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ZevVeli t1_jdr37v9 wrote

Yeah, that's what I said, the ad from 1997 that this ad os referencing inspired the 2012 movie.


TheDiabolical t1_jds9ctb wrote

It actually goes back way further than 2012. The original ad was from 1997.


ZevVeli t1_jds9l55 wrote

Why are people insisting on correcting me with information that I have already mentioned?


TheDiabolical t1_jdsa7b6 wrote

It actually goes back much further than the second time you mentioned the information.


ssp25 t1_jdsknqc wrote

Let me help you out... It's from an ad in 1997


ZevVeli t1_jdsmdy6 wrote

And people say Tumblr only has three jokes...


[deleted] t1_jdt2hr7 wrote

When they find someone that ad will first have been published on a dino hide 70 million years ago.


AltAccount31415926 t1_jdsdsgw wrote

I would like to point out that this was originally written in the 1990s for a magazine ad.


ssp25 t1_jdskqo9 wrote

Yeah to add on to this. I think an ad in a newspaper might have started this..I think in the 90s