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TripleSingleHOF t1_jdr3s9m wrote

Fun fact:

This ad from 1997 actually inspired the 2012 movie Safety Not Guaranteed.


garamond89 t1_jdr7kni wrote

An excellent movie


003402inco t1_jdrawlu wrote

I think so too. Very underrated. Aubrey Plaza and Mark Duplass did a great job on this.


y0shman t1_jdrdhlf wrote

I only saw it once. I remember wishing they left the ending more ambiguous.


FahQPutin t1_jdsz16u wrote

Same... Didn't have the budget to pull off what they tried...

I enjoyed the film though


garamond89 t1_jdrmjon wrote

I have to rewatch it, I cannot clearly remember the ending.


ChainRuleGang t1_jdtalbu wrote

Interestingly I feel the exact same way about the movie Creep which also has Mark Duplass


schwifty38 t1_jdv7o86 wrote

Oh so this should be like in a current events sub then huh?


Cheese_Pancakes t1_jdw36y0 wrote

Was going to say that this reminded me of that movie. Now I know why.


aDudeFromDunwall t1_jdr4pbh wrote

Id join but request thé first stop we make is at stephen hawking’s party


McMacHack t1_jds2u4d wrote

Hey Nerd where's the beer? By the way they prove Hawking Radiation is real after you die.


Gamemode_Cat t1_jds5wou wrote

New headcanon: time travel is real and they did show up to his party, but they bullied him so he never told anyone


werf_mich_weg t1_jdtbnka wrote

Would you go to a lame party made by the lamest group of people? Especially since you know that nobody else ever showed up?

I say we party with Jesus and then ride a dinosaur. Maybe watch the heat dead of the universe afterwards. Maybe the big bang.


aDudeFromDunwall t1_jdv0387 wrote

Bro. We litteraly have all the time in the world. Also How about partying with jesus ON a dinosaur.


Notinyourbushes t1_jdr32rd wrote

"Now take your clothes off, put on this blindfold and get in the time machine."

"It's just a cardboard box."



ZevVeli t1_jdr05ys wrote

Wow this post brings back memories. Fun fact the ad this is referencing actually inspired a Rom-Com back in 2012


sinncab6 t1_jdr2kuu wrote

I'm thinking this person is a liar and has done it more than once since the first one was in the 80s long before Gmail.


johnsadventure t1_jdr2wcc wrote

This ad’s reference goes much further back than a 2012 movie, from the Wikipedia link: > The film was inspired by a joke classified ad that ran in Backwoods Home Magazine in 1997.


ZevVeli t1_jdr37v9 wrote

Yeah, that's what I said, the ad from 1997 that this ad os referencing inspired the 2012 movie.


TheDiabolical t1_jds9ctb wrote

It actually goes back way further than 2012. The original ad was from 1997.


ZevVeli t1_jds9l55 wrote

Why are people insisting on correcting me with information that I have already mentioned?


TheDiabolical t1_jdsa7b6 wrote

It actually goes back much further than the second time you mentioned the information.


ssp25 t1_jdsknqc wrote

Let me help you out... It's from an ad in 1997


ZevVeli t1_jdsmdy6 wrote

And people say Tumblr only has three jokes...


[deleted] t1_jdt2hr7 wrote

When they find someone that ad will first have been published on a dino hide 70 million years ago.


AltAccount31415926 t1_jdsdsgw wrote

I would like to point out that this was originally written in the 1990s for a magazine ad.


ssp25 t1_jdskqo9 wrote

Yeah to add on to this. I think an ad in a newspaper might have started this..I think in the 90s


Duffman66CMU t1_jdrm8ih wrote

So, here’s the thing about time travel. It’s also got to be time and space travel. Since the universe is rapidly expanding and Earth and the whole solar system are moving, traveling backward in time would likely leave a person in the same exact place, however many years ago. Unfortunately, Earth was not in the same exact place however many years ago.

Ergo, a time traveler could end up inside a star, in freezing cold space, or in the path of a comet or other celestial body. Perhaps that’s why we never hear from them.

I propose a time and space traveling expedition. If anyone has the tech, I have the theory.


wanszai t1_jdrphjm wrote

Thats why you have to hit 88mph silly. Everyone knows that.


MonkeysOnMyBottom t1_jdrqt2x wrote

If you time travel at reasonable speeds your momentum and Earth's gravity takes care of most of the space travel part. For instance I just moved forward on minute and had no issues with the earth being millions of miles away. It's like taking an icy curve while driving.


inquiry100 t1_jduep7r wrote

I actually do know how to build a machine to travel through time and space. Oddly enough, the way it works is totally in accord with generally accepted physics theories even though people often say -- incorrectly -- that time travel is not possible in physics. The basic idea is simple in theory. Build a spacecraft with a particle accelerator for a propulsion system. This can accelerate the spacecraft to a significant percentage of the speed of light. According to relativity theory, this would cause occupants of the spacecraft to experience less passage of time than on Earth. They would, in effect, time travel to the future. This could involve traveling hundreds of years into the future. There are three issues with this. First, it would be very expensive to build because it has to be in space. Second, traveling to the future seems clearly possible, but my idea on how to travel to the past is somewhat more controversial so it might be a one-way trip. Third, I'm not sure relativity theory is actually correct. Nobody will listen to me, but there is an error in the definition of energy used by physicists and it is relevant to the theory of relativity.


imposterioso t1_jdr327x wrote

Watch the movie Safety Not Guaranteed - it's great!


