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RickDick-246 t1_jeg8n03 wrote

To be fair, if you buy 100 you save a dollar. I know a deal when I see one.


ninersguy916 t1_jeg90sn wrote

Yea man stock up and save already… just buy a cool million of them and save some money


2020willyb2020 t1_jegatej wrote

Record profits and taking advantage of the inflation period and consumers because they can and they are not going back because who can stop them ? They monopolize the food industry (everyone needs food everyday-they have it and control it - record profits


audulutch t1_jegplpp wrote

Poor price analysis but someone just set the sale price without realizing the regular price, and the stickers get sent to print from a large file. Almost guaranteed no one typed this in.


Cold_Pomelo3274 t1_jegukrp wrote

It cost more to make the sticker than what the saving is.


our_ascension t1_jegh1te wrote

Yes, stock up and reap the windfall!


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