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aDudeFromDunwall t1_jdr4pbh wrote

Id join but request thé first stop we make is at stephen hawking’s party


McMacHack t1_jds2u4d wrote

Hey Nerd where's the beer? By the way they prove Hawking Radiation is real after you die.


Gamemode_Cat t1_jds5wou wrote

New headcanon: time travel is real and they did show up to his party, but they bullied him so he never told anyone


werf_mich_weg t1_jdtbnka wrote

Would you go to a lame party made by the lamest group of people? Especially since you know that nobody else ever showed up?

I say we party with Jesus and then ride a dinosaur. Maybe watch the heat dead of the universe afterwards. Maybe the big bang.


aDudeFromDunwall t1_jdv0387 wrote

Bro. We litteraly have all the time in the world. Also How about partying with jesus ON a dinosaur.