac Pro-Advance did well by us, where what I put in the hopper resulted in the expected output over time.


ALeakyValve t1_je9s2ty wrote

My kiddo has a pretty severe dairy allergy so we had to use this formula called PurAmino. Certainly possible that the formula was to blame, maybe it's more prone to clumping or some such. It definitely helped for those middle of the night feedings where a bottle seemed a lot more complicated than usual haha


Gardenadventures t1_je1iymm wrote

There have been multiple issues reported with it not dispensing proper amounts. Tons of articles online about it.


barugosamaa t1_jdzc0je wrote

The fact that you have Nordic, Balkan languages AND Portugal, but no english, makes this even funnier xD
I had stuff in Germany not coming with English, but never Portuguese and no English


KingoftheUgly t1_jdzztbi wrote

Steams and blends babies in one easy step? I’ll take two! /s now I’m just thinking about how dead baby jokes were HUGE in the us as a kid and I don’t really know why.


Efficient_Hamster_76 t1_jdzqcte wrote

I guess we can add 'English proficiency' to the list of requirements for using a food processor.


WeirdguyOfDoom t1_jdzzzku wrote

What gets me is that at the bottom left, the "Made in China" mention was translated to French.


Csanx_2020 t1_je0vxgv wrote

Dude, they even fucked up the hungarian flag


xorinzor t1_je2ezan wrote

you've just gotten so good at reading all languages that they all look like english to you


psilorder t1_je0mh3q wrote

"What is it?"

"An automatic baby food maker"

"But what is it in Ukraine?"

"...An automatic baby food maker?"


WayneCampbel t1_je2mjk8 wrote

Baby Brezza + Costcos Kirkland Baby Formula…. So much time and money saved


snarfaleu t1_je3sut4 wrote

Actually, not all people knows how to speak english. There are some people who are not capable to speak in english like they're really struggling in making a sentence.


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bob_nugget_the_3rd t1_jdzhn3w wrote

Tbf probably most off these countries population speak English and better than us brits


lassehvillum t1_jdzlnxw wrote

nah eastern europeans rarely know english. its mostly norway and sweden of these countries where a lot of people know english


Cement-eater t1_jdzp36i wrote

Source: memes


FPSCanarussia t1_jdzsoo8 wrote

From what I've heard? There's three big countries where, if you do business with their companies, you will be expected to know their language. Italy, Russia, and China.


abofh t1_je036s8 wrote

Most service people speak it well enough if they live in any sort of touristic area.

Source: In Croatia, don't speak Croatian.


Player_X330 t1_jdzp14j wrote

Don’t forget Finland! English is a mandatory subject in school here.


bushcrapping t1_je01d74 wrote

It is in lots of countries but it doesn't mean they speak it well.

Finland is an odd one IMO because they have really good English but I always thought the reason for the Nordic countries good English was something to do with their native languages but Finnish is completely different.


cheezfreek t1_jdzragm wrote

One step word maker deluxe


-_HOT_SNOW_- t1_jdzrh1c wrote

The baby breeza is a neat product


Velzevul666 t1_jdzx9yp wrote

Freedom language is all you need


dcimal t1_je017za wrote

I went to the flag of my country and read the lines. Did not notice they where in english before coming to the comments...


nanfanpancam t1_je04c13 wrote

Learn a new language, your baby will be so proud.


B00M5H4K4L4K4 t1_je0660j wrote

The saying used to be "It's all Greek to me."

I guess English is the new Greek.

Or Greek has changed, I mean...language is a living thing, it evolves.


KingOfTheUniverse11 t1_je079qs wrote

r/therewasanattempt to translate it into different languages


JohnnySasaki20 t1_je08slw wrote

This is definitely r/onejob material, lol.


Ok_Marionberry_9932 t1_je0iwfb wrote

I’m surprised at how many people do where it’s not a first language


johnmarkfoley t1_je0iz0y wrote

you're supposed to read them with the accent specified by the flag.


takingwave t1_je0jebk wrote

At least everyone who knows how to use this product does...


OldBob10 t1_je0knpm wrote

They will if they want to buy a “babybrezza one step food maker deluxe”!


DrachenDad t1_je1ahoz wrote

Being it looks to be a local AU run, they probably do.


fishouttafire t1_je1swyk wrote

It's almost as if English is the main language it's written in on one side, in much larger type, and then again in secondary languages on another side so as to not print 16 different boxes for the same product all around the world


Vyxen17 t1_je1xpmc wrote

Yes, perfect.


tradtrad100 t1_je1yvq3 wrote

No English French Spanish Italian or German either. This must be some super eastern product


Cr33py07dGuy t1_je21uu0 wrote

If they don’t better get.with.the.program!


mfomatratzen t1_je2869u wrote

As it effing should. Damn you Tower of Babel.


full_HD_8K t1_je2kmdk wrote

as a turkish i have been speaking turkish for a long time, and yes we speak english


soljakid t1_je35416 wrote

Did the Universal translator finally kick in?


KennailandI t1_je37s28 wrote

We’ll they should. Obviously.


agent37 t1_je3aqwf wrote

It would be funny if the other countries' instructions were just larger and more spaced out.


ThiaZ t1_je0joj6 wrote

I think the english is alone on the side? I think we boughr the same and english is just in the side instead of the back.


Clubbe t1_je0m1hc wrote

Ingrish to ebryboodie


AxolotlBuilDer t1_je0xe58 wrote

Bro what, why Russiam flag is now England flag💀


Due-Historian-8759 t1_je2le7w wrote

Funny thing, none of these are native English speaking countries.


Naschka t1_jdznu8b wrote

I read the part about "Makes baby" and "Blends precisely with"... sounds like it makes you the freshest of the fresh.


tschach t1_jdzm3c2 wrote

Good reminder that a country flag does not represent a language! 🙃


doginjoggers t1_jdzl7x6 wrote

Hahahahahhahahahhahahaha, not funny