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CrimsonToker707 t1_je7swyl wrote

He knows how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie roll Tootsie pop?


Vegemite-ice-cream t1_je7x431 wrote

He looks like he’s the genius in a room of non geniuses, trying not to be to aloof yet working out advanced algebra in his head while his friends talk about football.


AngryCod t1_je7ythr wrote

He looks like he possesses the quest item I've been looking for to level up.


KrNiTa t1_je7z8pj wrote

He’s so cute! He kind of reminds me of Napoleon from the aristocats movie.

“Wait a minute, I’m the leader, I say when it’s time to go….~pause for dramatic effect~…let’s go”


IamLuann t1_je82u7s wrote

How old is Hercules? He looks like he could be of ROYAL BLOOD!


whelp32 t1_je9rtdx wrote

You know who else has this ability? Chuck Norris.


Ok-Force8783 t1_jeajk42 wrote

He is GORGEOUS!!! Please, give him pats and treats and tell him the internet loves him!