EnsignAwesome t1_jdrlevb wrote

Yeah the wording is all wrong. You really need "safety not guaranteed" for a proper homage.


links311 t1_jdrthu2 wrote

True. Was close duplication so it gets my hat nod.


ftl3000 t1_jdqzkgv wrote

Oh I would definitely go along with that. What a story to tell.


E123334 t1_jdqzsty wrote

No phone calls, it interferes with the flux capacitor.


randytc18 t1_jdqzvak wrote

Make a fake email just to get some more details!


Brain_Hawk t1_jdrfiw0 wrote

This was not in his local paper, this is from many years ago


Comrade14 t1_jdsn520 wrote

Safety not guaranteed


LifesGlitch t1_jdrd9gy wrote

Anyone heard of the movie "safety not guaranteed"?


marcovanzant t1_jdrn6ti wrote

This must be Will Ferrell organizing another trip to the Land of the lost. Count me in 😆


thrownawaz092 t1_jdrsm3x wrote

WTF! Why'd you cover the contact info!?


muchnikar t1_jds2owv wrote

Gmail came out in 04 wasnt this from like 97..?


gum_and_comics t1_jdt24jn wrote

This is not the original ad from 1997. This is just a tribute.

Here's the text from the original ad:

>Wanted: Somebody to go back in time with me. This is not a joke. P.O. Box 91 Ocean View, WA 99393. You'll get paid after we get back. Must bring your own weapons. I have only done this once before. SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED.


SmarticusRex t1_jdsajtx wrote

Maybe he's traveling to the future at the speed of 60 minutes per hour.


LuckyPockets t1_jdtbuyz wrote

A: We're going 10 minutes into the future!

B: How long will it take?

A: 10 minutes!


Midas_Artflower t1_jdu5i4y wrote

We watched Safety Not Guaranteed again just last weekend. Such a good time with such a great twist. Aubrey Plaza for the win!


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Ayahuasca-Dreamin t1_jdr3k2q wrote

Are you responsible for bringing a pair of black Nike Decades


consistentlynsistent t1_jdrdgnv wrote

Umm anyone got that email or PO box? I could totally use some treasure and even some adventure too


DannyDoubleTap47 t1_jdrjxmm wrote

Oh I see how it is redacting the email. Just wanna go back in time yourself 😭lol


FeistySheepherder771 t1_jdro1kl wrote

Did you go?? You should go in the future and tell us if it gets better


nospmiSca t1_jdru8yv wrote

Will only living weapons pass through the time gate? Or can I bring anything?


Jbruce63 t1_jds1jxl wrote

Just fly to Asia and jump forward one day...😊


goose_gladwell t1_jds5ilb wrote

I wonder how many people out there believe they are time travelers… its definitely not zero!


MatataTheGreat t1_jdsa2fw wrote

Sign me up. I can leave everything behind.


grahamcrawley t1_jdseyuw wrote

Stephen Hawkings hosted a time travellers party where he sent out the invitations after the party 😂


J3lf t1_jdsh0me wrote

Post the email, I'm down!


OddManufacturer9327 t1_jdshlou wrote

The doctor got so desperate and lonely that they have to revert to advertising.


Retired_Jarhead55 t1_jdsie3r wrote

Ernest Shackleton advertised for a crew sailing to the Antarctic telling them to expect to not come back. Their ship was frozen into the ice for more than two years and he brought his entire crew home alive.


Legion357 t1_jdsm0wv wrote

Sounds like the advertisement from Heinlien’s book Glory Road.


rain_awareness t1_jdsmcqz wrote

Imagine paying for an ad, just to have someone black out the necessary contact information.


1mJustALurk3r t1_jdsrbkp wrote

So OP just found this in their local paper?


butterknifejogger t1_jdt1vx6 wrote

I'm down. I'll only go back in time though, not forward. Pretty sure it's gonna be a shit show...


bmbmwmfm t1_jdtgg53 wrote

If there's a blue police box and a quirky British mate involved, sign me up!!!


NFASMG t1_jdtmeey wrote

This has been going on for decades.


theartfulcodger t1_jdtny6v wrote

“Email enquires will be answered promptly: in fact, the day before you post them.”


Darth_Lousy t1_jdtpjdt wrote

I'll take a time machine back to 2004 when this was funny.


cow1337kills t1_jdty1zj wrote

That sounds like some pretty strong shit!


itsallalittleblurry t1_jdu7cip wrote

Don’t think this is legit. No mention of references, prior experience, or a resume.


Dusty_Coder t1_jdu9lo9 wrote

It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the time travel potion again.


Watthefractal t1_jduaocm wrote

Why redact his email ? , I’m interested and have many weapons 🤷‍♂️


blackmachine7 t1_jdub0er wrote

Im pretty sure this involves mushrooms or acid


nexstosic t1_jdur9sa wrote

So, what weapons? Shurikens, katana, chainsaw, firearm, submachine gun?


WhimsicalHamster t1_jdus5xy wrote

Shit I’d contact this dude in a heartbeat. Get paid and maybe even time travel? Plus I can go in armed so I’m safe if he’s trying to harvest me? Aaaand possible treasure? This has Seattle vibes


Emotional-Lemon-63 t1_jduu9ow wrote

But why did you blur out the email? I wanted to go 🙁