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freerangepops t1_jde2x8t wrote

Uranus fudge factory?


trennels t1_jdexqnl wrote

They actually have good fudge and candies. I had to get a couple of t-shirts there, too.


pLifer t1_jdg0aur wrote

They love it when you come in Uranus.

Lots of fudge packed, lots of gags.

And then when you finish, they want you to come again.


Evening-Aggressive t1_jdekzf5 wrote

It use to be a strip club. It’s near Fort Leonardwood Missouri. I must have driven by it a 100 times going between st. Louis and springfield over the years


Mulchpuppy t1_jde2gmw wrote

Hmmm... yesterday's post didn't get a huge amount of upvotes. Maybe you should have tried a better headline for your repost?


awol222 t1_jdgctgg wrote

They make the best fudge in Uranus, at least that's what the sign says. Weinermobile knows what up


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Taint-Painter t1_jddzev3 wrote

Catholic school girls have entered the chat.


UnnecAbrvtn t1_jdf75kj wrote

The only one I knew about was in Indiana... So apparently U has two anuses


Normal_Historian5848 t1_jdffsxp wrote

Everytime someone walks in, every employee yells welcome to uranus! The fudge is really good too